Book 6: Chapter 39 - We Want Warriors

I pointed at the map. “Moto, Silver Snake, you know Margaery’s eleven zones. Which of them do you think will try to take revenge for Margaery?”

Silver Snake looked at us with a confused expression. He seemed to wonder why we were worried about that. He Lei looked at him grimly, asking, “What are you looking at?”

Silver Snake looked at me with a strange look, then turned his gaze to the others. “Why are you so worried when you’re so powerful? The Queen had just under three hundred people. You won’t have to be afraid of anyone who comes by.”

Moto’s expression grew anxious as Silver Snake spoke. Fear twinkled in his eyes. He Lei, Ghostie and everyone else looked at me. I looked down and explained, “Moto and the other young men aren’t suited to go to war.”

“Why not?!” Silver Snake asked loudly, as though he were unhappy for Moto and the other young men. “They aren’t weak, and…”

“It’s because Margaery forced them into a war zone. That’s why they’re afraid of battle. Look at Moto yourself,” I urged Silver Snake.

Silver Snake glanced at Moto. Moto hung his head low and his body stiffened. “I, we… We are willing to fight alongside the King…” he said reluctantly, as though he had forced himself to say so.

Silver Snake stared for a while and turned back to me, concluding, “Moto is doing great. He’s fine!”

Silver Snake really was stupid after all. Sometimes, though, there really were straightforward people like this who weren’t very aware of other people’s emotions.

“He’s afraid…” Ah Zong looked at Silver Snake, supporting his chin with one hand. He stole a glance at Moto and said with a tinge of sympathy, “This child and the other children are afraid… They were even more afraid of being killed under Margaery. That’s why they were resigned to dying in war. They became sacrifices, not soldiers…” 

“What’s the difference?” Silver Snake said. He really was so adorably stupid. These people’s worldviews were different from ours. In his world, it was perfectly normal to be a sacrifice in the Ghost Eclipsers.

Ah Zong looked at me helplessly. I looked at Silver Snake and asked straightforwardly, “So you want us to send Moto and the other men to die?”

“Of course not!” Silver Snake shouted and suddenly patted his chest. “I’ll go! I’ll go on his behalf!”

I looked at him helplessly, saying, “Look. This is exactly the problem. You view war as going to meet death.”

Silver Snake looked at me confusedly. “What do you mean?”

I looked at him seriously, saying, “The real victory is always to return alive!”

Silver Snake and Moto were equally stunned beneath my burning gaze.

I continued to tell them solemnly, “We need warriors! Warriors have the capability to protect themselves as well as others! We don’t need sacrifices who have no thoughts and only go to meet death! We don’t need sacrifices at all! We need comrades who can believe in one another! Every time I go to war, I hope to bring all my comrades back alive!”

I told Moto and Silver Snake, “Moto and the other men now have the mentality of sacrifices. In their current state, they’re not ready to go to war with me. I don’t need them to meet death.” I wasn’t sure if Silver Snake and Moto understood what I said, but Moto’s eyes had welled up with tears.

Silver Snake continued to look at me stupidly. “I… I think I understand. You… don’t want Moto and the other men to die. Right?”

“Yes, but you’ll be coming with me,” I said, and Silver Snake immediately pointed at himself with his eyes wide open. I smiled, continuing, “Your condition is better. I know that you came here to save Moto, which shows that you have the capability to protect others. I need you. I’ll allocate you to Lieutenant Ying.”

“Lieutenant Ying!” Silver Snake exclaimed in surprise. His voice seemed to have leapt one octave higher. He immediately revealed a silly smile, saying, “Alright! Sure! I will listen to her command!”

Sometimes, the beauty trap strategy still worked.

“Silver Snake, I know that you don’t believe in me, nor do you believe in everything happening around you. But just imagine yourself in another world…” I smiled and looked at Silver Snake, who was slowly looking back at me. “In the world we’re building, there will be no man-eating or unnecessary bloodshed. No one will need to die just because they lost. Your family won’t be punished, either. We’re all humans, so there will be no human pigs, no slaves, no human slaughterhouses. Welcome to our new world.”

“New world…” Silver Snake muttered softly as he looked at me.

Moto muttered unconsciously, “Will there be a new world…?”

I smiled faintly, “There will be. As long as you follow me. Now, can you tell me which Ghost Eclipsers I might need to guard against?”

Silver Snake continued to look at me blankly and muttered, “New world…”

“I know!” Moto looked at me excitedly as the flame of hope burned in his eyes. He immediately looked at the map, saying, “Here’s Spall Villain in the first zone. Spall Villain was a follower of the old lady. There’s also the fourth zone, the sixth zone, the seventh zone, the ninth zone, the tenth zone, and the eleventh zone. You have to be careful of these people. These zones are the most important, so the old lady assigned her own people to watch over these zones. The other zones are mainly in charge of sending human pigs. Oh, no, no, no, I meant - beautiful young men. The chiefs are people who were forced to submit, like Brother Silver Snake. King, you can be at ease. This bunch of people wouldn’t dare to visit Queen Town for the time being.”

“Didn’t your Brother Silver Snake come here?” I chuckled. He Lei and the others looked at Moto and chuckled too. Moto smiled in embarrassment.

“You know how to smile after all!” Ghostie said as he punched Moto’s chest; Moto was stunned, while Silver Snake watched blankly. Ghostie rubbed Moto’s head, the same way he used to take care of the young ones in Noah City. “You looked so frightened back then. You were always on the verge of breaking down.”

Moto became tense. He became overly polite to Ghostie again, saying, “Yes, yes… I will pay attention to that…”

Everyone burst out in laughter again. Moto and Silver Snake watched us as we laughed. They gradually relaxed amid our laughter, and they seemed to be excited and looking forward to the future.

“Among the few henchmen, who is the strongest?” I continued.

“Myriad Poison Ghost from the fourth zone!” Moto’s face grew pale when he answered.

Silver Snake looked at him and shoved him to the side, exclaiming, “I now understand why the King said you weren’t suitable for war. You’re already so scared from just mentioning that poisonous creature, even though you aren’t weak yourself!”

Moto looked at Silver Snake anxiously and hung his head in shame.

“That poisonous creature can turn any substance poisonous, regardless of whether it’s air, water, or other objects,” Silver Snake said solemnly. He didn’t look as stupid when he was being serious.

“We can use gas masks,” He Lei said.

“That would be useless,” Silver Snake retorted as he waved. “Didn’t you hear me?! He can turn any substance poisonous. You still need to breathe when you wear a gas mask, right?! He can turn the air in the gas mask poisonous too! He can even turn your blood into poisonous liquid, unless he can’t see you!” he admonished.

We immediately looked at one other with a glint in our eyes. 

Uncle Mason glanced at Moto. Margaery had definitely kept Moto by her side for that reason. She’d used him to deal with people who couldn’t perform their superpowers without seeing their opponent. For example, Gehenna’s superpower was absolutely only useful when he could see the other person!


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