Book 6: Chapter 38 - Toppling Worldview

“Brother Silver Snake! What are you doing? Hurry up and put away your replicas!” Moto panicked.

Silver Snake pulled him forcefully away, crying, “Of course I’m trying to bring you away with me. The old lady finally died!” He turned and glared at me, saying threateningly, “You won’t have a chance if you don’t run now!”

“Silver Snake, with the King here, this is the safest place to be!” Moto yelled. Silver Snake was stunned.

“Plus, the King was the one who killed the old lady. Brother Silver Snake, do you think you can bring me away from here?!” Moto said hastily.

Silver Snake creased his eyebrows in annoyance. He gripped Moto’s wrist tightly and said through gritted teeth, “That wasn’t part of the plan!” he cried out, obviously distressed. “I was supposed to make an excuse to send beautiful young men here, the same way I did before. Then, I would greet the new King and bring you away with me quietly. But who would have guessed that they would ambush me!” 

It turned out that Silver Snake had had a plan, but he hadn’t expected to come into conflict with us right from the beginning.

“The King killed the old lady. He’s worried that the other Ghost Kings might come to take revenge. That’s why the defenses are so strict!” Moto explained. “Queen Town doesn’t allow people to go in and out as they wish!”

“Then, let’s have an all-out fight!” Silver Snake exclaimed fiercely, and all the replicas seemed prepared to fight a war!

“Don’t go!” Suddenly, Xiao Ying called out, and Silver Snake was stunned again.

“That’s Lieutenant Ying,” Moto said.

Xiao Ying smiled at Silver Snake, saying, “Your superpower is amazing. Stay here and plant crops for us.”

Silver Snake seemed to finally notice that the surrounding flowers had been burned down. He looked surprised, and the replicas looked at the burned soil in front of them blankly. “Planting flowers again…?” he muttered softly.

“No, planting vegetables!” Moto said excitedly, his happiness showing. “The King doesn’t eat humans. He eats food! So according to his plans, there will be wheat, vegetables, and fruit trees!”

I felt awkward listening to what he’d said. It was as though I were the weird one there because I ate rice instead of people.

All the Silver Snakes looked at Moto in shock. Moto smiled happily, continuing, “Brother Silver Snake, it’s still safest to stay with the King. There’s a lot of delicious food. Professor Raffles brought many seeds!” Silver Snake was dumbfounded.

I chuckled and looked at Xiao Ying, saying, “Ying, as you admire Silver Snake so much, I’ll leave him to you. We need to go and discuss other matters.”

“No problem!” Xiao Ying winked at me.

“You’re leaving just like this?!” Suddenly, Silver Snake exclaimed with a mix of surprise and curiosity. He looked anxious, and he was covered in cold sweat.

I looked at him, firing back, “Why not? Should I stay here to count how many replicas you have?”

Silver Snake was stunned again. Really, I thought he was cute and silly, not fitting his handsome face at all.

I looked at Moto instead of Silver Snake as I said, “Moto, you should entertain your friend. If you need anything, you know where Margaery’s warehouse is. You can go and get it yourself.”

“You’re telling Moto to go and get it himself?” Silver Snake seemed to have heard something unbelievable again.

Moto held Silver Snake’s hand, explaining, “That’s why, Brother Silver Snake, you don’t need to worry. The King is good. You’re so powerful, too. We can stay here and protect the King together! It’s hard to meet a good king among the Ghost Eclipsers!” Silver Snake seemed completely lost.

“Yes, stay here!” Ying pushed Silver Snake’s replicas away. As they stared at her, she arrived in front of Silver Snake, opposite Moto. She smiled sweetly, saying, “Moto and the other young men are afraid of us because we’re strangers. Now that someone they’re familiar with is here, they should feel much better.”

Moto smiled too as he looked at the dumbfounded Silver Snake. Everything that had happened today seemed to be toppling his original worldview.

As Silver Snake remained confused, we began to discuss our war plans. He Lei suggested we should move outward, to push our attack from the first zone to the eleventh zone one by one, and to rush through the zones quickly.

Although Margaery’s eleven zones were her food cultivation regions, there were minor differences in terms of their use.

For instance, the fourth zone was used to cultivate gemstones. One metahuman could turn stones into gemstones, so the metahuman in the first zone with a stone-breaking superpower would provide the fourth zone with stones of different sizes.

On the other hand, the sixth zone was a livable zone with little radiation. The livable zone provided food for the entire region, so the sixth zone had been considered Margaery’s food storage.

Due to the geography, the eleven zones were scattered irregularly. That meant it would take a lot of effort and energy to attack them. Taking them down one by one would mean a long term war. We didn’t have that much time. If we were to attack one of them, would the other few zones hear the news and make preparations? What if they ran away or grouped up?

There were many factors in war. Losing control of one factor would lead to losing control of the entire war situation, let alone including the fact that we weren’t a strong force yet.

Silver Snake finally absorbed his replicas at night and came to my office with Moto. He was finally here to officially recognize me as the new King. When he came, we happened to be studying a war map of the eleven zones. The holographic image lay before us: He Lei, Ghostie, Ah Zong, Uncle Mason, and I.

Xiao Ye came in to report, saying, “Ice Fire King, Moto has brought Silver Snake here.”

Everyone looked up at me. Uncle Mason still snuck glances at Ghostie out of the corner of his eye. Ghostie moved to clean up, while I looked at the map and said, “Let them come in.” Ghostie looked at me but didn’t say anything. He retracted his hand and continued to study the map.

He Lei looked at the door with his guard up.

“Don’t be nervous. Silver Snake is just a little silly,” Ah Zong said, smiling. He Lei took in his words and accepted them. Instead of putting on a disgusted expression, he relaxed his guard to study the map seriously.

Moto brought Silver Snake in, and he was surprised when he saw the holographic map in the center of the room.

“Brother Silver Snake!” Moto nudged Silver Snake gently. He seemed to be reminding Silver Snake of something.

Silver Snake came back to reality and suddenly knelt down on one knee, exclaiming, “Ice Fire King, please forgive me for barging into Queen Town today!”

“Get up. Didn’t Moto tell you that we don’t have many rules here? We’re all brothers,” I said casually while I looked at the map, as though I were only seeing another brother.

Silver Snake was stunned again. Ah Zong squinted his eyes and smiled. Silver Snake saw Ah Zong, and he became even more stupefied. He forgot to remove his gaze from Ah Zong. Ah Zong was acting playful too. He knew that Silver Snake was looking at him blankly, so he began to act coquettishly.

“Brother Silver Snake! That’s Brother Ah Zong. He’s King’s captain. Yes, he’s a man!” Moto had finally begun to integrate with us. He was no longer as reverent when he spoke. I reckoned Silver Snake had put him in a difficult position.

Silver Snake blushed!

“It’s okay. Silver Snake, Moto, come over here.” I looked at the map as I beckoned them over.

“Yes, King.” Moto pulled Silver Snake over and walked forward. Silver Snake still looked dumbfounded, as though he were in a different world, as he stood next to me with Moto.


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