Book 6: Chapter 49 - Race Against the Clock

I stretched my hand out and pushed him away. He landed heavily on the floor.

The Ghost Eclipsers’ communication device was in front of me. He could have called all the selected zone chiefs with one button. It would have become chaotic then.

“Master, I suggest you hide there for ten minutes.” Ice Dragon looked more at ease than I was. “For example, you can have some tea and take a break. Watch a mini-movie, too.”

“Do you think I have time for that?” I moved to the window and looked down. The old chief and everyone else ran into the gemstone houses.

“Creepy Curly! What are you doing?!” Totole shouted from the other end of the signal tower. “I saw the slaves running away! Where are you?!”

“Mister Totole! Some people died!” It was Clapper’s voice.

“Creepy Curly! Creepy Curly! Hmph…” Totole’s laughter suddenly became cold. “Where are you?” His voice became hoarse. “It must be… Who are you? Mm? Let me make a guess… You could avoid my guards. Oh! I know! Ice Fire King, it’s my honor for you to visit me!”  

Bzz.” Suddenly, I heard wings flapping. I immediately turned and saw Jun flying in front of me. He pointed downstairs, and the display showed Zong Ben’s image feed; Totole was on his way here!

Jun immediately went downstairs and I quickly followed behind.

“We are going to play hide and seek,” Totole chuckled maliciously.

Jun brought me out of the rest stop. He flew toward the barren mountain. He led the way and I followed closely behind him. When I ran past the gemstone houses, the people popped their heads out and watched me in surprise.

“Shh!” I put my index finger to my face and beckoned them to keep quiet. Jun flew lower and entered the cave in the barren mountain. I quickly followed behind him.

The cave was filled with huge rocks that were cut, but had yet to turn into gemstones. Huge rocks were scattered around like stone tablets.

“Yo, Ice Fire King, you killed my Queen. Why are you hiding in fear, then?” The entire sky was filled with the poisonous creature’s voice. He seemed to be screaming through a speaker.

The display before my eyes showed that the poisonous creature had arrived at the rest stop. He was swift to act. Suddenly, he looked in my direction and revealed a mouthful of green teeth, asking, “Oh, is this your toy? I’ll break him apart!”

Suddenly, Clapper looked at the screen and smiled at Zong Ben.

“Zong Ben!” I shouted. The scene was chaotic. Zong Ben fled at his fastest speed.

I wasn’t worried that Zong Ben would be torn to pieces, but I was worried about the explosion of blue crystal energy if the container broke apart. It might hurt innocent people!

“Another five minutes until the next invisibility mode,” Ice Dragon reminded me.

When I was invisible, five minutes flew past very quickly. But now, the same five minutes felt extremely long. Totole was moving closer every minute, and I was in danger of being seen.

Suddenly, Jun flew toward the corner of the cave. There was a pile of gemstones there, the only one in the cave. Jun flew to the pile and waved at me. As I looked at it, Jun suddenly stabbed his sharp wings toward it!

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Don’t stab me!” The pile of gemstones suddenly moved. The gemstones had a pair of hands, a body, and a head. He turned and looked at me in fear, “Don’t kill me. Don’t kill me. I can make gemstones. I can make gemstones. I made all the gemstones here. I made them all…” He looked at me fearfully. His scrawny, tanned face had a pair of eyes filled with fear.

“Ice Fire King!” Suddenly, Totole shouted from outside. He had arrived so soon!

I looked at the stone tablets in front of us, asking, “Can you turn one side of the stones into gemstone?”

“No problem, no problem!” He immediately ran to the huge rocks. He extended his hand, and one side of each of the stones instantly became mirror-like gemstone.

He weaved through the huge rocks and turned them into gemstones. The surfaces reflected one another, splitting my image into many reflections.

“Ice Fire King! Yo!” Totole shouted from outside the cave and his voice reverberated through the still air.

The gemstone boy heard him and was frightened. He immediately hid in the corner of the cave and turned himself into a pile of gemstones.

The gemstones’ facets gradually reflected Totole’s figure. He was smiling at me with a ghastly expression. “You’re so swift to act, Ice Fire King. Do you think these mirrors are going to make it difficult for me?”

Pak!” Suddenly, there was a loud crackle and a gemstone exploded. I immediately moved behind another huge rock.

It was Clapper. When he performed his superpower, it did sound like a clapping noise.

I looked at Jun and nodded at him. He flew out and distracted Clapper for me. I began to roll around behind the rocks and constantly changed my location.

Pak!” There was another crackle that sounded like shattering glass. The debris of destroyed gemstones flew and showered down like rain.

“I feel that… You are here!” Totole suddenly ducked behind a huge rock. The facet in front of me reflected his figure. I waved at him, and he waved back at me.

I moved again.

“It’s that fly again!” The gemstone facets reflected Jun and Clapper. Clapper swung his hand at Jun, while Jun danced around. Suddenly, Zong Ben was there to distract Clapper alongside Jun.

“Another fly! Ah!” Jun and Zong Ben had successfully distracted Clapper and he roared impatiently.

Totole screamed, “You can’t even deal with two flies?! Hurry up and break them!”

“You’ll die if you break them!” I immediately shouted. Totole and Clapper stared at me while I stared back at them, yelling, “They’re filled with blue crystal energy! You break them, and the blue crystal energy will leak instantly!”

Clapper looked at Totole in surprise. “Boss!”

Totole squinted and shouted, “Break all the facets for me then!”

“Another three minutes until the next invisibility mode.”

“I can’t wait any more. Let’s act according to the changing circumstances.” I began to move closer to Totole.

“I‘ve had enough of these two flies!” Clapper spread his hands, and the surrounding facets instantly vibrated.

Pak!” The facets instantly shattered and scattered dust across the area. A huge air current blew Jun and Zong Ben away. The gemstone debris flew past my face, too.

I immediately shielded my head, but sharp debris scratched my face. With a sharp pain, blood flowed down my cheeks.

“Let’s see where you can hide! Clapper! Break all the rocks too!”

I continued to walk forward calmly as Totole shouted. I was like a cat walking at night, making no sound

“Alright! Let’s see where he can hide,” Clapper said smugly.

It was a race against the clock. Whichever of us was faster would determine the outcome.


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