Book 6: Chapter 37 - Silver Snake with Many Replicas

Ngaw. Captain, you’re so charming. There are always men fighting for you!” Xiao Ying said playfully on the screen.

“Work seriously!” Haggs suddenly said sternly. Xiao Ying stuck her tongue out and disappeared into the data.

“We’re connected to the Great Ghost King. You can send a message now,” Raffles reminded me again. Raffles was into scientific research, and he was doing great things. He couldn’t be bothered even if the men around me argued or fought. He was only concerned for my safety, while Haggs was only concerned with his research. In their eyes, men fighting was only a small matter that I could take care of.

Plus, was Zi Yi really doing this for me? He’d merely compromised out of consideration for Ah Zong. He’d also betrayed Silver Moon City.

He Lei and Zi Yi broke their eye contact and looked straight ahead. I stood before Raffles as a signal blinked on the screen.

“The Great Ghost King’s signal is encrypted. They’ll only accept a prerecorded voice message.” Raffles stopped and looked at me, saying, “They still don’t trust us.”

I nodded, saying, “Send a message." Raffles turned on the voice recording.

“I am the Ice Fire King, Ice Dragon. Margaery wanted to eat me, so I killed her and took over her Queen Town. Now, this is my territory. I will view any activities that pose a threat to me as military action, and I will attack!” I nodded at Raffles and sent the voice message.

Then, a huge map appeared in front of me. Raffles began to swipe across it with a finger. “This is Margaery’s map of livable zones. There are a total of eleven safe zones scattered within the surrounding radiation zone.” Raffles pointed at the map. Queen Town was in the cleanest zone, free of radiation. The other livable zones were located in low radiation zones.

“The chiefs of the eleven zones are as follows: Zone one - Spall Villain, the Big Lump King. His superpower is to break stones into dust…” Raffles spoke as the images of the chiefs appeared on the screen. “The one who came today is the chief of zone three - Silver Snake. His superpower is to replicate himself without limit. The replicas have the same superpower as the principal body, and they won’t become weaker because of the increase in number…”

Silver Snake’s superpower was strong. “This is…” I trailed off.

“We deciphered Margaery’s encrypted archive center and received the information.” Raffles put the information about the eleven chiefs on the screen, a worried expression on his face. “Today’s situation might happen again. We have to be prepared.” Raffles turned to look at me seriously.

I looked at the eleven metahumans on the screen. These were only the chiefs, but they had two to three assistants each. There didn’t seem to be many assistants at first, but there would be almost thirty of them if all eleven zones were added up. It wasn’t a good sign, because their numbers surpassed ours.

“These are powerful metahumans,” He Lei said as he walked next to me and looked at them in astonishment. “They aren’t just one level stronger than those we fought against back then.”

The metahumans on the screen made me feel that the Ghost Eclipsers weren’t simply powerful, but also versatile. There were speed metahumans like He Lei, air manipulators like Zi Yi, weather manipulators like Pelos, and many other assorted metahumans.

“This guy can turn air into poisonous gas.” I pointed at a guy with a green face on the screen. “This is very troublesome.”

“If he were to pair up with a person who could control the wind, it would put us at a disadvantage.” Raffles pointed at another man with black and white hair. Certain combinations would make their superpowers even more powerful.

“We can’t sit and wait here,” I said, creasing my eyebrows. The central control room became quiet as we stared at the eleven powerful metahumans on the screen.

Eventually, I made a decision and broke the silence, saying, “Let’s pay them a visit.”

“What?” Raffles, He Lei and Zi Yi looked at me simultaneously.

I smirked, replying, “That’s right. Whether they’re good or bad, we have to make the first blow. We can’t wait for them to unite. So, we have to pay them a visit one by one.”

Raffles looked worried. He Lei smiled confidently. He was a warrior, and desired competition against the strong.

“Captain, Silver Snake wants to see you,” Xiao Ying said through the screen.

That person wants to see me. That’s interesting. Let me go and see him.

“However, there are a large number of them. Haha!” Xiao Ying said jokingly and turned into a stream of data that flowed from the screen.

A blinking cable hung from above, like the umbilical cord of an invisible monster. Suddenly, a light flowed out of the cable and Xiao Ying appeared next to me. She was wearing a cute, doll-like dress.

She tidied up her two curly braids and patted her dress, saying, “I want to go and take a look too. He can duplicate himself in such large numbers. That’s so fun!” She held my arm and smiled sweetly.

Among girls, Xiao Ying was considered very cute. It could have been due to her petite height and her baby-face. She was as cute as a doll. That also made her the girl that Moto and the other young men feared most.

At the palace entrance, Silver Snake and his replicas stood by the stairs. At first glance, I thought there were dozens more people in our cities.

When Silver Snake saw me, his gaze was attracted to Xiao Ying next to me. Xiao Ying ran towards him, and he could only stare blankly. And… His gaze seemed to be fixed upon Xiao Ying’s huge boobs, which were bouncing as she hopped down the stairs.

“King!” Moto quickly rushed over. When he ran past Xiao Ying, he subconsciously stopped to bow politely toward Xiao Ying.

Xiao Ying patted his head happily from a higher step as though she were in a commanding position, saying, “Good boy.” Then she continued to hop down the stairs.

Moto ran up to me and lowered his head in reverence. “King, this is the chief of the third zone, Silver Snake.”

“I know.”

“You do?” Moto looked at me in surprise. Then he lowered his face again, continuing, “He’s best friends with my brother, so he rushed to Queen Town to see me. Please forgive him.”

I looked at Silver Snake, and saw that he was still staring at Xiao Ying blankly. Xiao Ying was right in front of them, holding her cheeks in her hands, as she remarked, “Wow! There are so many of you! That’s amazing. That’s so fun!”

“King! Silver Snake’s principal body hasn’t received an antidote, and he can’t absorb his replicas,” Moto reminded me softly.

I looked at He Lei, and he quickly disappeared from my side. The very next moment, he returned and passed a syringe to Moto. I looked at Moto, gently saying, “Inject it for him.”

“Yes!” Moto ran down the stairs holding the syringe. Then, he injected it onto one of the Silver Snakes. Silver Snake didn’t respond, continuing to stare at Xiao Ying until the injection was fully applied. He suddenly came back to reality and grabbed Moto’s wrist, exclaiming, “Hurry up and leave with me!”

Silver Snake’s replicas didn’t decrease, but rather increased in number. They surrounded Silver Snake and Moto, and glared at us with hostility.


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