Book 6: Chapter 35 - Guests

“Nothing, nothing,” Gehenna shook his hand and stole a glance at me. He intentionally lowered his voice, “Bing, don’t you think the Ghost Eclipsers are weak just because you won. That is because they really didn’t know it was you, and they kept their guards low…”

Actually, the entire office could hear whatever he said, but he liked to behave sneakily.

“I know. That’s why we increased the number of defense robots.”

Gehenna relaxed and nodded, “And, the new King has to meet the Great Ghost King. The Great Ghost King has already found out. They will send people to investigate you. Since you didn’t manage to get in touch with them on time, I explained on your behalf. I told them that you are a newcomer and you are not familiar with the situation. Hence, you’d better use the communication device to report to Ghost King Town.”

“What do I report about?” I asked.

“Say that you killed Margaery and state the reason why you killed her. You need to report your superpower too. Try not to make them suspicious. Margaery had a lot of lovers. If the Great Ghost King doesn’t back you up, Margaery’s lovers will come and take revenge.”

“The Great Ghost King should back me up?” I was confused.

Gehenna’s expression became solemn. “...To suppress them for you. The Ghost Kings respect the Great Ghost King. The Great Ghost King has commanded for the internal to be united. Hence, you have to get in touch with the Great Ghost King soon. As long as he recognizes you, the other Ghost Kings and Margaery’s loves wouldn’t dare to lay a finger on you for now.”

I understood what Gehenna meant. In short, the Great Ghost King would give an order to maintain peace internally, and they couldn’t attack me as the new Ghost King. Then, I could drag on for a more extended period. It would be beneficial for me to build a stronghold to investigate the Ghost Eclipsers.

“Oh yeah. In Margaery’s livable zones, there are chiefs in each area of jurisdiction. They are in charge of helping manage each livable zone. I am not sure of the exact situation, though. But the chiefs should be in charge of sending Margaery more young men. I can’t say much about their quality. You better be careful when you take them in,” Gehenna exhorted solemnly. I was right to call him my uncle. He exhorted like a senior.

I nodded. It was going to take longer than a day or two to take over. It wasn’t just a pass over of work, but it equaled pass over of a nation. Hence, there were many things that had yet to be taken care of.

The first thing we did after taking over the palace was to set up a defense. We set up the defensive line before we could get to know the surrounding area. Margaery had given each village she had conquered a number just like how she gave her human pigs numbers.

These areas were the beautiful young men’s thigh meat culture zones in her eyes. There was a total of eleven zones. Hence, one could tell how huge Margaery’s livable zone was.

Margaery’s livable zone wasn’t a place for us to stay for long, but it was a temporary rest point. Maybe it could become our base.

Raffles was the busiest in the past few days. He had been busy setting up a defense system and upgrading the system in Margaery’s livable zones. Later on, he had to modify Mary too. It was still tattered inside Mary.

There were so many things to be taken care of. We had to stay there for quite a while. I had to take Gehenna’s suggestion and quickly report to the Great Ghost King. According to the current situation, we couldn’t deal with continuous war.

“Master, there’s a signal from the shuttle machine track. Someone is on their way here.” Ice Dragon appeared next to Gehenna.

Gehenna immediately looked solemn, “It must be someone from the other area. Be careful. Ugh… No. Don’t kill randomly. There are many people like Akbu and me among the Ghost Eclipsers. Think about us. Don’t just kill.” He pushed his chest out and patted. He emphasized not killing as though I was a person who would kill if I couldn’t achieve my goal.

My face grew grave, “Uncle, Moto reported to me. You slept with Margaery.”

Gehenna’s face immediately stiffened. “Er… I am going to settle down my people,” he said quickly. He then turned around and left. The lights immediately reined back too.

Ice Dragon smiled at me, “Ghostie and Officer Mason are already at the shuttle machine station."

“The two of them…” I looked at He Lei, and He Lei returned my gaze. He immediately held my arm and waist. Then, we traveled at lightning speed.

As of our current situation, the number of people was considered very few.

Although we had taken over Queen Town, we still couldn’t use Moto and the other young men.

Hence, overall, we only had Uncle Mason, Sis Ceci, Gru, Xiao Ying, Joey, and Sia from Noah City. There were six of them. Then, there were three from Ah Zong, seven from Pelos, He Lei and Fat-Two, Ghostie and Raffles. In total, there were twenty of us. 

Lucifer was still a child. He loved learning. Hence, he had been worshipping Raffles since meeting him.

Why did I say that he was only a child? Although he loved learning, he couldn’t resist the temptation to play. That was why he had been playing with Little Bing, Little Har, and Little Raf all day. He was even sleeping with them.

Maybe he felt more at ease when he was with Little Bing and the other lucid birds who could fly. We had been busy, and we couldn’t take care of him for the time being. He sowed the seeds in the high-sky along with the lucid birds and achieved higher efficiency anyway.

Queen Town’s shuttle machine track was located at the mountain wall on the South. The track led into the mountain body by the basin. We hadn’t noticed it earlier because it was covered in flowers. Margaery hadn’t wanted the shuttle machine track to affect the aesthetic of the town.

When He Lei and I rushed there, Ghostie and Uncle Mason had already organized a defense at the station.

There was a tunnel in front, and the transparent station was suspended in mid-air like a bubble. The surrounding flowers were burned down. Hence, the station was exposed.

The area would be planted with hundred-fruits trees soon.

There were seeds that Raffles had “taken” from Silver Moon City. He had been famous for researching seeds. Hence, he had kept some with him. The seeds had gone through genetic strengthening in Silver Moon City. Therefore, they could be planted in places below level-three radiation, and their resistance was strong.

It was called ‘hundred-fruits trees’ because one fruit tree could produce more than ten kinds of fruits when it matured. In other words, my apple was nothing unusual before Silver Moon City.

Ghostie and Uncle Mason saw He Lei and me, and they were surprised.

Just then, there was a strong current flowing out from the tunnel. In an instance, a capsule shuttle machine appeared before us.

It was a supersonic shuttle machine because it came by track. Plus, it required much lesser energy than a space shuttle machine.

The shuttle machine stopped before us in silence, and we saw its number was three.

Ghostie, Uncle Mason, and He Lei entered preparation for war. The robots flew out simultaneously and aimed at the door of the shuttle machine.

I wasn’t going to say anything stupid about peace! The Ghost Eclipsers didn’t believe in peace!

The mood became quiet and tense.

The four of us stared closely at the shuttle machine, and the door remained shut for a very long time. It was creepily silent.


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