Book 6: Chapter 44 - The Meteor Shower at the End of the World

We followed Zong Ben down. We swam deeper and deeper, and there were more and more blue light spots. Suddenly, it became really bright ahead. The familiar blue light ribbons floated up from below, like tentacles wavering underwater.

I began to worry. Will there be some sort of big octopus?

But when I swam closer, I was stunned. I saw that there wasn’t any strange living creature or plant here; rather, there was a huge blue crystal meteorite! It was shaped like a flower bud ready to bloom, and it was slightly open.

As the energy intensity heightened, the blue lights were connected together. They formed ribbons that connected to the huge blue crystal meteorite.

I swam down and the ribbons entangled me. I was like a fish swimming into seaweed corals. The blue crystal energy constantly flowed into my body and connected me with the blue crystal meteorite.

Suddenly, I felt a strong pull. It felt as if the meteorite were pulling me into its bud. I didn’t resist, but instead let it pull me.

Jun and Zong Ben swam closer, but they instantly backed off, as though they felt a piercing pain when they touched the light. Their bodies seemed to be unable to enter places with such intense energy.

They could only stop toward the outside and swim around the ribbons carefully, as they watched me from afar.

I stopped at the opening of the flower bud that was about to burst open. The opening happened to be able to fit one person. I saw the swirling blue crystal energy inside. It looked as magical as a spatial tunnel. I stopped for a while and swam inside without hesitation. In an instant, I was sucked in.

I saw a lot of broken, unconnected images. I saw the universe. I saw Kansa Star. I saw many blue crystal meteorites falling toward Kansa Star. I saw them suddenly change their routes outside the atmosphere, as though they were controlled by someone. I saw a magically beautiful palace.

The next instant, I suddenly felt as if I had been spit out, and I landed on the ground. There was water in the surroundings but it looked like an underground pool. The water was completely dyed blue because of the blue crystal energy. I stood in the blue water and turned back, seeing another blue crystal meteorite.

It stood tall behind me and lit up the entire space. The area looked like an underground limestone cave. It was absolutely not a place I’d been to before.

That’s strange. Where am I? Is this a place deeper than the underground ocean? Did the blue crystal meteorite send me to a deeper area?

“Lil’ Bing! Lil’ Bing!” I suddenly heard Raffles calling hastily.

I pressed my earpiece and replied, “I’m okay. Am I underground?”

“Yes and no. You absolutely won’t believe this. You’re underground, but your location is in Kro!”


“How did you get there?” Raffles said in disbelief.

I immediately looked around. There was a huge tree root in sight! The blue root was thrust deeply into the water and thickly tangled. I ran up and saw more roots that resembled it. I lifted my hand and touched the root. Blue light pulsed faintly, like someone’s breathing.

“I don’t know. I think…” I turned to look at the huge blue crystal meteorite. “I found the source of the pollution in this world.”


“Can you see the image?”

“There is a powerful energy field on your side. It disrupts the image transmission. I can only have a voice connection with you. Lil’ Bing, no matter what you see there, hurry up and come back!” Raffles panicked.

I looked around, and still found it hard to believe that I had been underwater in the Western Hemisphere earlier. But now, I was suddenly in Kro, in the Eastern Hemisphere. I felt uneasy. 

“How do I go back?” I asked Raffles. I was under Kro, after all.

“How did you get there?” Raffles asked anxiously.

I had approached the huge blue crystal meteorite earlier. “Raffles, the meteorites that hit Kanse Planet didn’t disappear. They’re underground beneath the historical sites. They, they’re like weapons. They’re constantly emitting blue crystal energy. I entered one of them and was sent here…”

“The high concentration of energy definitely formed some kind of spatial distortion…” Raffles muttered to himself. “So, you teleported. Lil’ Bing, it must be linear teleportation. Retrace your steps!”

“I understand. Let me try.” I looked at the opening on top of the meteorite. The cave wasn’t full of water and I couldn’t just swim up. No wonder I’d felt pain from the fall.

I looked around and saw a tree vine. I ran back and climbed up the tree root. I pulled out a tree vine and tugged it to test its strength. It was sturdy enough. Then, I kicked off and swung my way to the opening!

I flew through the air and let go when I was close to the opening. I fell into the opening, and instantly saw many images that flashed past me.

I saw an explosion. I saw a lab. I saw a man. And I saw... an octopus. A huge octopus!

Pfff!” My body was floating. The scenery before me was spinning. Broken, disconnected images flashed through my head.

It felt worse than it had the first time. I felt nausea and disgust. It seemed I’d received more information this time, and the brain waves in my head were causing discomfort.

I immediately took a deep breath, because I was afraid that I would vomit in my ventilator. That would have been even more disgusting.

“Lil’ Bing! Lil’ Bing!” Raffles called again. “How are you feeling?”

“I don’t feel so good…” It reminded me of when I’d come to this world the first time. I’d also felt nauseated and giddy.

“A physical crossing will be affected by spatial gravity and repulsion, and also various complicated forces. A normal human being would normally be torn into pieces without protection. This is different from Xiao Ying opening up a space tunnel.” I heard Haggs’s calm voice from the other side of the earpiece. Raffles definitely didn’t dare to face me.

“But still, you told me to go through it again?”

“Because you weren’t torn apart when you crossed over. I suspect that your body already went through some changes when you were transported from your own world. Your body has already adapted to teleportation."

Haggs had analyzed the situation calmly but I felt a lingering fear. “I saw many images… as I teleported…”

“Those are images of different space-times. We aren’t sure if you teleported through time, space, or dimensions. We have to gauge that with the actual readings when you return.”

“Alright.” I turned to look at the opening. Although the images were broken and disconnected, it was sufficient to prove that the end of the world back then had been manmade.

But how had Hagrid Jones suddenly gotten so many blue crystal energy “meteorites”? And how could he control them?


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