Book 6: Chapter 45 - Prepare for a Surprise Attack

When I first entered the blue crystal meteorite, I experienced the phenomenon of teleportation. There wasn’t any machinery to control anything. How had Hagrid Jones controlled them in the past?

Did he already possess superpowers then?

The answer I thought I’d known became a profound mystery again.

Was Hagrid Jones not the true mastermind? There could have been an even scarier force behind him!

Cang Yu! Who is Cang Yu!? Was it Hagrid Jones? Was it a manmade human created by Hagrid Jones? Or… Was it the person who manipulated Hagrid Jones?!

I suddenly felt uneasy, and I didn’t like it.

The information I received during the teleportation made me faintly feel that there was a scary, mysterious force from the depths of the universe, controlling Kansa Star’s fate.

“Lil Bing, Moto has already adapted to the superconnection robot. He can carry out his mission now,” Haggs reminded me seriously.

I quickly collected my thoughts, saying, “Alright!” I gazed at the blue crystal meteorite that had brought about the end of the world. It had suddenly become a kind of teleportation gate. There must have been code regarding planetary teleportation stored within.

I had a feeling that the teleportation gate connected more than just the desert sea and Kro. It might have been connected to all historical sites that had been hit by meteorites but I had yet to figure out a way to control it.

Plus, my body seemed to be unable to endure exposed teleportation twice in a row. Yes, I referred to teleporting with an unprotected body ‘exposed teleportation’.

Regardless, I had a more important mission ahead of me. I had to focus on how to deal with the poisonous creature in the fourth zone, Totole.

I swam out to Zong Ben and Jun. Jun seemed anxious, and he was pacing back and forth. Zong Ben had always complained that Jun was like an old man, because Jun was overly worried about me. He was like an old grandma who was always worried you didn’t have enough to eat or keep warm.

When he saw me return, he quickly swam towards me, while Zong Ben crossed his arms and shook his head.

“I’m alright,” I assured Jun. He seemed to let out a breath of relief. His facial features, which had begun to glow in the water, looked even brighter.

We retraced our steps. The entire place was even more silent now, because the spirits had been freed thanks to me.

Did they tell Zong Ben about the meteorite?

We returned to the world above the crystal. When I climbed up, Jun and Zong Ben looked at me blankly. I was confused. I looked at myself and I was shocked. I was entirely luminescent! I was glowing all over!

I looked at my reflection, and I only had an arm left unchanged. The rest of me, including my face, had become luminescent. I had really turned into a glow stick! I’d become the same as Zong Ben and Jun!

This probably meant I’d been overcharged.

Jun leapt around me. Zong Ben pointed and waved. He looked as if he were shaking something off. I responded, “You want me to shake off some energy?” Zong Ben nodded and pulled Jun far away.

Didn’t you tell me to shake off some energy? Why is Zong Ben so afraid that I might explode?

Whatever. I might not be able to exit the area like this, because my blue crystal energy was overflowing. I wouldn’t be able to control the radiation.

I immediately swung my hand, and two clouds of light flew out like frisbees. They flew past the surface of the crystal like a shooting star across the sky.



After two loud explosions, the crystal surface under my feet shook.

I was stunned. It was so powerful! No wonder Jun and Zong Ben had moved so far away. The intensity of the two clouds of light must have been extremely high.

I’d thought that in their blue crystal energy form, they wouldn’t be harmed by blue crystal energy. However, underwater, I’d seen how they were trapped by the ribbons. Only then did I realize that they were only immune to blue crystal energy of a certain intensity. For comparison, a person who could resist diluted sulphuric acid might not be able to resist concentrated sulphuric acid.

After I threw the two clouds of light out, the glow on my body became dimmer. I could see the skin on my hand, but my face was still glowing. It was a strange feeling. I was glowing all over in the dark. Even I found myself funny.

I continued to swing my arms, unleashing clouds of blue crystal energy.





After creating one pit after another, I finally stopped glowing and returned normal. I looked at my hand, and I saw that the symbiotic flower on the back of my hand had grown longer. It had crawled up my arm, and there was a blue flower on the back of my hand shaped like a spirit flower.

The symbiotic flower was amazing. I had a blue crystal energy constitution, but it had adapted to it.

“Jun, Zong Ben, we can go now!” When I turned to look at Jun and Zong Ben, I saw a huge robot standing stiffly.

Not only was he looking at me blankly, he was looking at Jun and Zong Ben with the same expression as they ran over.

I chuckled, “Did I frighten you? Are you less afraid when you look at me now? You’re so huge, while I’m so small.”

He stood there blankly for a while. He suddenly came back to reality and bowed. “King!”

“Are you ready?” My smile faded and my helmet flipped back into place as I looked at Moto solemnly.

He lowered his head and looked at me for a long time. He suddenly extended his huge hand. The next moment, I saw my hand turning invisible. Then, my figure disappeared from the crystal surface.

“Very good. You’re ready.”

“King, there is a time limit to my superpower. I only have half an hour,” Moto said apologetically.

Half an hour was more than enough for a battle between metahumans. But first, I had to get close to our enemy.

“Alright. Let’s head to the fourth zone first.” I smirked, and saw my reflection briefly reappear.

“What?! That, that’s too dangerous!” Moto became nervous.

“Ice Dragon!” As soon as I called, Ice Dragon entered the historical site and hovered above the crystal surface. It was whirling like a dragon prepared to depart.

I jumped in the spaceship, while Jun and Zong Ben immediately entered their winged heart containers. Moto flew next to us as well. I glanced at him, and we took off in the direction of the fourth zone!

As there was a time limit to Moto’s superpower, it would be safer for us to take action at night. According to the information in Margaery’s database, Totole had two powerful assistants: Combustion Eyes, Creeping Curly; and Breaker Hand, Clapper.

What kind of names were those?

Combustion Eyes actually referred to laser eyes. The theory behind it was similar to that of Sis Cannon’s laser cannon. Breaker Hand could tear his enemy into pieces. The range of their superpowers were wide, and they could carry out a group attack.  

On top of that, Combustion Eyes was normally in charge of gemstone cutting, while Breaker Hand was in charge of gemstone breaking… Their superpowers were extremely practical to use in Margaery’s gemstone processing plant.

While there was still dark, barren land in front of us, Ice Dragon preemptively sent out a warning to tell us we were nearing the fourth zone. If we got too close, the other party would notice us. So we needed to move stealthily from then onwards. 

We quietly descended some distance from the fourth zone. A landing craft flew down from the spaceship. We’d decided to use a miniature landing craft so it would be hard for the other party to notice us, and it would be easier for us to hide it, too.


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