Book 6: Chapter 53 - Metahumans Cannot Be Underestimated

I looked around and looked at him again, asking, “Do you have enough food?”

They were all surprised. Even the calm Sparkly Blink looked surprised too. He gaped, but no words came out. It seemed I had asked a question that no Ghost Eclipser would ever ask.

I looked at the villagers. The chief hesitantly replied, “There is a granary in the castle, but it belongs to Mister Totole.”

“He is dead now,” I interrupted him. “This place belongs to all of you now.”

The old chief was shocked.

“Belongs to us?”

“Is what he says true?” 

“How is this possible?” The crowd exclaimed in surprise.

I looked at the shiny Sparkly Blink, while the villagers whispered among themselves. I asked him, “Who gave you that name?”

“Mister Totole,” Sparkly Blink answered calmly after he came back to reality.

I frowned. “That name is horrible.”

Sparkly Blink blinked and said calmly, “My original name was Ledo.” 

“Your original name sounds much better.” I returned the same calm expression. “Ledo, this place is yours now.”

My remark shocked Ledo. It also surprised the old chief and the crowd.

“You can clean up this place after everyone’s superpower inhibitors wear off. You can contact Queen Town if you need anything. There will be people who can help you. They will provide you with seeds,” I exhorted Ledo seriously.

Ledo slowly opened his mouth again. He didn’t say a thing for a long time. Although he looked uncertain, I knew that he’d heard me.

I turned to look at Xiao Mi after I handed down the zone to Ledo, saying, “I’m leaving. You have to be good.”

Xiao Mi pursed her lips in disappointment. She looked at the other people then she whispered to me, “Are you a girl?”

I chuckled. Then, I whispered into her ear in my female voice, “This will be a secret between us.” Xiao Mi smiled. Her black pupils shimmered under the sunlight. 

The spaceship took off amidst the brilliance of the shining gemstones. Ledo and the cave people stood at the entrance of the cave on the barren hill as they watched me from afar. They weren’t sending me off, but they were actually waiting for the threat to leave.  

The place belonged to the Ghost Eclipsers, and I was their new Ghost King. They would always keep their guard up against me. They would always be doubtful of what had happened today. They might even be suspicious and be unable to believe it.

That was also the reason I’d chosen Ledo. Not only did he have a pair of calm eyes, but he also had a heart that was as clear as a gemstone.

To put it bluntly, he was an understanding man.

“Master, Lieutenant He Lei and Ghostie are in place. They are prepared to launch an ambush.”

“That’s great! Send out the image of Totole’s crystal head.” I made Ice Dragon accelerate. I looked to the side, where Jun and Zong Ben’s containers were kept. Their bodies were being repaired inside.

Raffles was really thoughtful. He’d designed a special maintenance robot for them. 

It was inevitable that damage would be sustained during the war. No one would be able to guarantee anyone’s safety.

The battle against Totole was the first real battle I’d had until now, and I’d gained a lot of experience from it. War was ever-changing, always a few steps ahead of the plan. But it didn’t mean that we should stop planning. On the contrary, we actually had to make many different plans and take various changes into account as much as possible.

“I will send it out now to surprise the other chiefs,” Ice Dragon said, and set ten blinking points on the map. The image of Totole’s head was sent out as a warning to the other ten chiefs.

As I’d just sent the image now, the ten other chiefs would assume that I was still in the fourth zone and busy taking over. In fact, I’d left the fourth zone straight away, unlike the Ghost Eclipsers when they took over zones, because I brought freedom rather than slavery.

They would never expect that I’d already sent out two other troops to ambush the first zone and the sixth zone. They might have thought about it, but it was too late now. When they received the death notice, their emotions would definitely be affected by Totole’s death. It would shake their morale and the ambush would become even easier.

Sometimes, psychological warfare played a bigger role than weapons. Knives and guns could only harm the physical body, but mental attacks could penetrate any physical defenses!

The Ghost Eclipsers had broken the people’s wills using fear-inducing, blood-soaked methods of rule. So I would use the fear of death to break their wills, too.

Going from the fourth zone to the tenth zone, we would pass through the fifth zone and the eighth zone.

Margaery’s livable territory was huge. I flew for half an hour until I saw the fifth zone. It was close to the border of the radiation zone. There were verdant forests and a small brook. I saw a broken cage by the side of the river, and even a manmade pond. Some people walked out of the cage and got to work.

At first, I thought the cage was being used as a prisoners’ cage. Then, I realized that the layout of the fifth zone looked like the zoos in the world I came from.

The cages looked corroded and heavily weathered after sixty years. Any bars that had been destroyed had been replaced with wooden logs. The people of the fifth zone actually lived in them.

According to Silver Snake’s report, the fifth zone wasn’t threatening. I looked down from above, and I didn’t see any Ghost Eclipsers bullying the people.

I suddenly saw animals, running across the barren field and drinking from the river. I hadn’t seen any other animals besides our lucid birds and the manmade bunny in Silver Moon City. I hadn’t even seen any animals on Hagrid Island.

Out of curiosity, I flew at a lower altitude to look at the animals running across the barren field. They came in various colors. They looked like gazelles but with longer hair. When they ran, their hair fluttered, like the animals in fairy tales.

Looking at how they ran freely, I felt at peace. The sight pulled me back from the cold-blooded massacre, and it felt heartwarming.

The entire park was huge. I found it looked more like a zoo. Besides the animals on land, there were flying animals too.

There was a flock of birds that flew past before me and instantly flew into the lush forest. It seemed they weren’t quick to welcome me there.

I continued to fly forward and I saw a castle standing tall in the middle of the forest that looked like a zookeeper’s residence. I was sure that this had once been a zoo.

Suddenly, light shot out from the balcony of the castle. It flew toward my spaceship and I immediately dodged. I saw a person standing there as I dodged. He was wearing a costume that looked like a circus performer’s outfit. Next to him, there was another person in a clown costume, holding a bunch of balloons.

They were on the defense.

The clown let go of the balloons, and the balloons grew bigger and bigger in the air! They turned into colorful eggs and blocked my way.

I immediately flew higher. Ice Dragon was very responsive. The balloons began to push toward me like a bunch of cotton candy.


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