Book 6: Chapter 50 - Took Down the Fourth Zone

“Ah!” Clapper shouted, and the rocks behind me vibrated. Crackle. Cracks formed in the rocks.

I wanted to roll away, but I saw Clapper performing his superpower out of the corner of my eye. He spread his arms as if he were about to bear hug something. Totole was standing right next to him.

I hid behind a rock that was close to them and panted. It had been a while since I had fought. My stamina was lacking.

“Oh. You weren’t fast enough this time. I saw you!”

Suddenly, I felt a burning pain on my hand. I immediately lifted my hand, and I saw my flesh melting! Green liquid bubbled up from my finger, and instantly corroded the skin on my palm!

He had definitely seen my hand when I’d rolled earlier.

The green liquid covered my skin, and my skin immediately blistered as though it were under boiling water. Through the sharp pain, I was starting to see bone!

I endured the pain and activated the blue crystal energy in me. The blue light spots instantly swallowed the green liquid and stopped the corrosion. However, they couldn’t instantly regenerate my corroded hand! One of my finger bones was exposed to the air!

“Boss, he won’t be able to hide for any longer! Ah!” Clapper let out a loud roar.

Hong!” There was another sudden explosion, and the entire ground shook. I subconsciously covered my head, but what surprised me was that the huge rock didn’t shatter because of Clapper’s superpower. Instead, the world became silent.

I lowered my hands, and my corroded hand was engulfed in blue crystal energy, but it couldn’t stop the pain. I couldn’t be bothered by the burning pain, but I popped out to check what happened. I was surprised and thrilled at the sight.

I saw Moto, the huge robot, standing on the spot where Clapper had been! But Clapper was nowhere to be seen. A pool of blood flowed out from under the huge robot foot. The bright lights lit up the ground that was dyed red!

“I’m going all out against you!” Moto waved his huge palm at Totole. Totole leaped swiftly and dodged. He landed on a huge rock. When he lifted his hand, Moto’s huge robot began to melt.

I wanted to shout, but I didn’t. I commanded Ice Dragon, telling him “Ice Dragon, retreat Moto. Let the robot stay behind to buy time.”

“You will be in danger if Moto retreats,” Ice Dragon said worriedly.

“This is an order!” I quickly moved closer to Totole. I was only one rock away from him! If Moto didn’t leave anytime soon, I was worried that Totole might pose a threat to him. Although Raffles had told me that it was a third-gen robot, I was worried about Moto, who was using it for the first time.

“Alright! If that is your order!” Ice Dragon said as Moto’s robot legs completely melted. “Rumble.” The robot fell and no longer moved. 

Totole watched for a while, and he broke into a smile as he stood the huge rock.

The lights flickered and shut off. Faint sunlight poured in from the cave and shone on Totole’s body.

“There’s only you and me left… Ice Fire King… I’m sending you to hell to be my Queen’s slave.”

“Are you so sure that your Queen went to hell?” I concealed my footsteps with my voice.

He immediately looked. I moved toward the huge rock next to him and slowly withdrew my gun.

“Ha! Caught you!” Suddenly, the rock behind me began to melt!

I immediately looked at my shadow on the ground. D*mn it!

I stood up and shot at him, while he quickly dodged. As he dodged, I quickly moved behind another huge rock. The gun in my hand began to melt and I immediately threw it away! He’d seen which direction I had moved in, and I was exposed!

I hid behind a huge rock large enough to cover my shadow. I had been very close to Totole earlier, but I’d moved further away from him just now.

I creased my eyebrows and began to think of whether I should use my own superpower, but I soon saw the pile of gemstones in front of me! That person’s eyes were blinking among the pile of gemstones. He looked at me anxiously.

“Help me!” I said softly. “Otherwise, you’ll die too!”

“I saw you! The next time, I guarantee I’ll turn you into a puddle… Hahahaha…” His laughter was like a crow’s. It was terrifying in the dark cave.

The pile of gemstones moved, and the surrounding huge rocks suddenly turned into gemstones again.

“Mm? Sparkly Blink, you’re here too?”

What kind of names are those?! Totole, Clapper, Sparkly Blink?! I could tell that they were all named by the same person.

“These names were definitely thought of by an illiterate person!” I tried to conceal my movement with my voice again. Then, my figure appeared in the gemstones again.

“Oh!” Gemstones won’t melt!” The smooth gemstone facets reflected Totole’s angry face.

A ray of sunlight shone into the cave. It shone on the gemstones, and the light constantly refracted among them. The entire cave became bizarre and motley.

I swiftly approached Totole, weaving through the sparkling gemstones.

“You thought I couldn't find you?!” Totole shouted impatiently, and I heard someone jumping.

Sparkly Blink moved in front of me and refracted Totole’s position using the facets on his body. The image immediately helped me confirm Totole’s position. He was on the gemstone right behind me.

I leaned against the huge rock, and looked at Totole through Sparkly Blink’s facets. He was looking around too. Suddenly, he looked in my direction and charged.

I immediately went around, leaning against the huge rock. “Pak!” He landed on the huge rock I’d been hiding behind, but I’d already moved behind him!

Just then, the sunlight suddenly grew stronger and shone on his back! I ran up the huge rock from behind him without hesitation.

“I know… You’re near… I’m losing patience!” He roared in front of me.

“Me too!” As I spoke, I jumped and leaped over the strong sunlight.

He quickly turned and stared. “You’re dead!” he roared. Just as he turned, though, his eyes met the sunlight and he was caught in the glare.

“Ah!” He screamed and I landed in front of him. I had blocked the sunlight that was glaring to his eyes, but my hands were already rushing toward his eye sockets.

The blue light engulfed my white finger bones, dyeing them in glowing blue. They looked like two ice awls stabbing into his eyes. In an instant, the blue crystal energy burned his eyes to ashes!

“Ah!” He screamed in agony.

My fingers fell away from the two blue hollows as I fell. The lightsaber in my left hand sliced through his neck. 

As I fell to the ground, his body fell with me. “Bang!” He landed next to me.

Dong.” His head happened to strike a huge gemstone. He was bathed in the golden-orange reflected light, and blue light motes shimmered in his eye sockets.


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