Book 6: Chapter 43 - Underground Ocean

Whether it was the Ghost Eclipsers, Silver Moon City, or other monsters, they couldn’t get close to this place. Even the spirits living within couldn’t get close to me.

I extended my hand and touched the protective wall. Familiar light spots swarmed onto my palm instantly. I felt them flowing into my body, and my fingers instantly turned transparent and glowed in faint blue. Jun and Zong Ben flew through in an instant, and I leaped into the black desert too.

The center of the radiation zone had become a burned pit. The burned pit was boundlessly large, as though God had smashed a basin into the middle of a desert.

It was the sort of scene that clearly showed the devastation of the end of the world.

The desert seemed to have melted because of a powerful energy blast. It had turned into some kind of black crystal that was sturdy and hard, like a black diamond reflecting the stars in the sky. It looked very beautiful.

There weren’t any plants, nor were there any spirit flowers and trees that were commonly found in other historical sites. The entire surface was like a huge black ice crystal. In the world filled with blue crystal energy, it reflected my shadow below and the brilliant galaxy in the sky above.

It was an unprecedented phenomenon, even though I had visited so many historical sites. It gave off an entirely different feel! It was magical and spacious, yet even quieter and more lonely!

The darkness above and below merged into one. The starry sea above and the starry sea below lent radiance and beauty to one another. It was as if I were the loneliest traveler in the vast universe.

The boundless loneliness reminded me that I had too much loneliness and emotions of homesickness that hadn’t been dealt with for too long. It made me miss my family even more, and made me drown in my own sense of loneliness.

I lay down alone on the surface of the black crystal. I felt as if I were alone in the universe.

Pak! Pak!” There were two soft clicks. Jun and Zong Ben flew out of the robots. They sat next to me simultaneously and looked around.

Zong Ben couldn’t sit for long before he jumped up and went elsewhere. Only in the radiation zones could they go anywhere further as they wish without being connected to a source of blue crystal energy.

Soon, Zong Ben was nowhere to be seen. He had been a light spot moving in the distance earlier, like a badly behaved neutron, but then we couldn’t see him at all. He’d blended into the dark universe..

Jun kept me company but maintained a safe distance. I was a danger to him even here. Jun couldn’t speak, but he watched in silence next to me. First, he looked around and down. Then, he lay next to me and watched the beautiful starry sky.

He definitely liked it here, because he could never get enough of the starry sky.

I could only lie down and watch the starry sky, because there wasn’t anything for me to explore. I could only charge up obediently. I would enhance my absorption rate when I was bored. The blue light would form ribbons of light I could swing around, making it into various shapes to pass time.

Suddenly, Jun seemed to notice something, and he looked around with his guard up.

“What’s wrong, Jun?” I asked.

Jun looked at the surrounding crystal surface. Just then, a luminous blue body moved close to us under the crystal surface. There were more and more luminous bodies that looked like spirits appearing.

They swam past under our feet like a school of luminous fish. They resembled magical cosmic creatures that shuttled through the stars. It was a magnificent sight!

The lights on their bodies lit up a large portion of crystal under my feet. They slowly came up and emerged from the ice surface. Then, they stood on the ice surface.

Jun seemed to have been able to communicate with them for a bit, as he let his guard down. The spirits looked at me simultaneously, and they suddenly pounced at me. Jun immediately jumped far away!

The spirits pounced at me, wave by wave. I raised my hand subconsciously and they struck my hand. I instantly understood their intentions.

A scene replayed in front of me. Tourists visiting the desert, men and women swimming happily in the desert sea, children sliding down the sand dunes, explorers diving in the desert sea…

They… were tourists here.

There were fewer spirits arriving over time. Their memories turned into a surging river and drowned me beneath their weight. I watched all the happiness they had once experienced.

The darkness gradually returned, and the sight of stars became clear again. I didn’t come back to reality for a long time, but in my palms and all around me, I was surrounded by ash.

And yet, unlike before, I remained cool and composed…

Have I grown up? Or… Have I just become cold…?

Jun suddenly flew up to me and he looked concerned. I came back to reality and patted the ashes in my palm, saying, “I’m alright.”

Suddenly, there was a glimpse of light under us. Jun and I looked down. We saw Zong Ben swimming under the black crystal, and he looked at ease. He waved at Jun and Jun dove into the crystal too. The two of them swam around in the starry sea under me. It was magical.

I was curious as to how they did that, and almost wished I could join them. If it were all crystal underneath, they wouldn’t look as if they were swimming. They looked just like two mermen with glowing tails, swimming under me.

Suddenly, they waved at me and beckoned me to come down too.

How do I go down there? I don’t have the power to walk through walls like they do.

Jun suddenly extended his light through the crystal to point at the gun on my waist. I understood then that he wanted me to shoot a hole through the surface. I took out my gun and aimed at the crystal, and pulled the trigger.

Pak!” The crystal shattered, as if a spot of light had exploded in the starry sea. Suddenly, cold water splashed onto my face. I was surprised.

I walked to the opening and saw rippling water under the moonlight. There was water under the crystal!

I thought the end of the world had evaporated the water. It seemed as if it hadn’t! On the contrary, the layer of crystal had sealed off the desert sea. Jun and Zong Ben waved at me again.

Alright. Let me follow you and see what’s so fun underneath there.

I pressed on the communication device on my ear, saying, “Ice Dragon, send me a diving helmet.” The battle uniform I wore was multifunctional, so I didn’t need to change into a diving suit.

“Got it. Have fun.”

A robot sent me a rebreather quickly. I put on the helmet and jumped through the hole.

Splash!” I was instantly engulfed in cold, as if I had been dunked into ice water. Flowing blue light rushed out all over my battle uniform and adjusted the temperature; soon, I no longer felt cold. It was like an ocean glowing blue before me. The light spots floated in the water, like fireflies dancing around me.

Jun approached as though he were watching over me, while Zong Ben remained ahead of us as if to lead the way. What had Zong Ben found that was so interesting?


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