Book 6: Chapter 40 - Strategy

My eyes glinted as I looked at everyone and said, “If we’re restricted by the number of people, time and efficiency, I’ll first take down the strongest chief. Then, that will serve as a deterrent force against the others. It will also serve as a warning! Plus, I am the King. The others will only submit to me if I take down their strongest man!"

“Agreed!” Everyone said simultaneously.

I looked at He Lei and Ah Zong. “He Lei, Ah Zong. Bring Fat-Two and Zi Yi with you. Then, pick another two from Pelos’ troop as trainees. Form a strike force and head toward the east. Take down the first zone!” I placed my hand on the first zone on the map.

“No problem,” Ah Zong said as he smiled at He Lei. He Lei nodded heavily. He was no longer against the idea of working together with Ah Zong.

I looked at Ghostie and Uncle Mason. “Uncle Mason, Ghostie. Bring Lucifer, Sia, Xiao Ye, and Pelos to the South. Take down the sixth zone, the food warehouse!”

“Okay! No problem!” Ghostie gave me a thumbs-up confidently.

Uncle Mason looked at Ghostie and joked, “Are you a reliable fish?”

Ghostie said smugly, “Much more reliable than you, old man.”

Uncle Mason got carried away when he looked at Ghostie’s expression. He seemed to be taking a stroll down memory lane.

“I’m going to the fourth zone. After I take down the fourth zone, all of you will head into action immediately!” I looked around.

“Yes!” Everyone was pumped up with enthusiasm. I felt that these men preferred to go to war rather than farm. In their hearts, they probably thought Raffles was a more suitable candidate to be a farmer.

“Bing, you’re really going alone?!” He Lei looked at me with concern.

Ghostie looked at him proudly. Whenever he was proud, he would rise off the ground. He lifted his hand and draped it around my shoulders while putting his other hand on his waist, saying, “It’s more convenient for him to be alone. If we were to follow him, he would have to worry if we could resist the radiation. Trust him. Raffles will send a robot to follow him. He has Jun and Zong Ben, too!”

He Lei looked at ease when he heard that. Then, he looked at Ghostie with a confused look, saying, “You know him so well.”

Ghostie was stunned. He immediately drew his hand back and scratched his head as he smiled drily, remarking, “We’ve been together for a long time. Haha.”  Ah Zong stole a glance at Ghostie and smirked.

“Yes... why do you know Ice Fire King so well?” Uncle Mason asked, scrutinizing Ghostie.

Ghostie’s gaze immediately flickered toward me. “Who will guard Queen Town then?” He immediately switched the subject. Ah Zong smiled and looked at me too.

“Xiao Ying, Sis Ceci, Angelina, and the others.” I looked at Silver Snake, saying, “Silver Snake, I’m putting the only three women in my troop in your hands. Please protect them.” I placed my hand on Silver Snake’s shoulder, and his expression became tense.

I smiled, “Don’t be scared. They don’t eat humans, nor do they suck blood. On the contrary, they’re nice to men, especially… Xiao Ying.” Silver Snake’s eyes opened wide and he broke into a silly smile.

“Raffles,” I retracted my hand and called to Raffles. Light gathered above the map and half of Raffles’ body appeared. “When we go on the expedition, get Silver Snake to help sow the seeds and spread fertilizer.”

“That’s great. His superpower can help us increase our speed by a great deal!” Raffles smiled happily. Silver Snake was stunned again when he saw Raffles’ androgynous face.

I knew that there had been a lot of beautiful young men around the old lady. But due to her personal preference, they were mostly handsome and well-muscled, unlike Raffles and Ah Zong, who had androgynous figures. Let alone the fact that Ah Zong was the most charming man in the West Hemisphere. He was someone whom men and women would fall for equally.

Moonlight poured over the burned soil. I looked out from the window, and all I saw was Silver Snake’s replicas busy sowing seeds.

Fat-Two sat next to me. Xiao Ying sat on his lap and looked at me, her hands propping up her cheeks. “Is Silver Snake really mine? Captain?” she asked happily, acting spoiled.

I looked at her and chuckled. I pointed at the underground base, saying, “It’s not only Silver Snake; Mary will be yours too. Raffles is doing some modifications, so you have to tell him your preferences.”

“Wow! You’re so nice to me!” Xiao Ying pounced at me and hugged me.

Fat-Two smiled sweetly and extended his hand to pull her back, saying, “You have to keep your distance from Ice Fire King. Otherwise, many people will be jealous. You’re a girl."

“Hehe…” Xiao Ying sat on Fat-Two’s lap like a child. Fat-Two doted on her. 

“You are the only…” I wanted to say sister, but paused when I saw Fat-Two. “...girl who followed me from Noah City. Who else will I dote on, if not you?” I reached out and touched her braids, feeling a surge of emotion.

Xiao Ying sighed, saying, “Arsenal contacted Xing Chuan behind your back to send you to Silver Moon City. After all, they wanted to build a stronger connection between Noah City and Silver Moon City. She used you in exchange for long term protection from Silver Moon City. I don’t understand diplomacy…” She cupped her cheeks with a disappointed expression. “Maybe I’ll understand when I grow older. Captain, would you exchange someone for political benefits?”

I looked at her and creased my eyebrows, musing, “Who knows…” I turned to look at the burned soil in front. “This is why politics is said to be the most brutal battlefield.”

The moonlight made the burned soil look as though it were covered with silver frost

Raffles’s seeds were genetically enhanced. They were also infused with a metahuman’s superpower. So, they would sprout overnight and grow into trees in three days. Then, they would flower in seven to ten days. There would be a time difference for various breeds, though, so the harvest would only be reaped in twenty days.

“Then, you came back. We were thrilled and excited. Only Arsenal was upset, as though she was worried that you would take away her position as Queen. Sis Ceci said that she was pregnant, and that’s why she was anxious.” Xiao Ying sighed. “Arsenal wasn’t like this when she was pregnant in the past. She’s been giving birth over the past few years, non-stop. Say… Is she actually jealous of you?” Xiao Ying looked at me. “She’s jealous of you because you get to fight alongside His Highness Xing Chuan, but she can only give birth to babies at home?”  

I creased my eyebrows. What Xiao Ying said reminded me of Pelos. Pelos and his friends had followed me because they didn’t want to stay at home making babies.

“I think it makes sense,” Fat-Two said. “Just staying at home having children would make them normal people. They wouldn’t leave their mark on history. However, a name like Ice Fire King will be passed down!” Fat-Two looked at me in admiration. He chuckled and raised his eyebrows, remarking, “Our boss always said that if you were a woman, he would definitely…”

“I would definitely do what?” He Lei suddenly appeared next to Fat-Two. Fat-Two kept going as though he couldn’t take back what he said. “Ahem. He would definitely be infatuated with you!”

“Go away!” He Lei slapped the back of Fat-Two’s head. Fat-Two broke into a smile at Xiao Ying, while Xiao Ying covered her mouth and chuckled playfully.


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