Book 6: Chapter 32 - Reorganize Queen Town

Suddenly, the air next to him cracked, and Ghostie came out. He also dragged a person behind him.

He Lei looked at him meaningfully while Ghostie returned his gaze.

Ghostie gave He Lei a thumbs-up. Then, he threw the dead body into the outside sea of fire single-handedly. It didn’t look strenuous at all.

He Lei was surprised at Ghostie’s strength. Ghostie waved at me before he entered the crack again.

It seemed like I worried too much.

He Lei came back to reality and smiled at me. Then, he vanished into thin air again.

I patted Gru, who was dumbfounded. He looked at me blankly, and I smiled, “I said it before—there is no strong or weak when it comes to a superpower. As long as it is put to use correctly, you can kill the enemy.” 

Gru looked at me, and his eyes shimmered with emotions. He was suddenly full of confidence. “I’m going to help them!” He shouted. Then, he ran into the palace without hesitation.

I stopped walking. I knew that my team was powerful, and I believed in their capability. The surprise attack will eliminate Margaery’s subordinates.

We succeeded in the surprise attack. We won as they didn’t even know that their Queen had died. We won as our enemy was still sleeping.

The young men in white joined Moto and the other young men and stood by the sides. They watched blankly as He Lei, Ghostie, and the others took turns to throw people into the sea of fire. The entire war was carried out in silence, as though it was as easy as cleaning a house.

The insecurity and terror across their faces slowly vanished as He Lei, Ghostie, and the others cleaned up the palace.

Their eyes reflected the flame that was burning outside.

Lucifer and the lucid birds fanned the flame to other places with their wings. Instantly, it was a billowing fire in front of us.

The heatwaves billowed, and the burnt smell overtook the flower fragrance. But the hot air made us burn in excitement and enthusiasm.

I brought the spark in people’s hearts within the Ghost Eclipsers, and they started a prairie fire in the Ghost Eclipsers. They declared war against the humans who had Ghost Eclipsers at heart!

“Report, King. Elimination completed!” Sis Ceci reported next to me, “We killed a total of twelve people. Now we are searching through and tidying up!”

“Alright!” I stood in the middle of the luxurious palace. The ground was made of crystal, and there was blue pond water under the crystal. It was as though I was standing on the water. “Inform Pelos to clear the scene of the fire and lower the temperature. We have to seize control of the fire in these few days.”


“Tell people to clean the entire palace and tidy up the slaughterhouse of the human pigs. Bury the dead.”


I looked at Sis Ceci, “Sis Ceci, the enemy will come one after another. Thank you in advance for your hard work.

Sis Ceci broke into an unrestrained smile, “We follow you to participate in a war. Did we join you for leisurely travel to tour around the Ghost Eclipsers?

“Heh…” I smiled too. It felt heartwarming.

Sis Ceci suddenly turned solemn and saluted. Her solemn expression made me rein back my smile. She smiled at me before re-enting the palace.

It was my honor to have such a comrade!

I turned and looked at Moto and the other young men, “Moto, Eletta.”

They came back to reality as I called their names. Everyone looked at me with shimmering eyes. They were different. They looked different from the other night when they were next to the bonfire.

I looked at them seriously, “Inform everyone else in Queen Town that their new King has arrived. They are no longer slaves or human pigs. Everyone is equal!”

Everyone suddenly became silent as I spoke. They looked at one another, and they were thrilled with excitement. Many servants in white cried just like Moto and the other young men when they were first rescued.

“Yes! King!” Moto and Eletta replied. They stood in front of me emotionally as the fire burned outside, behind them.

Initially, they had been fearful and insecure because there were other underlings of Margaery in Queen Town. They were afraid of them, and they were unsure if I could protect them and take over Queen Town.

However, they knew that they no longer had to be afraid and anxious when He Lei brought Gru, who could instantly turn everything into flower, and he killed Mister Butcher, whom they feard.

This proved that I, their Ice Fire King, had the power and the capability to protect them!

“Long live Ice Fire King!” Suddenly, someone cheered.

“Long live Ice Fire King!”

“Long live Ice Fire King!”

Their cheers reverberated in the palace.

The fire lasted for three days and three nights until it slowly died out. Burnt soil covered the front side of the palace. The black soil was warm even after the temperatures lowered.

When Pelos’s rain showered the soil, I smelled a scent of fresh earth that I had not smelled for a long time. It was indeed a fertile land. Raffles loved it.

Raffles would keep a sea of flowers in the Southeast to preserve ecology and species. The remaining land would be planned out and planted with different living things. He had many seeds in his portable lab. Many of them were brought from Silver Moon City.

Margaery’s Kingdom was actually quite vast. Behind the basin, there were many livable zones that belonged to Margaery.

Those who we eliminated were merely people in Queen Town.

After completing the elimination, we allocated scouting robots at the surrounding defense line to keep watch twenty-four seven.

It wasn’t time for us to rest yet.

The total population of the town was about three hundred people. Among the three hundred people, there were almost two hundred and fifty of them with a code number. In other words, they were human pigs.

They were slaves. Those with great superpower followed Margaery out for war. For instance, the ones she had brought during this trip. It was also for her to consume during the journey.

It was also her habit to kill and take their blood for a shower every time she made a stop. When she stayed in Queen Town, she had to shower like that every seven days.

When the number of people in Queen Town ran out, the surrounding livable zones would send more people here. They had sent Moto like that.

He had told me that every livable zone had to send beautiful young men regularly. Otherwise, they would get massacred.

Hence, the livable zones had women. The women were in charge of reproducing. Then, there would be children to be sent.

Of course, the other source would be Queen’s lovers.

Margaery was the most beautiful woman among the Ghost Eclipsers. Hence, she had many lovers. Plus, she was the strongest woman. Hence, many lower-ranked Ghost Eclipsers would send tributes to curry favor with an intention to receive favor from Margaery.

The beautiful young men who Margaery preferred would stay by her side and act as her entourage. For example, Moto.

But, whenever she found a new one, the old one would be killed, and his blood would be drawn. Moto could stay by Margaery’s side because he had replaced the person before him. That person was his blood brother.

Hence, he hated Margaery. But at the same time, he was afraid of her.

Margaery had beheaded his brother before him. He had watched his brother’s blood run dry with his own eyes. He was only fourteen years old at that time. Margaery loved to consume men who were at that age. Fear imprinted at the bottom of his heart and destroyed his will to counterattack.


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