Book 6: Chapter 36 - Attack

“Fssh!” The door opened. Suddenly, a young man in tattered clothes was thrown through it, scrambling across the ground fearfully.

“Ah!” Another young man fell through the air and instantly caught the robots’ attention.

Then, another man in silver clothes appeared. His figure flickered briefly, turning into two, three, four, five copies!


It was my first time seeing a metahuman with this sort of replication superpower, and it happened at the shockingly fast pace of cell division!

He Lei disappeared from where he had been standing next to me. As he caught the young man who had been falling through the air, he charged at the replicas.

The replicas scattered, looking as though they planned to besiege He Lei.

Ghostie and Uncle Mason immediately charged forward. Then, Ghostie’s palm suddenly grew massive, and he slapped every replica to the ground.

Just as Uncle Mason had begun to perform his superpower, he was surprised by Ghostie. He stood dumbfounded by the side and watched Ghostie’s huge palm blankly. He was a veteran, but now in this crucial moment, he was stunned at the sight.

Uncle Mason, doesn’t he look like him? Harry never left us.

A replica leaped at Uncle Mason, and I raised my gun to aim at the replica. I shot him in the neck and he fell to the ground.

Raffles had modified my gun. It was now a superpower inhibitor, as opposed to a deadly laser.

Uncle Mason came back to reality after seeing the gun discharge. He immediately raised his fists at the rapidly propagating replicas. With one punch, a replica was sent flying. Harry’s powerful strength had been inherited from Uncle Mason, after all.

A beautiful young man in tattered clothes hid by the door, inside the shuttle machine. More and more replicas flooded in, and we couldn’t find the principal body.

He Lei suddenly ran past me, taking the gun in my hand. His figure flashed amid the replicas, and they fell one after another.

It was a competition of speed. What would be faster, the replicator’s speed at creating copies, or He Lei’s speed at administering the inhibitor?

Bang!” All of a sudden, the replicas finally fell before us, and the replicator stopped creating copies. The principal body must have been injected with the inhibitor by He Lei. As they fell to the ground, they supported their bodies weakly.

“Who is the principal body?!” I roared.

They lay on the ground and smirked coldly. “Find out yourself, if you’re capable enough!” they said simultaneously, carrying the same expression and the same gaze.

I squatted down to look at one of them. He looked handsome, and he had a head of silver hair. “Do all of Margaery’s people look so handsome? I wouldn’t be able to differentiate them,” I said as I looked at Ghostie, He Lei, and Uncle Mason.  

Ghostie squatted next to me. He was much rougher. He pulled the man’s hair and looked at his face, asking, “What’s so handsome about his face? He’s far behind the men around you.”

Ghostie opened the outer plating of his helmet and revealed his fish face. He broke into a smile, and a bunch of bubbles rose up in the water within the helmet’s visor.

Uncle Mason stood next to me and watched Ghostie. “I don’t think this is the time to discuss their looks…” he looked down at Ghostie and muttered. Ghostie hadn’t realized that Uncle Mason had been watching him.

He Lei squatted down and pulled one up. “Tell me. Otherwise, I’ll kill all of you!” His grim expression showed that he wasn’t joking.

“Do it! Do you think I’m scared?!” the duplicator said through gritted teeth.

I looked at He Lei, saying, “Tell Moto to come here. Moto knows the chiefs of the eleven zones better.”

“Moto?!” I’d never expected the person before me to respond. He glared at me. “What happened to Moto and the other young men?!” he roared.

He Lei didn’t move, but he looked at me. I smirked, replying, “Margaery wanted to kill him, but I saved him. They’re resting up at home now.”

The person in front of me was stunned. He wore the same blank expression Moto had when he’d seen me killing Margaery. It was as though the fact that Moto and the other young men were at home was as unbelievable as the fact I’d killed Margaery.

I looked at him and squinted. “You came by so quickly and without a plan. There are only two possibilities. First, you loved Margaery too much and wanted to take revenge for her. Second, you worried about your friends, and wanted to rescue your friends and family before the new King settled in. You must be… the latter one.”

He Lei and Ghostie slowly lowered their guard and stood up. Ghostie crossed his arms and chuckled. Uncle Mason watched Ghostie’s expression.

I stood up too and met his stupefied gaze with a smile, saying, “I see. He’s a guest. Bring him to Moto’s place. Hey,” I continued as I looked at the replicas all over the floor. “Please collect all your replicas. We have a lot of things to do at present. We’re cleaning up the palace too. You stay in Moto’s place for now,” I told the replicator as I beckoned to He Lei. “Let’s head back.”


I then looked at Uncle Mason, saying, “Uncle Mason.”

Uncle Mason was still looking at Ghostie. “Uncle Mason!” I shouted, and he came back to reality. Ghostie looked at him, confused, as if he were wondering why Uncle Mason had gotten so distracted.

Uncle Mason looked at me. “I’ll hand over the situation here to you,” he said with a solemn nod, looking as though he were deeply confused and bothered by something.

The people in the shuttle machine popped their heads out and looked at me fearfully, before shooting a quick glance at the pile of bodies on the ground.

I looked at them and they immediately retreated into the shuttle machine again.

“Go ahead and do your work. I’ll take care of this,” Ghostie said, giving He Lei a thumbs up.

He Lei was stunned for a while. He looked confused too. He picked me up and we instantly left the station. “Where to?” he asked.

“To the central control room.”


When he finally stopped, we’d reached the central control room of Margaery’s palace. Complicated lines of code scrolled across the huge screen, as Raffles was upgrading the entire system. 

“Yo! Ice Fire King!” Xiao Ying’s face, formed from 1s and 0s, appeared on the screen.

Raffles continued to work on his keyboard while asking, “Why did you come here all of a sudden?”

He Lei let go of me. I walked toward the screen and answered, “I need to get in touch with the Great Ghost King.”

“The person who came was from the third area. He’s quite capable. Are you sure you’re going to let him go?” Raffles looked at the rolling numbers on the screen and tapped on the keyboard while talking.

“We already applied a superpower inhibitor. Although there are a lot of them, he won’t be able to perform his superpower for now.” Replication was an umbrella term for the superpower of splitting into many entities. For instance, Raffles could be considered a replicator too, technically.

This replicator’s superpower was unusual, though. Some principal bodies would lose their replicas once injected with superpower inhibitors. But this one was different; he could maintain his replicas even then.

Suddenly, the air next to me split apart, and Zi Yi and Xiao Ye emerged.

Zi Yi looked at me grimly, saying, “My mission is to protect you. Please don’t go around as you wish!” He clenched his teeth.

“He is the King!” He Lei said in a deep voice. “It’s your problem if you can’t keep up. You can’t restrict the King’s freedom.”

Xiao Ye stepped stiffly between Zi Yi and He Lei.


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