Book 6: Chapter 48 - Time Is Pressing

I continued to say gently, “I’ll be behind you. Later, whichever Ghost Eclipsers you point at, I’ll make them die. Okay?”

“Mm!” Although Xiao Mi was only a child, she was fearless. Maybe because she was a child, she wasn’t afraid of death.

If this were my world, the adults absolutely wouldn’t mention anything about death to children her age. It was taboo. If you were to tell someone’s child something about making anyone die, their parents would definitely think I was mad.

However, even children had to learn how to survive in this ridiculous world. Her mother couldn’t protect her, so it was her turn to protect her mother.

Xiao Mi wiped away her tears and stood up. Then, she ran out. She ran to the door and picked up her doll. Carrying the doll in her hands, her gaze suddenly turned cold and angry.

“Gilgie, what happened?” Gouaux came out from another gemstone house, and he was busy putting on his pants. He was shocked when he saw Xiao Mi. He smiled maliciously, asking, “Xiao Mi, where’s your Uncle Gilgie?”

Xiao Mi looked at him coldly without moving an inch. There was an extremely terrifying vibe soaring from Xiao Mi. No wonder so many horror films used children as their main characters.

Xiao Mi? Xiao Mi!” Oulina came out from the gemstone house. Her shirt was torn open, and it revealed half her boob.

Just then, Xiao Mi slowly raised her hand and pointed at Gouaux. Then, she screamed, “Ah!” Suddenly, an extremely shrill scream came out from Xiao Mi’s mouth, and it was deafening.

I lifted my hand from behind Xiao Mi. My lightsaber instantly turned into a blaster. As I shot, the light appeared and took off Gouaux’s head!

Oulina lay on the ground in shock. She watched the head that had rolled before her blankly. There was a charred ring around its neck. Even the blood had cauterized because of the burning heat.

Gouaux’s body fell and knelt before Xiao Mi, as though God had made him kneel and repent even after he died.

Xiao Mi slowly walked towards Oulina. She lifted her small, dirty hand and wiped away Oulina’s tears. She said with her tender voice, “Mommy, don’t be scared. A goddess came by. She came to save us. She is right behind Xiao Mi. Whoever Xiao Mi points to will die. We don’t have to be afraid.”

“Xiao Mi…” Oulina looked at Xiao Mi blankly, as though she couldn’t come back to reality from the earlier scene. Her blank eyes were filled with questions about the Ghost Eclipsers’ sudden death, and how Xiao Mi suddenly gained a superpower.

Xiao Mi courageously advanced forward with her doll in her arms. She walked past Gouaux as though she were a queen. She stepped over the demons’ bodies.

“There are fifteen minutes left,” Ice Dragon reminded me again.

Xiao Mi walked out of the gemstone house, and stared at the Ghost Eclipsers who were blocking and hitting the old chief and the rebellious men. Countless whips had risen from the ground, lashing the slaves’ bodies. Their clothes were torn and they were injured!

They continued to roar in anger. Whatever the Ghost Eclipser had done to Xiao Mi had ignited the hatred at the bottom of their hearts. The flames of revenge swallowed their fear and their submission towards the Ghost Eclipsers. Even though they were commoners, they wanted to fight against metahumans!

Suddenly, they stopped and looked at Xiao Mi in shock.

Pak! Pak! Pak! Pak!

“Stupid pigs!” The Ghost Eclipser continued to whip them. “A bunch of stupid pigs! How dare you fight back?! Hurry up and die! Stupid pigs! Dying is the easy way out for you! We should have cut your flesh off!”

The old chief and the men looked at Xiao Mi blankly as they were whipped.

Xiao Mi glared at the Ghost Eclipser that was whipping everyone. As soon as she lifted her hand to point at him, I pulled the trigger.

“Stupi-!” Before the Ghost Eclipser could say another word, his head had already flown off his neck.

“Ah! Ah! Who?! Who?!” The Ghost Eclipser next to him saw it happen and immediately looked around.

The Ghost Eclipser knelt in front of the old chief, but Xiao Mi’s hand had already pointed at the other Ghost Eclipser before the old chief and the tribe’s astonished gazes.

“It’s you! Stupid-”

Bang!” Another shot. His head flew off his neck and rolled toward the crowd.  Everyone was shocked for a while, and they stomped on the corpses!

I had never thought I’d see the day I would sever heads as easily as chopping logs.

Xiao Mi looked at everyone coldly as the people stomped on the dead bodies to vent their anger. I covered her eyes with my hand and leaned in to tell her, “Tell everyone to hide in their houses. I want to kill the poisonous creature. Everyone would be in danger if they were to stay out.”

“Mm!” Xiao Mi nodded.

“Now, can you tell them to move out of the way? They’re blocking my way.” I let go of Xiao Mi and she suddenly let out a shrill scream again. “Ah!”

Everyone immediately stopped and looked at Xiao Mi. Xiao Mi glared at them coldly. “Move away!” She roared at them.

They subconsciously parted, revealing a head that had been crushed under their feet. It seemed that they had realized it was improper to act so brutally in front of a child, so they quickly kicked the head away.

As the crowd parted, I saw the gemstone building. It was my destination. I immediately walked past them.

“What’s this noise?!” Two Ghost Eclipsers shouted as they walked out of the building.

The old chief and the men immediately moved to protect Xiao Mi.

I wielded my lightsabers in each hand, and greeted the two Ghost Eclipsers who were coming my way.

“One more minute until invisibility mode ends.”

“One minute is enough,” I said as I walked between the two Ghost Eclispers. My lightsabers flashed outward on both sides and their heads fell from their necks. I quickly walked into the building and looked around. It was a rest stop for supervisors.

There was a table, a chair, and a communication device.

“There are thirty seconds left.”

So fast. Phew.

I didn’t see Creepy Curly on the first floor. I saw stairs by the side, and I quickly ran up.

“Twenty seconds left.”

I ran to the second floor and I heard Creepy Curly’s voice saying, “Connect the first zone, the fourth zone…”

“Ten seconds left. Ten, nine…”

“Oh! And the sixth zone. That’s our food warehouse. Hmph. We shall let the so-called Ice Fire Dragon have a taste of our power!” He raised his hand and moved to press the button.

“Five, four, three…”

“I’m sorry. You won’t have a chance to inform them,” I said grimly behind him.

“Who is it?!” He immediately turned around.

“Two, one!”

As my face began to materialize in his eyes, my lightsaber had already sliced his throat.


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