Book 1: Chapter 6 - Antidote

He Lei looked down at the frightened girl and clenched his hands into fists in anger once again. Clenching his teeth, he turned to kick the bonfire next to his foot, making the sparks fly all over.  

“We are missing two! Their chief is not here!” Ah Xing suddenly said.

It turned out that Ah Xing had been counting the dead bodies for this reason. He really wasn’t a simple man.

He Lei immediately turned and tied his upper overalls on his waist. He turned and took out his gun as he looked around.

Ah Xing searched through a dead body and found two guns. “Here… your guns,” He threw the two guns to He Lei. He Lei immediately threw away the guns in his hands and caught the two guns. Both guns were black and printed with a silver lightning design. They flew across the air, drawing a beautiful arc as they reached He Lei’s hand. He Lei spun them stylishly and flashed a satisfied smile. As he held the guns there was excitement in his eyes, akin to a black jaguar ready to go on a hunt! 

“Look for the antidote!” He Lei commanded as Ah Xing started searching for another dead body. Ah Xing blinked and his eyes glistened. He had found a small syringe that was filled with a blue liquid on the dead body. 

He examined the syringe, then threw it at He Lei. He Lei caught it and immediately stabbed it into his neck. I was dumbfounded as I watched him inject the liquid into his body. He Lei had been poisoned?

After that, he threw away the injection, closed his eyes and took a deep breath. What happened next surprised me immensely. I saw a circle of lightning-like light flash around his body. However, the circle of light disappeared very quickly, as though it was purely my imagination.

He opened his eyes and there was a sharp gaze within his black eyes.

“Be careful. Their chief normally is a radiationer who has a superpower.” Ah Xing stood up and looked at He Lei nervously.

“What the hell?” I looked at him in suspicion. He looked stunned and there was another flash of purple light in his eyes. “Not hell, but human! Radiationer! Aren’t you a radiationer as well?” He gave me a look full of suspicion and doubt. I finally saw the shimmering purple light in his eyes.

“What are you wearing in your eyes?” I pointed at his eyes, startling him. He quickly looked to the side. Suddenly, someone in the cage on the side shouted, “Go! They ran outside!”

He Lei and Ah Xing looked shocked. He Lei looked at us, “Stay here. I will kill them!” Then, he picked up a gun and gave chase.

“Wait for me!” Ah Xing caught up with him too.

I looked at the girl who was curled up by the bonfire. She gripped onto the shirt that He Lei had given her tightly. I squatted down slowly and she immediately curled up anxiously. I lifted my hand, intending to comfort her, but even my voice sounded like a man’s at that moment. She must be very against men for the time being.

My bag.

I immediately looked around. As expected, I saw my dirty bag within the pile of random items near the bonfire. My black bag looked extremely filthy with dust all over it.

I grabbed my bag and opened it. Heh, everything was still there. I took out a packet of milk and walked to the girl. She immediately curled up again and retreated quickly. She was just like a frightened animal that was afraid of everyone, besides the person who gave her a shirt to cover her body.

I immediately halted my footsteps and left the milk at a place about one meter away from her. “Don’t worry. It’s safe now. This is milk.”

When I said the word ‘milk’, she appeared shocked. Although she was hugging her body tightly, her gaze was fixed upon the milk in my hand. When she saw the carton in my hand, she looked full of misgivings as though she had never seen any milk like the one I offered. Then, she kept her guard up as though I had just offered her a suspicious poisonous liquid.

I looked at her as I poked the straw through the opening, before drinking the milk right in front of her. Her highly alert and suspicious gaze never left me. I then left the milk carton on the ground about one meter away from her. The light shined on the word ‘milk’.

I left it there, and I didn’t look at her but turned to chase after Ah Xing and He Lei.

I was a girl just like her and had heard everything that she had experienced. If I were her, I’d also hold my body tightly in fear. I’d also be afraid of anyone getting close to me. I, I think I’d lose control too. I’d chase after them like He Lei! Until the very last one of them died at my hands!

Her experience was too terrifying. Those people deserved to die!

The anger in me flushed away my earlier horror and fear towards dead bodies. I ran past the prisoner cages and saw the people who were holding onto the bars quietly. All I could see on their dirty faces were their eyes in different colors. And they all were looking in the same direction—anxiously, and fearfully. Their expressions showed the fear of once again being drowned in something scary if He Lei couldn’t kill the people who had run away. It was clear that they dreaded the return of these people.

If such brutal and scary people escaped, I couldn’t even imagine how they would exact revenge in the future!

I reached the entrance of the warehouse as the light was growing dimmer. I saw He Lei and Ah Xing standing at the warehouse entrance, and He Lei pushed open the door. A strong gale immediately blew into the warehouse, like a sandstorm. They couldn’t open their eyes, and as He Lei stood there in the sandstorm by the huge warehouse entrance, he looked particularly small. Even then, the light shining down on his hands turned him into a dazzling figure that no one could look away from. 

He Lei and Ah Xing ran out of the warehouse one after another. When I reached the door, I was stunned. The world… seemed to be dying!

I looked at the boundless desert before me. Under the bright moonlight, the entire desert was in a strange burgundy color as though someone had peeled off the earth’s skin itself and revealed the red and rotten flesh underneath. There was a pungent putrid odor in the air along with the moonlight that was tainted in an eerie crimson color.

In the dark blue sky, there was a round plate hanging high. Next to it… there was a moon! A crescent moon! It looked like the size of an ordinary moon but its surroundings were bumpy and not smooth. It also was very near to us, and actually looked like something hanging in the night sky instead of the usual moon that was far away from earth.

Hold on, that couldn’t be a moon because it had twinkling starlight on it. It twinkled just like the signal lights on our tall buildings. Plus, it had a thick pattern of black spots. It also seemed to be moving, similar to the slow revolutions of the earth...

*Hong Hong!* Suddenly, I heard an engine running.

The wind suddenly stopped. On the boundless desert, He Lei’s figure could clearly be seen chasing after the bandit. In front of him, there were two… motorcycles?

Damn! He Lei wanted to chase after the motorcycles on foot!? Plus, the exhaust pipes of the motorcycles didn’t let out smoke but blue lights! Even the sound of the motorcycle was like from sci-fi movies.

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