Book 6: Chapter 34 - Everyone Has Their Own Strength

I became disappointed, “Arsenal and I were once best sisters. We always looked at the clouds on the city gate of Noah City. I used to feel the happiest and the most bored at that time. When I think about it now, being bored is also a luxury.”

“Girls… will be jealous of you, Bing…” Ah Zong lay his head on my shoulder and said softly. His slender fingers drew on the glass in front of us. “His Highness Xing Chuan fall in love with you. And the smartest man on this planet, Raffles, loves you. Every single man who gets along with you will fall for you even though you are a man… just like…” he paused. His finger gradually paused, and he pointed at He Lei, who was walking past with a hoe. 

He Lei seemed to feel something, and he stopped. He looked up at us. His eyebrows immediately creased, and he glanced at Ah Zong in disdain before he disappeared in the air.

“Hmph… He’s here… I wanted to spend some time with you alone…” Ah Zong sighed, and there was the sound of the door opening.

Ah Zong left my shoulder lazily while I turned to look at He Lei, who was still holding the hoe.

He was in a white linen top. He was using his scarf as a headscarf around his head.

He looked at Ah Zong glumly, “Don’t you think you are too free?!” His tone was harsh, as though he was reprimanding Ah Zong.

Ah Zong slowly stood straight, and his figure turned back into a man. He turned to bow at me, “King, I think I am a suitable candidate to talk to Moto and the other young men. Please allow me and Xiao Ye to assist them.”

“Yes, I agree. However, Moto and the other young men are afraid of women because of Margaery. Don’t change your gender as your wish.” Although Moto and the other young men were no longer afraid of me, they hung their heads in fear and avoided Sis Ceci, Xiao Ying, or Angelina when they saw them.

Women had become demons in their hearts.

“Understood,” Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously. “Zi Yi will continue to protect you,” he said, and he walked past He Lei seductively. He Lei’s eyebrows were tightly knitted, and he didn’t bother looking at Ah Zong.

Ah Zong walked to the door, and Zi Yi’s sword was in sight. Ah Zong flashed a flirtatious smile in his direction before he closed the door behind him.

“You shouldn’t keep him around you,” He Lei said bluntly. “There are many ways to check if one is telling a lie. People like Ah Zong would shake the army’s morale if he stays within an army.” He Lei’s expression was rather solemn.

I stood by the window and said, “Everyone has their strength. He Lei, do you think your serious face would put Moto and the other young men at ease? Would they open their hearts to you?” 

He Lei creased his eyebrows and looked away, “I don’t need them to open their hearts to me."

“But I do.”

He Lei turned back and looked at me when he heard my reply.

I looked at him calmly, “You mentioned before that Moto and the other young men are lost, and they need me to guide the way for them. If I don’t understand what they want, how do I give them hope?”

He Lei’s expression became complicated. He then nodded in agreement, “That is what makes you different from Silver Moon City. You truly care for the people around you.”

“That’s why I care for you too.” I walked forward and lifted my face to look at him. He was shocked. He stepped back, and he avoided my gaze.

I squinted my eyes and looked at him, “You are hiding something from me.”

He Lei’s gaze became sharp, “Ah Zong told you that?!”

My eyes glistened, “Are you admitting?”

He Lei seemed to understand something, and his face stiffened.

I smiled, “He Lei, we are good friends. We are good brothers. How can I not tell if you are hiding something from me? I don’t need Ah Zong to tell me that. Plus, Ah Zong is a considerate person who takes people’s feelings into account. He wouldn’t sell one’s secret.”

He Lei’s expression became complicated.

“Ah Zong loves me,” I said directly.

He Lei was immediately taken by surprise. He gawked, and he didn’t speak as he felt awkward.

I looked at him frankly, “Raffles knows it too. I know that you are not used to it, but you know that I have always liked men. Although I don’t love Ah Zong, his passionate love has moved me. Hence, in my heart, Ah Zong is also my good friend. You can dislike him, but please respect him.”

He Lei looked at me stiffly.

“And...,” I smiled mischievously at him. “...Besides detecting emotional changes via smell and turning himself into a girl, Ah Zong can also turn others into girls permanently. Don’t offend him.” I winked at him, and he immediately covered his lower body subconsciously.

I couldn’t help but chuckle. Then, I patted his chest.

He then came back to reality. He slowly removed his hand from his lower body and touched his chest. I had no idea what he was thinking but had goosebumps all over.

“Master, Gehenna is calling.” Raffles had installed a communication device in the study room, and I heard Ice Dragon’s voice.

“Connect,” I took a seat.

Blue lights shined down from the above device. The device was connected to Ice Dragon’s main control system. It was what Raffles was busy dealing with. He wanted to install such a device all over the palace so Ice Dragon could take over the entire palace.

As he installed the devices, we also noticed that the communication system between Margaery and the other Ghost Eclipsers wasn’t AI, but it was considered advanced in this world.

The lights formed a human figure and revealed Gehenna in a holographic image.

He looked anxious, as though he was calling someone significant.

When I saw him, he was tidying up his shirt. He was wearing a shirt and a suit. He looked kind of funny because I was used to his wild fashion.

He suddenly saw me, and he immediately sat properly, “How’re things on your side? Is everything going smoothly?” He asked as though we were exchanging casual greetings like ‘Hi, have you eaten?’

I measured his outside, “Uncle, I prefer your old fashion. You look awkward like this.”

“Yeah? I find it awkward too…” Gehenna adjusted his buttons, and he suddenly realized what I had called him. “Why are you calling me your uncle again?!”

He Lei stood next to me and looked at Gehenna. “We took over Queen Town smoothly.”

“You took care of Butcher and his bunch?” Gehenna looked at He Lei with a deep gaze. Why do the men always fool around with me, but their interactions are so normal with one another?

Is it because they know that I am a woman? That’s why they have to “flirt” with me be?

It seems that I am not strict enough.

“Yes, they were sleeping when we arrived. We launched a surprise attack. There was almost zero resistance.”

Pak!” Gehenna slapped his face, “Butcher and his bunch must have died in injustice…”

“What did you say?” He Lei’s voice grew deep.


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