Book 2: Chapter 4 - A New Spaceship

“Who dares to move?!” Sis Cannon roared fiercely. Freezing in place, the guys didn’t dare to make another move.

*Ohmm.* Sia floated up into the air; thus his skill enabled him to swiftly escape.

“Xiao Ying, I am willing to be your servant.” Joey jumped down next to Xiao Ying and bowed, just like a servant.

Xiao Ying smiled widely and put her hands on her waist happily. She raised her chin as if there was a crowd of male servants before her, even though only Joey had been willing to follow her will. Xiao Ying probably believed the relationship between her and her future men would be master-and-servants.

“Luo Bing! Harry!” Suddenly, Raffles’s excited voice resounded from the tunnel to the training field.

Raffles was amazing. It had taken him only half a day to repair the circuit board in the escape pod that Harry had broken. After that, he had moved the escape pod away. He’d return to the warehouse late every night and draw a complicated design plan. To me, all his blueprints and formulas just looked like obscure writings.

In the past, I had hated studying. But now, I wasn’t used to not having to study anymore. Instead, I felt inferior in my ignorance and my desire for knowledge grew even stronger.

Once, I had happened to see Da Li and the other children studying when I passed by the South Zone. Raffles had been the one teaching them. He had been teaching with his left hand while his right hand continued to calculate his own formula. At the same time, he’d also been explaining what he taught to the children. He’d simply been doing three different tasks at once. If he had four hands like Williams, he’d probably be doing four different tasks at once.

Among the group of children, Da Li and another two children were metahumans. They had already picked up advanced functions at such a young age! When they asked me what were curves and variables, I was stunned. I felt ashamed and hoped that I could study more.

If I didn’t continue to study and expand my knowledge, I’d become the kind of person who was flexible and swift in action but had a simple mind. 

However, although Raffles was amazing and had a super-brain, he still had something that troubled him. He had yet to figure out where the radiation had gone after I’d sat for the radiation resistance test. He still couldn’t find the reason behind the radiation leakage. 

That incident had Noah City’s technical team panicking for quite a while. They had inspected the entire test cabin, did some maintenance work and finally left when they found no damage at all. In the end, even Raffles’s two brains couldn’t make sense of where the radiation had disappeared to.

“Luo Bing! Harry!”

Raffles’s voice came closer to us and Harry looked to the entrance. When the door opened, Raffles’ head popped out and looked around the training field. He quickly spotted and waved at Harry. “Harry, it’s ready!”

Harry’s eyes lit up. “That’s awesome!” He became excited too and cheered, “Waifu! Hurry up! Let’s go and see the new spaceship!” Harry pulled me with him. What’s ready? Is it the abstract drawing that Raffles drew every night?

“New spaceship!?” Everyone was amazed. “We want to take a look too!” Thus everyone followed behind us.

All of us ran down the tunnel, filling it with the sound of our excited footsteps. At the end of the tunnel, there was a round platform with a control module in the middle. I knew that it was an elevator. Everyone ran up to it, taking up the entire platform.

I pushed Harry’s hand off and glared at him, “Don’t touch me.”

“Hehe.” He smiled cheekily at me again. He glanced at Raffles and Raffles nodded back to him. *Pak!* He pressed the button on the central control module, and the entire platform ascended at high speed, lifting us up through the round shaft. We could see the entire East Zone as we slowly gained height.

Steel bridges stretched out in all directions. There were huge white cabins under the layers of bridges. One of them was our training field.

There were people in orange work suits walking along the bridges. They were the technical team of Noah City. Noah City was very huge and every day there would be places in need of repair.

The platform reached its highest point, opening up to a bridge that connected to another platform. However, we were not taking the bridge but a zip wire. 

There were many such zip wires or cableways at the top of Noah City. It was the fastest way to get to other areas. Williams and the others had already clasped onto the hasp on the cableways and leaped forward. They flew out like eagles in the sky, cheering as they went, “Oh… Ohh…!”

“Xue Gie, let me help you.” Bill helped Xue Gie to clasp onto the zip wire. Xue Gie kept her gaze forward but didn’t leap out from the platform. Instead, Bill pushed her from the back and she flew out with her gaze still fixed straight ahead. Most of the time, Xue Gie was like a robot that had run out of battery, and she wouldn’t respond to you at all. Bill watched as she flew into the distance, before he quickly clasped onto the hasp and followed after her.

It seemed that Xue Gie wasn’t repulsed by Bill. If Xue Gie didn’t like someone, she would turn to leave immediately before the person even had the chance to approach her.

“Waifu, I’ll help you.” Harry wanted to help me too but I rolled my eyes at him. “Go away!”

Harry gawked, not knowing if he should cry or laugh.

I clasped the hasp by myself and leaped!

The wind whipped at my short hair as I sped through the air. It was an exciting and addictive feeling. People on the ground looked up and waved at us as our figures flew across the sky above Noah City.

In no time at all, I arrived on the platform near the North Zone. Looking down, I could see neatly organized flying vehicles and small spaceships. They looked like hibernating birds that were waiting to dash through the sky. The magnificent view stirred an excitement in me; these days I had been learning to drive those!

Everyone had already taken turns to descend via the elevator in front. Harry was standing on the platform in front of me but he hadn’t gone on the same zip wire as me. Clearly I’d left first. How did he arrive before me?

“Waifu! I’ll catch you!” He spread his arms and smiled, ready to embrace me in his arms.

I narrowed my eyes and extended my legs in front of me. Harry’s eyes widened in shock but it was too late. The speed of the zip wire was too fast. I kicked his chest before he could dodge. “Go away!”

“Ah!” Harry was sent flying by the kick. Luckily, Williams caught him and he smiled coquettishly at Harry in his arms, “Harry, it turns out that you like me!” 

“Die!” Harry pushed him.

“Can anyone catch me?” Raffles shouted from above. Williams immediately threw Harry away and ran towards Raffles. “My little bunny, I’m coming to get you!”

Harry immediately shuddered. Just as Williams was going to catch Raffles, he kicked him away, “You’re so disgusting!”



Because Harry had kicked Williams away, Raffles made a successful landing right on top of Harry.

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