Book 6: Chapter 42 - The World of Dark Ice

He opened his eyes and smiled gently, saying, “You’re welcome to use me, Master. You don’t have to be gentle with me.”

I smiled and held the lever. “Play some music, b*tch.”

“Sure!” Upbeat music filled the cockpit as Ice Dragon and I plunged into the boundless darkness.

The vast starry sky was above me. The night sky was especially clear, and the galaxy above was extremely brilliant. Flying beneath the stars like this had a uniquely romantic atmosphere.

It gave me a sense of security that had been missing for too long. I was piloting my own spaceship, feeling as though I were reading on my bed. It was a feeling I never had when I was in other spaceships.

“Lil’ Bing,” Raffles’ voice suddenly resounded from the control panel as Ice Dragon connected the video feed. Behind him, I could see Moto trying to familiarize himself with the superconnection robot. Moto seemed nervous, as if it were his first time playing an online game. He was nervous, curious, and panicky. He seemed frightened and screamed occasionally.

Raffles is so amazing. Since when has he been hiding a superconnection robot? Or did he make one casually in the past few days?

To me, Raffles was like my Doraemon. He could build anything in an instant.

“I forgot to inform you that Jun and Zong Ben are aboard your spaceship. I already installed wings for them. They can now move around freely.”

“That’s great!” I said happily. I immediately looked around to see where he’d hidden them.

“And…” He caught my attention again. He looked at me for a while and smiled bashfully, saying, “I miss you.” 

I immediately blushed and felt something tug on my heartstrings. “I just left…”

“Mm, I know that, but I can’t help but miss you. Haggs is making fun of me too…” He seemed to be angry at himself for behaving like that. He looked up and smiled at me, saying, “I’m helping Moto get used to the robot. I’ll only see you again in a few hours’ time. Love you.” He kissed the screen, and it felt almost sickeningly sweet.

“Oh, Raffles is getting really clingy~” Ice Dragon’s cunning face replaced Raffles’ on the screen. He was wearing his fox-like smile.

I looked at him and asked, “Raffles said that Jun and Zong Ben are aboard the spaceship. Where are they?”

“Oh! Here.” Suddenly, a recess opened in one of the walls. There were two heart-shaped metal objects, one black and one white, lying inside.

“I forgot we had two more passengers.”

“No way!” I looked at the two small heart-shaped objects and exclaimed in surprise.

It seemed that my exclamation had frightened them, and they immediately hovered in the air. “Cling!” They revealed a pair of metallic wings each!

The winged hearts looked about the size of an ordinary scouting robot. But when they spread their wings, I could see how exquisite these robots were.

Then, the centers of the heart-shaped objects glowed blue. The exquisite mechanisms began to spin, and they began to take the shape of miniature angels. This sort of transformation technique came from Silver Moon City.

The miniature robots’ chests glowed, and I could see the blue crystal energy within. Raffles had separated Jun and Zong Ben! He’d given each of them a container, and there was no radiation leaking.

Jun and Zong Ben flew up to me and I watched them closely. The parts inside were fine and expertly made. I couldn’t help but admire Raffles’s uncanny workmanship.

This container for spirits was one-way. As they were made of blue crystal energy themselves, they would be sealed off too whenever blue crystal energy was isolated. That was also the reason why they couldn’t pass through the energy walls in the centers of the radiation zones.

Back then, the heart-shaped container I’d brought out had turned out to be an anti-radiation container that could seal in blue crystal energy. That was why Jun and Zong Ben hadn’t been able to come out by themselves, even if they could communicate with me through dreams. Every time, they’d only come out when I opened the heart-shaped container from outside.

Now, though, these two robots were so delicate. I didn’t even know how to open this even finer heart-shaped container. How do I let them out?

“Where’s the switch?” I looked at and asked Ice Dragon.

“Master, they can open it by themselves,” Ice Dragon said, smiling. “It’s like a doorknob. That was originally installed on the outside, but now it’s installed on the inside. They can control it with their willpower, and they can open it anytime. They’re free now.”

I looked at Jun and Zong Ben flying around next to me and I was thrilled, excitedly saying, “That’s great!”

They flew around me and formed a heart shape. They flapped their wings and stopped on the armrests on both sides.

Raffles had even engraved their names on them: Jun, Zong Ben.

The white one was Jun’s, while the black one was Zong Ben’s.

Raffles had heard me talking about them. I’d told him that Jun was as warm as the sun. Without Jun, I couldn’t walk out of the shadows.

Zong Ben was like the devil. Without his reverse psychology and provocation, I couldn’t recover my composure as quickly.

Maybe that was why Raffles had designed them as one white and one black heart.

“You haven’t been charging for very long. Let’s head to the desert sea historical site,” I said to them.

They took off again, sticking to the windshield in front. It seemed that Raffles had installed quite a number of functions for them. They were like robots with consciousness, and could move around freely. Raffles had really made my dream come true, as well as Jun’s and Zong Ben’s. 

The spaceship instantly sped up and advanced even faster! Very soon,  the desert sea appeared in front of us.

The desert sea had once been a tourist attraction for those who liked deserts and extreme sports. It was called a desert sea because the desert was filled with miniature water pits. During the rainy season, the water pits would connect and form an ocean. During a drought, they would separate again.

The desert at night merged into the darkness of the horizon. In the distance, there was a cloud of gentle blue light. The scariest place in the world was the most beautiful place at night. It shimmered like a blue gemstone under the moonlight.

“Jun, Zong Ben, did you notice that the centers of the radiation zones used to be capital cities in the past? For example: Kro, Raffles City, the music city, the cultural city, your arts city, and various military and cultural zones... Back then, I thought it was a coincidence. But this time, we’re in a desert…”

Jun and Zong Ben turned to look at me. Their exquisite features revealed their suspicion and doubt as well.

The spaceship began to descend in front of the familiar wall. Ice Dragon opened the hatch and I jumped out, Jun and Zong Ben following me outside.

We stood before the protective wall that looked like a huge colorful soap bubble. The wall gave me an indescribable sense of belonging.

The centers of the radiation zones gave me a sense of security. No one could hurt me here. Not even any weapon.


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