Book 6: Chapter 46 - Poisonous Creature in Chiung Yao Style

“How long does it take to reach the fourth zone from here?” I asked. From my current location, I couldn’t see the lights in the fourth zone.

“Another half an hour, Master,” Ice Dragon replied.

Half an hour…

I looked at Moto, asking, “Is there a limit to the number of times you can perform your superpower?”

“No, but I need a ten-minute interval in between uses,” Moto replied.

As I’d expected. Otherwise, Margaery wouldn’t have kept him by her side.

“Alright. Let’s go, then!” I entered the landing craft and continued to rush toward the fourth zone. “Inform Ghostie and He Lei that I’ve already arrived at my targeted destination,” I said.


There was a long way ahead, and this was just the beginning.

The wind and dust blew against my mask with a soft rustling noise. How long will it take until I can see luxuriant green forests everywhere instead of boundless desert? I thought.

I could faintly see the light ahead, and we stopped on a hillside. I raised my mask and observed the scenery from afar.

I saw a city standing alone, right in the middle of the desert. The city twinkled under the moonlight. I thought it was caused by lights, but I realized that they were gemstones after taking a closer look!

The entire city had been built with gemstones!

The city wall, made of gemstones in various colors, looked as shiny as a girl’s phone cover studded with loads of crystals. Behind the city wall, there were houses, each one embellished with a single gemstone. There were blue sapphires, red rubies, green emeralds, and many others. They looked like huge gemstone rings embedded in the ground. 

At the end of the city, I saw a barren mountain, split in two. No doubt that was the source of the gemstones.

In the dark night, I could see people herding a bunch of people into the barren mountain. There were women and children among them, too.

“There are women?” I was confused, because normally, very few women were allowed to move around among the Ghost Eclispers. They were normally used as female human pigs and kept in the pigpens.

“The old lady was a woman herself. So they weren’t allowed to kill women in the places under her jurisdiction,” Moto curled up next to me and explained. His robot body was too huge.

“It seems Margaery had some humanity after all.” I said as I continued to watch closely. Those people were likely slaves. I had a bad feeling as soon as I’d seen them being herded into the mountain cave.

I looked around, and saw a man in the gemstone castle. He had a green face, and he was crying while spreading flower petals.

That’s Totole!

“Found my target.” I continued to watch him. There were two other men next to him, passing him fresh flowers. They were Creepy Curly and Clapper.


They weren’t sleeping in the middle of the night, but were instead spreading flower petals from atop a wall. They weren’t young ladies, either!

I saw Totole wailing tearfully, and instructed,  “Ice Dragon, analyze what he’s saying.”


Soon, I heard Totole’s cries. “My Queen, why did you abandon me so soon? Ah! I want to go with you! Don’t worry, I will kill all those people and bury them together with you! I will let all of them continue to make your gemstones down there! My Queen, I will come and keep you company after I take revenge for you!”

“Mister, don’t cry! The new King killed the Queen. You won’t be able to win against her!” Clapper advised.

“Shut up!” Totole shouted. “Can’t I join forces with the other zones?! They’ll definitely want to take revenge for the Queen too!”

Creepy Curly immediately gave him a thumbs-up. “That’s right! Mister! We can join forces with the other zones! They’ll definitely want to take revenge for the Queen too!”

“Why are you still standing here then?” Totole shoved Creepy Curly as though he were his wife that was fooling around. “Hurry up and go! Ah! My Queen, how could you leave me behind?” Creepy Curly quickly threw the flower away and ran back into Gemstone City.

One had run away, and there were two left.

I changed my mind. I decided to deal with Creepy Curly first, because he was alone.

“Oh, my Queen…” Totole choked back sobs on the city wall as he spread the fresh flowers in his hands. The flower petals fell like snow, covering the ground in front of the gemstone palace. “You were my oxygen, my sunlight. Your breastmilk was the spring of my life. My final resting place will be between your boobs…”

Retch. I should kill the poisonous creature first. What he just said was so disgusting.

“Prepare to enter the city.” I got back on the landing craft.

“Alright, King. Be careful.” Moto hid by the hillside and stretched his huge hands towards me. When his hands moved past my sides, my vehicle and I became invisible.

I quickly flew to Gemstone City. Jun and Zong Ben were flying through the dark night too. Their special bodies made them unnoticeable. They flew ahead of me and scattered across the night sky. They entered Gemstone City in the fourth zone before me, transmitting images back to me.

In the images, slaves were constantly being dragged out from the gemstone houses and shoved towards the barren mountain.

“No! No!”

“Please, I beg you… Please…”

People wailed under the night sky, and it was heart-wrenching.

I was close to the city wall, and the city gate was wide open. Guards stood by the city gate, and they watched the bustling scene inside.

I immediately stopped the vehicle and parked it in a pit full of weeds. I began to walk on foot and entered through the city gate. I entered the fourth zone before the guards.

“Mister Totole, Mister Totole…” In the image that Zong Ben had sent, a few slaves struggled free and ran toward the castle. They shouted, “Please! Let us go… We will obey your commands…”

“Obey my commands?” Totole looked down on them. He still had tears across his green face.

“Whatever your command might be…” Those people cried and begged, “Please let us go… Please, please…"

Totole looked at them expressionlessly and suddenly roared, “Then die! Go to hell! Ah!” He suddenly lifted his chin and roared. He spread his arms, and all the people pleading under the castle held their throats in agony. Their skins began to melt and they screamed in pain.


I immediately stopped. The people had melted in the image. Their eyeballs had fallen out of their eye sockets and rolled across the floor. In an instant, all the people who had pleaded turned into pools of green liquid.

I couldn’t move from the sheer ruthlessness of it. My hands felt cold from such a terrifying sight!

“You should obey my commands to begin with! The Queen has died! You have to be buried with her and continue to make her gemstones!” Totole shouted at the people at the city wall.

There were no longer people pleading. They became angry as the Ghost Eclipsers shoved them. They looked at the green pools on the ground with tearful eyes.

There was no use pleading with the inhuman Ghost Eclipsers.

They held their children and continued to stumble forward. They walked past the green blood pools, and hatred filled their eyes.


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