Book 6: Chapter 41 - The Third Gen Superconnection Robot

He Lei looked at me seriously, saying, “Let’s get ready and depart tomorrow, early in the morning.”

As I spoke, Ah Zong, Ghostie, and Raffles walked out of the palace. Raffles rushed up to me. “I found a nearby historical site. It’s a desert sea from sixty years ago."

I stood up, commanding, “Prepare for departure.”

“Right now?!” He Lei looked at me in surprise.

Ghostie draped his hand over He Lei’s shoulders, replying, “He needs to charge himself. You aren’t familiar with his superpower, huh? He consumes blue crystal energy.”

Ah Zong looked at me in surprise, his eyes betraying a hint of infatuation. “No wonder… You can release radiation…”

“Consumes blue crystal energy…” He Lei muttered, confused.

“What superpower is that?” Fat-Two looked confused too. “I heard that you massacred Steel Ghost City. How did you do that?”

“Shh…” Xiao Ying raised her index finger and winked. “That’s classified. There are Ghost Eclipsers here!” Xiao Ying looked far away at Silver Snake, who was bustling about.

Because of Silver Snake, Eletta and the other young men had come out to help. They’d volunteered to do so, even without our request. In truth, it was a waste of resources to have so many metahumans farming.

As there were hundreds of people farming, it was hard to say whether there might be a metahuman with super hearing in the crowd.

Fat-Two immediately covered his mouth and chuckled. I looked at Ghostie, Ah Zong and He Lei, saying, “Everyone, gather at the tenth zone and take it down!”


The tenth zone was the biggest zone among Margaery’s livable zones. It happened to be right in the middle of our three destinations, so it would be best for us to meet there. It was a former military factory that had become Margaery’s arms depot; many slaves had been sent there to build her spacecrafts. That made it a place we had to fight for!

The assignment of enemy forces in the region only showed Margaery’s vanity. Her strongest underlings weren’t assigned to protect her arms depot or the food warehouse, but rather her gemstone processing plant. 

Even by the time we took down the strongest fourth zone, the first zone, and the sixth zone, the tenth zone wouldn’t be able to unite with the other zones. By then, we would already be able to meet there and launch an attack.We would catch them by surprise. Our forces would be stronger than the tenth zone then, too.

After taking down the few livable zones, it would be much easier to attack the rest of the zones.

Ghostie, Raffles, He Lei, and Ah Zong sent me off to the spacecraft. We saw Moto standing in front of the spacecraft, his head bowed.

“Moto?” I looked at him in surprise.

He was fidgety and anxious, but he calmed down quickly. He gathered the courage to look at me directly, pleading, “King, please allow me to follow you! My superpower is to make people turn invisible! You need me!”

He Lei and the others looked at me in silence. I creased my eyebrows, replying, “Moto, I did not request for you to go with me.”

“But, but, when Brother Silver Snake said ‘unless he can’t see you,’ everyone looked at me! Lieutenant Ghostie, Lieutenant Ah Zong, and First Mate He Lei looked at me. They knew that only I could make you invisible to that poisonous creature."

“I have invisibility equipment,” I said.

“That’s useless!” Moto said in a hurry. “Invisibility equipment isn’t alive. The poisonous creature can detect it. Only I can make you completely invisible so you don’t get caught! Please allow me to go with you! I’ll adjust my mental state!” Moto suddenly stood straight and looked at me anxiously. 

I hesitated, because I wasn’t sure if I could ensure his safety.

“He could use the superconnection robot,” Haggs suddenly said calmly. Everyone was surprised.

“Wow! When did you change?” Ghostie intentionally made a big fuss as he looked at Hagrid. He Lei was uncomfortable at Raffles’s sudden change, too.

Haggs looked at Ghostie calmly, answering, “We’ve been spending so much time together. Stop pretending.” Ghostie’s eyes flickered as though what Haggs said had made him feel guilty.

“No way! The superconnection robot isn’t safe. We all know what’s wrong with it,” I immediately objected.

“We modified it,” Haggs said, sounding like a king who would accept no dissent. It was as though whatever he built would be infallible.

He lifted his head, commanding, “Ice Dragon, show them the third-gen superconnection robot."

“Alright, Professor Haggs.” Ice Dragon’s tone had changed! Normally, when Ice Dragon spoke to me, he was like a cunning fox; but he behaved rather honestly toward Haggs.

A miniature imaging device flew out from Ice Dragon and hovered in front of us. Light poured down and formed a 3D image of the superconnection robot.

Haggs swiped across the image with his finger, while Ghostie, Ah Zong, and He Lei surrounded the image to watch closely. The model of the superconnection robot began to split apart in midair.

“We found out that the reverse superconnection was caused by this neural transmission…” A nerve blinked on its head. “So, we installed a blocking mechanism. Once there is danger, it will automatically cut off the neural transmission.” Raffles tapped on a part on the nerve, continuing, “When it’s cut off, he’ll feel the discomfort of being rejected. It might cause nausea and a temporary concussion, but he won’t die like the last time.”

“Amazing, Haggs and Raffles!” Ghostie slapped Haggs’ back and he instantly stumbled. He Lei moved to catch him.

Cough, cough, cough.” Haggs steadied himself and rolled his eyes at Ghostie, while Ghostie broke into a wide grin. 

Moto looked dumbfounded. “I don’t quite understand, though... I think the robot is amazing. But… What does it have to do with me?”

Everyone smiled at Moto. “Well, you don’t have to follow Ice Fire King, but using this, you can perform your superpower from a long distance to protect her,” Ah Zong explained.

Moto exclaimed in surprise, “So that’s how it works!”

Haggs looked at me, saying, “Go and charge up. I’ll teach Moto how to use it. He’ll catch up with you.”

“Alright.” I looked at Ghostie, He Lei, and Ah Zong, saying, “I’ll go first. Raffles, Haggs, I’ll leave our home to you.”

Haggs nodded. His wise eyes were filled with a calm no ordinary person had.

Ice Dragon’s warship hovered in front of me. I hopped on and it immediately launched into the sky. “Oh, Master, I haven’t gone on a mission with you for so long! I’m so excited. Hold my lever tight and give me this pleasure!” Ice Dragon swayed his body coquettishly on the screen as he teased his shirt open.

I creased my eyebrows in annoyance, snapping, “Shut up! I’ll tell Raffles to change you into a girl if you keep doing that!”

Ice Dragon stiffened and immediately tidied his shirt, standing up straight. He smiled cunningly, remarking, “Then I wouldn’t be able to share intimacy with my dearest Noah.”

I chuckled, “Ice Dragon, welcome back.” It had been a long time since I’d interacted with him. I was actually really happy.


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