Book 6: Chapter 55 - Three Forces Meet

“You have to go ahead with the plan.” Raffles smiled at me. He still looked rather worried as he continued, “Moto won’t be able to help after this.”

“She has He Lei and Xiao Ye,” Haggs said solemnly. “The chief of the tenth zone can turn into an earth monster. As for what kind of monster it is, there are no details listed.” Haggs creased his eyebrows and looked at me solemnly. “Lil Bing, as he’s an earth monster, you have to be wary of the ground. It might be safer in the air."

“Understood. Ghostie has taken down his allocated zone. He’ll meet me soon in the tenth zone."

“Master, He Lei sent an update. He’s taken down the first zone.”

“That’s great!” We cheered simultaneously. Moto’s anxious expression was all gone, and we finally saw vigor on his face. His expression was no longer confused and blank.

“I’ll go and meet them,” I said.

Raffles and Haggs exhorted seriously, “Be careful.”

Ice Dragon and I charged toward the tenth zone at full speed. When we passed by the seventh zone, I didn’t let curiosity get the best of me again, but rather flew high in the sky without leaving any trace or making any noise.

I arrived at the meeting point quickly; it was a plain located a thousand miles away from the tenth zone.

Warfare in this world could be described as simple, yet not simple.

It was simple because most places were barren. There weren’t any complicated land formations, nor were there any buildings. Most buildings in the world had been almost completely demolished. 

On the other hand, that meant marching routes and troop deployments would be noticed very easily. That was also the reason why Noah City was in good hands with Brother Qian Li. Barren plains offered high visibility.

When I arrived at the meeting point, I saw Ghostie’s spaceship. I looked down, and I saw Joey and Pelos setting up a temporary base camp. They were actually using a portable tent Raffles had invented. There were many supplies inside. Xiao Ye was blinking around the tent, setting up an electromagnetic wall for defense.

There were people waving glow sticks underneath to beckon me to land. I landed next to their spaceship, and Uncle Mason crossed his arms in front of my spaceship and smiled at me.

“Whoop!” A dark shadow flew past my windshield. I knew it was Lucifer. I was glad to see everyone.

I immediately opened the cabin door. The moment I did, a figure barged in and locked my wrist. His grip was firm, as though he were worried that I would run away.

But his sudden movements and attack kickstarted my self-defense training. I instinctually twisted my wrist, turned, and reverse-locked his arm. Then, I exerted strength through my waist and threw him out!

Bang!” I threw him out the door. He landed on the ground in a cloud of dust.

“Hahahaha! I haven’t seen Lil’ Bing throw anyone for so long,” Uncle Mason chuckled and said. I heard wings flapping, and I saw Lucifer turning smaller in the air. Then, he landed next to Uncle Mason with his food bag, calling out, “Brother Ghostie!”

Lucifer quickly went forward to help Ghostie, who was on the ground, giddy from the throw. His head was bobbing in the water. He really had his head underwater. Haha.

Uncle Mason chuckled at Ghostie, who stumbled to get up. “In the past, only my Harry got to be thrown by Lil’ Bing. It was an honor.” 

Ghostie was stunned for a while. Then, he finally came back to reality and extended his hand at me angrily, barking, “Give me your hand!”

I hid my hand behind me subconsciously.

“How dare you hide it!” Ghostie was angry and he walked towards me. Lucifer immediately stopped him, saying, “Brother Ghostie! Don’t behave like this. Boss will hit you again!”

“Don’t get involved in adult affairs, kid!” Ghostie shoved Lucifer to the side and took huge strides towards me. He looked down at me and extended his hand. “Hand!” he roared.

Lucifer was frightened by Ghostie’s temperament. He didn’t dare to move an inch but he muttered to Uncle Mason softly, “I’ve never seen Brother Ghostie like this.”

“Because he was never serious…” Uncle Mason sighed emotionally. His eyes became moist under the sunlight. Suddenly, he turned and draped his arm around Lucifer’s neck. “Let’s go and get your boss some food. I reckon she hasn’t eaten the entire day. Let’s not provoke them here.”

“Mm.” Lucifer quickly followed behind Uncle Mason as though he didn’t want to stay too.

“Hand!” Ghostie bellowed again.

I bit my lip and slowly extended my hand. Suddenly, he grabbed my arm as though he couldn’t wait any more. When he saw my gel-covered hand, his eyes seemed to be spouting fire.

He looked at me, huffing with anger, but didn’t say a word.

I was ‘scared’ to see him like that. I blinked at him and said, “This is war… There are always… some injuries…”

Hmph! It must be because you tried to show off again!” He roared furiously.

I actually felt flattered. I was happy, but I felt suffocation and heartache when I saw his fish face.

“Follow me!” He suddenly bent down and carried me over his shoulder. At the moment, time seemed to have rewinded. It was like the night in Silver Moon City when I had fought Harry. He’d gotten pissed off and thrown me over his shoulder.

Now I thought of it as a sweet memory. Harry was very charming when he was forceful.

I bounced as Ghostie walked, and gave a silly chuckle. I hadn’t had enough before he threw me onto a chair.

Bang!” My entire world became normal again, and I could only see Ghostie’s angry face.

He sat opposite me and picked up my hand gently. He rubbed my palm gently with his huge flipper. I looked at him. He was so focused that he didn’t notice that I had been watching him. I knew that he was Harry, my lover.

My heartbeat quickened. I loved him so much. He’d carried out his promise to keep me company all the time, whether he was Harry or a water ghost.

But I couldn’t resume our relationship with him. Even Raffles couldn’t make him turn back into Harry again, because his genes had completely changed into those of a water ghost.

So, I could only think of Harry living in a water ghost’s body. But how had it happened? Raffles said that we would only find out the truth when we found the other person involved - Xing Chuan.

Ghostie removed the gel on my hand. He stiffened when he saw my white bones. Soon after, he looked away, his chest heaving. It was as though every breath he took caused him great pain.

I chuckled and looked at him, asking, “What’s wrong with you? Were you crying?”

He suddenly turned back, eyes wide open. The clear water grew murky with some other liquid. He glared at me and looked away again. He began to wrap his flipper around my hand.


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