Book 6: Chapter 47 - Couldn’t Hold Back Again

“Found Creepy Curly,” I heard Ice Dragon say. Jun had found the target.

A new transmitted image immediately played before me. I saw Creepy Curly entering a gemstone building on the side of the barren mountain. This building looked different from the gemstone buildings that the slaves were being kept in. It was independent, and there were two levels. It looked like a miniature fortress.

I headed towards the barren mountain to deal with this curly-haired henchman. 

The barren mountain and Totole’s castle lay in opposite directions. One was in the east while the other one was in the west.

I passed by gemstone houses, but the gemstone houses had no doors or windows. They had one opening that could barely be considered an entrance, not much bigger than a dog kennel. A human could only crawl in or out.

I looked inside, and I was instantly suffocated by the foul smell of excretion. There was no furniture inside, only piles of hay on the ground that looked like where the slaves slept. 

The gemstone houses looked luxurious and magical on the outside, but this was simply a pigsty! It was an inhuman and merciless pigsty!

A foul smell emanated from the pigsty. I simply couldn’t imagine how people lived there. They ate, drank, pooped, and peed in there. There was nowhere for people to excrete.

In a beautiful gemstone house, humans lived a pig’s life.

No, it was worse than a pig’s. In the world I came from, at least people would clean the pigpens. But I could barely breathe the air in there. The foul, nauseating smell made me walk faster.

“There are twenty minutes left before the invisibility ends,” came the report. I saw the timer on my heads-up display, reminding me how much time I had left.

I quickly traveled past the filthy gemstone houses. Everything I saw made me furious!

Soon, the building was right in front of me, but I was blocked by a line of people. The long flowing line of people formed a wall. It would take too much time if I were to detour, though, so I decided to walk through them.

“Hurry up! Hurry up!” Totole’s minions shoved the slaves.

“Don’t touch me! I can walk on my own!” A woman who had been shoved said angrily. She was carrying a girl in tattered clothes, who looked about seven years old, in her arms.

Although there was fear in her eyes and her clothes were ragged, she looked rather clean, and she was holding a doll made of torn cloth. The doll was filled with the love of a mother towards her child.

The Ghost Eclipser who shoved her grabbed her arm, saying, “It’s a pity! If it weren’t because Mister Totole ordered us to kill all of you, it was going to be my turn tonight!”

The woman’s lips quivered. I saw the tears in her eyes flow out. They were tears of humiliation.

Among the Ghost Eclipsers, there were many men and very few women. It wasn’t hard to imagine how these b*stards had committed atrocities towards these women. The conditions of a different society really did shape women’s destinies.

“Hey, baby…” The Ghost Eclipser touched the girl in the woman’s arms. The woman immediately hugged the girl anxiously. Her tears flowed down her cheeks as she cried, “It’s better to die… It’s better to die…” The woman sobbed, holding the girl tightly in her arms.

Her sobbing was extremely heartbreaking. How miserable her life was, that she thought it would be better to die with her daughter rather than to stay alive.

“Look how beautiful your daughter is. It’s a pity you’ll have to die…” The Ghost Eclipser shook his head. “It’s almost time for her to serve us.” The Ghost Eclipser moved to touch the girl again.

Suddenly, an old man went forward and stood in front of the mother and daughter. He looked at the Ghost Eclipsers sorrowfully, exclaiming, “In God’s name, aren’t you afraid of being punished?! Gilgie, Gouaux! You were once part of our tribe. Your parents are right at the front!”

“Old Chief, you’re still alive!” The other Ghost Eclipser named Gouaux chuckled light-heartedly. “We thought you’d died long ago. Hahaha! But you’re almost there anyway... Hahaha!”

It turned out that the two Ghost Eclipsers were once people of the tribe. They’d betrayed their tribe and bullied them! This ridiculous world really let demons run wild!

“You’re going to die anyway…” Gilgie suddenly eyed the child in the woman’s arm lustfully and he peeped at the castle in the distance, saying, “Mister Totole isn’t here yet. Why not… Let me experience the taste of a virgin!” Suddenly, he grabbed the little girl and walked toward a gemstone house by the side. 

“No! No!” The woman wailed tearfully.

“Mommy! Mommy!” The little girl immediately screamed for her mom.

“Gilgie! Gilgie! You can’t! Xiao Mi is only a child!” The old chief and the other men were intensely agitated.

“F*ck off! Old man!” Gouaux suddenly raised his hand. A thorn sprouted from his butt and he stabbed it at the old chief. The men quickly pulled the old chief back. Gouaux casually pulled the child’s mother to him and said flirtatiously, “Oulina, you keep me company then.” He dragged the woman along with him.

“I will, I will keep you company… Just let my daughter go…” The woman knelt down and pleaded.

Gouaux continued to drag her away, asking, “Your daughter? You’re going to die anyway. What difference does it make?”

Inhuman trash!

I couldn’t hold back again!

“Gouaux! Gilgie!” The old chief and the other men wanted to charge at him, but suddenly, more Ghost Eclipsers ran in their direction.

Hong!” An explosion detonated the soil in front of them.

The Ghost Eclipsers ran over and shouted, “What’s with the noise?! Hurry up and walk!”

The men were furious and they resisted. The Ghost Eclipsers immediately performed their superpowers to counter them. However, those men didn’t back off. Even though they were injured and bleeding, they continued to charge forward. It was a chaotic scene.

“Master, I have to remind you. If you opt to save this mother and daughter, the invisibility window will be tight.”

“So be it! These b*stards hurt my eyes!” Then, I drew my lightsaber without hesitation and ran towards the gemstone house that Gilgie had entered!

When I arrived at the door, Xiao Mi’s doll was on the floor, and Xiao Mi was crying.


Son of a b*tch!

I immediately cut a large opening into the gemstone house, kicking the carved-out wall away!

“What’s going on?!” As Gilgie turned around, I stepped on him and slashed my sword across his neck. His head rolled off his neck and fell into a pile of something that looked like sh*t. His face maintained a surprised expression.

Xiao Mi was stunned at the sight. I squatted in front of her and turned off my voice changer. I talked to her with my gentle female voice, saying, “Xiao Mi, don’t be afraid. Let me play a magic game with you. Let’s go and save your mommy.”

Xiao Mi looked at me blankly. She couldn’t see me, but she blinked and nodded.


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