Book 6: Chapter 54 - Act According to Changing Circumstances During War

I ascended in Ice Dragon and pushed on the accelerator. The powerful and advanced Ice Dragon instantly flew out from between the balloons. Now there was space to maneuver.

I set down Ice Dragon and looked down. The balloons had already squeezed together and I had a bad feeling about them. I glanced at them and sped away without hesitation.

Hong!” Suddenly, there was a loud explosion from behind. Ice Dragon detected a powerful blast wave from where we had been. Although we had flown far away, we could feel the vibrations shake the air.

“Phew.” Ice Dragon wiped off virtual sweat in front of me. “Luckily, we ran away fast enough. Otherwise, I might have been broken into pieces,” Ice Dragon said with a smile. “Master, I think it’s best to not dawdle next time.”

“I agree.” I smiled. It had been a close call earlier. I’d never expected that the chief of the fifth zone and his assistants would have this level of competency.

“Master, Lieutenant Ghostie has taken down the sixth zone!” Ice Dragon reported happily. 

Ghostie is fast! 

“Connect to Lieutenant Ghostie.”

The image in front flickered, and Ghostie appeared on the screen in his battle uniform. My eyes welled up with tears; Ghostie’s long, slender body looked different from an ordinary human. In this world, he had kept me company for a long time, and he’d even gone on this expedition for me.

“Okay!” He gave me a thumbs-up cheekily, and his smile could be seen through his water-filled helmet.

I asked worriedly, “Did you get hurt?”

He lifted his chin proudly. “How could anyone hurt me?”

I said angrily, “Don’t fake it. You can heal yourself. You definitely wouldn’t tell me even if you were injured.”

His smile stiffened. Silence fell. How could there be no injuries in war?

“Uncle Mason, are Lucifer and the others hurt?” I broke the silence between us.

Ghostie smiled again and waved to the side. The image moved as he waved, and I immediately saw a huge dining table! There was scrumptious food across the entire table!

I’d just been so worried about them, but it turned out they were all just having a feast.., Just then, Lucifer grabbed a huge onion and put it in his mouth. I was terrified and I raised my hand, crying, “Don’t let him eat onions-”

But it was too late. Lucifer had already thrown the onion into his mouth. I felt as if he’d grown bigger just then.

Everyone looked at me and waved happily.

“Lil’ Bing! You are amazing indeed! We received the picture of the crystal head.” Uncle Mason lifted his eyebrows, remarking, “I guess you like gemstones too, huh?”

I glared at him coldly, saying, “I was worried that he might resurrect.”

“Captain, what do you want to eat? We can bring something for you!” Sia took a huge basket and prepared to pack some food.

I looked at the table of fruits and bread. “The old lady had so much food. Why did she still eat humans?” I asked with a confused look.

“She had no reason. She just wanted to eat them,” Pelos said with a heavy heart. His distressed expression made the scene quiet again. Xiao Ye patted his back gently.

The image returned to Ghostie, who said, “We are going to meet you soon.”

“Sure. How are the people in the sixth zone?” I asked.

Ghostie smiled. “They’re frightened. We’ll leave soon. They might start serving human meat very soon.”

I slapped my forehead. “Stop fooling around.”

“What happened to your hand?!” Ghostie cried.

I then realized that I’d raised my injured hand. I immediately retracted my hand and looked at him, saying, “Nothing. Nothing major.”

“That’s a lie!” He got mad. “Why would a minor injury require bionic gel? Everyone take the food. Let’s go!”

“Yes!” Everyone offscreen replied.

Ghostie stared at me angrily. “Your hand had better be fine when I see you in the tenth zone! Otherwise!” He pointed at me furiously. “Hmph!” Then he cut off the connection.

I sighed in distress, exclaiming, “Why did Raffles give him the ability to talk? Wasn’t he just announcing that Ghostie was Harry then?!”

“Master, connecting Raffles,” Ice Dragon said, smiling at me.

“What?!” I quickly hid my hand just in case Raffles might give me another lecture.

But it was Haggs on the screen, and I could hear people wailing tearfully when we were connected.

“It is all my fault… Waah… What do we do now? Will the King be okay? Mister Totole is very powerful!”

I saw Moto crying behind Haggs, and Raffles was comforting him.

“Don’t worry. The King will be fine…”

I looked at Haggs with confusion. Haggs visibly relaxed, saying, “It’s a relief to see you intact. You should have contacted us right away.”

“Time is pressing. Oh, Ice Dragon, send Totole’s picture back.” I’d forgotten to send Totole’s picture back to Queen Town.

Haggs immediately turned to the side. It seemed he’d already seen Totole’s picture. He smiled and faced behind him. “Moto, stop crying. Look!” He pointed toward the screen.

Moto and Raffles looked at the other screen simultaneously. Moto was shocked. Raffles ran over and cried furiously, “You’re so reckless! Don’t change the plan as you wish!” He was reprimanding me for the sudden change of plans. It had led to the outcome where I couldn’t go invisible for the second time.

“Our Lil’ Bing has always been reckless,” Haggs said coldly, “But that’s the Lil’ Bing we love.”

“King!” Moto pounced forward, but his body suddenly seemed shorter. Haggs and Raffles turned to look at him and realized that he was kneeling on the floor. Moto hung his head apologetically and he sobbed, “I’m sorry…”

“Moto, what did you do wrong?” I looked at him with confusion. He lifted his chin and his face was covered in tears. I chuckled. “If you hadn’t crushed Clapper flat so decisively, he would have been the biggest threat to me.”

Moto was dumbfounded. He quickly stood up and wiped his tears away. He looked at me anxiously, asking, “King, don’t you blame me? I, I was too nervous. I saw that Clapper and Totole were two against one, and I got worried and scared too. So, I… But…” He looked down guiltily. “Mister Totole broke the robot… If it hadn’t been ruined, I could still make you turn invisible.”

“You did really well, Moto. The battlefield is bound to be ever-changing. We need to act according to changing circumstances. You didn’t make the wrong judgment,” I wasn’t complimenting Moto just to make him feel better.

In that situation, especially when Jun and Zong Ben couldn’t distract Clapper and I’d needed to fight against two opponents, Moto really had solved a great issue of mine when he took care of Clapper for me. Moto had provided great assistance in my battle!

“See, I told you. You didn’t do wrong,” Raffles held Moto’s shoulders gently. “Your King has reassured you. You shouldn’t blame yourself anymore.”

Moto looked at Raffles and Haggs anxiously. Haggs put one of his hands in his pocket and nodded at Moto. “In that situation, you took care of Clapper and provided Ice Fire King with the greatest assistance. Moto, you’re very brave!”

Moto let out a breath of relief. He smiled bashfully because he’d received compliments.


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