Book 6: Chapter 33 - A New Stronghold

Margaery destroyed the intellect of the young men around her like that. She turned them into puppets who lived in fear, fully controlled by her.

Moto could stay by Margaery’s side for so long because he had a great superpower.

“I am the one who killed my brother…” Moto choked with sobs before me. He wailed in tears with everything buried at the bottom of his heart, “My brother didn’t want to see anyone else die, and he didn’t want to stay next to the old lady. That’s why he preferred dying…”

I looked at Moto with a heavy heart. I recalled the day when Margaery had wanted me. Moto had wanted to die too. A more accurate way of saying it was that he would have rather died.

Many incidents similar to Moto’s had happened. The people around Margaery had come from a different area. They would naturally run into their relatives and friends.

The heart-wrenching part about this was that they were brainwashed into thinking that what Margaery did was normal. She had turned them into slaves and human pigs at their hearts. They felt that being reared, eaten, and dying for Margaery was normal.

Moto wiped his tears and calmed himself down. He looked at me and said, “Everyone is still terrified. We are afraid that the other Ghost Kings will come. We have never met any Ghost King as kind as you.” He spoke to me in reverence.

When he had wanted to die, he had dared to kill me as he struggled at his last moment. But after his friends had stopped him, he had decided to resign to fate. He had stopped resisting. 

“I know,” I looked out of the window. The soil was still giving out smoke. I turned to look at Moto and asked, “What would you like to do next?”

His expression blanked, and he looked lost. “I don’t know… We… will listen to King’s commands.” Then, he lowered his head again.

As of then, Moto, Eletta, and Juye were these people’s representatives. I always talked to the three of them.

I thought for a while and looked at him, “How about this? You, Eletta, and Juye go and ask others what they would like to do and see if they have any ideas. Get them to tell you. Any thoughts at all will do.”

“Yes…” Moto replied like he was obeying an instruction. Then, he slowly left as I sat behind my desk.

When Moto opened the door, the pink-haired Ah Zong was standing by the side of the door.

He smiled at Moto, who hung his head and walked past him. Ah Zhong turned towards the room as he leaned against the wall.

I was in the study room. Of course, there were no books in the study room as it was used as a storeroom.

Sis Ceci and her troop had cleaned up the room, and I was using it as a study room. It was the highest place in the castle, and it had a great view. This room’s walls were made of glass on all sides. This enabled me to overlook the entire Queen Town.

After the flowers were burned down, the houses among the flowers were clearly visible. With one glance, I could see houses and people all around.

We cleaned Margaery’s palace for very long. Butcher was the head chef in the palace. Margaery’s kitchen was as huge as the palace itself. When Sis Ceci and her troop went to clean up the kitchen, a dead body was cut open because Butcher liked to eat living hearts.

The Ghost Eclipsers that He Lei and the others had killed were Margeary’s guards, gardeners and other workers. They ate humans too. Hence, Butcher used to kill humans for them as well.

Margaery was crazy about flowers. Hence, she kept people that she trusted the most to stay guard in the palace. She would bring people like Moto for war, who could die anytime.

On top of that, the Ghost Eclipsers had not been in war for the past few years. Hence, Margaery had hardly brought her general with her.

Raffles did a superpower investigation on Moto and the other young men.

Moto’s superpower was to make a crowd invisible. He was a very powerful metahuman. However, he hadn’t dared to lift his head before Margaery.

His superpower was even above Moorim. In other words, he was outstanding among metahumans whose power was invisibility. He not only could make a crowd invisible but also turn everything in a certain distance invisible.

I walked to the window, and I saw the robots working in the burned soil nearby.

Ice Dragon hid many ‘children’ behind him.

Besides robots, Pelos, Angelina, and the others were busy in the field too.

Pelos, Angelina, Gulo, Damon, Chen Xi, Tom, and James, the seven of them, had left their home and followed me. They were putting their superpowers to use on the lands that were burned in the past two days. They recovered the land to cultivate and sow seeds. It was also training for their superpowers.

Angelina set fire while Pelos put it off. The two of them would sometimes fool around as they were busy working. Angelina liked to attack Pelos with fire while Pelos liked to splash water on Angelina. Pelos’s main superpower was to control rain. Recently, he had begun to practice controlling water too. He still seemed rather unfamiliar with that.

“Angelina likes Pelos,” Ah Zong leaned on the glass lazily. His pink hair covered the transparent glass, and it shimmered. He stoled glances below and looked at Angelina and Pelos, who were playing around, “Mm. But there are more people who like Angelina.”

“Everyone could tell.” Besides the fact that I couldn’t tell when others liked me, but I could easily tell when others liked others. Plus, it was interesting to watch the other couples make fun of each other.

“But Pelos doesn’t like Angelina. Mm… She’s at most his sister.” Ah Zong smiled. His pink lips were like jello. He was wearing a black singlet with skin-tight long pants. No matter what he wore, he could only be described as “sexy.”

He looked like a hard rock singer.

I looked at his clothes and joked, “Are you not wearing a dress today?”

“Pfft,” he covered his mouth and laughed. He looked at me, flirtatiously, “You prefer me as a girl more?” His body turned soft, and he became shorter. Even his jawline became gentle and petite. His chest began to take shape under the singlet too.

He smiled flirtatiously and leaned on my shoulder. His pink hair spread across my flat chest, “Moto and the other young men are so pitiful. Compared to them, I feel happy… especially… I can still be by your side…” He muttered in his man voice.

I put my hand on top of his head. “I have realized… I really prefer you as a girl more…”

“Because you are lonely…” He said softly, “You miss your sister…”

I felt a piercing pain. Arsenal’s face appeared in my head. Ah Zong got it right. I missed my sister, my once… sister…


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