Book 6: Chapter 31 - Eliminate

I couldn’t help, and I went forward to hug him. In that instance, everyone stood on the spot in surprise while Moto stiffened in my arms.

I hugged him and patted his back gently, “That’s enough. That’s enough. It will not happen again. I guarantee it!”

Mot relaxed in my arms and started crying. He was actually taller than me, but he was like a fragile child as he cried in my arms.

I let go of him and gently patted his shoulder. I turned around and looked at the sea of flowers coldly. “Burn them down.”

“Burn them?” Raffles exclaimed in surprise.

I nodded heavily, “Yes, save some for flower-breeding. Burn the rest down! We can warm the soil for planting food crops too.”

“Yes!” Ghostie cheered with enthusiasm.

He Lei smiled faintly. He crossed his arms and looked around as he sighed, “It can provide for many people if we fully plant this place with a good crop.”

“Queen! My Queen!” Suddenly, a deep and hoarse voice resounded from the palace. Moto and the others quickly backed off in fear.

“Butc...Butcher!” He pointed in front as he shivered.

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci led everyone to prepare for war.

I turned to look at the palace. I saw a huge and chubby man standing at the entrance of the palace!

He wasn’t wearing a shirt, exposing his layers of fat. He merely wore black leather shorts. His eyes were completely round. He held two huge butcher knives in his hands. 

“Queen... Where’s my Queen?” He roared at Moto and the other young men behind me.

The servants on both sides stepped back simultaneously. Some of them looked at Moto. “Moto, run! Mister Butcher is here! The others will be out very soon!”

“Ah!” Butcher looked up and roared, “Who the h*ll are you!?” He pointed at me using his knife.

I looked at him coldly.

“He, he is our new King! Ice Fire King!” Suddenly, Moto stood in front of me again. There was terror across his pale face, but he stood tall and straight in front of me as he announced, “Cyrus, Gourdeau, don’t be afraid. He is our new King! He killed the old lady. Our King is no longer a man-eater!”

The servants in white looked at me in surprise. They looked lost and unsure about how to react. They were thrilled with excitement yet fearful and insecure. 

“You killed our Queen?!” Butcher suddenly raised his arms, “I want you to die!” Suddenly, he threw the butcher knife at me.

The huge butcher knife spun in the air and turned into countless blades, swarming at me like bees.


“Ah!” The white servants on both sides couldn’t dodge the blades in time. The blades cut them, and their blood splashed all around, soaking their white uniforms.

Butcher didn’t view them as comrades. Hence, he could ruthlessly hurt anyone on a whim!

The blades reached me and almost cut my throat.

I stood on the spot calmly and watched the blades charge at me. I was the King, and I was their hope. No matter how dangerous the situation was, I couldn’t be afraid and back off.

Suddenly, Zi Yi withdrew his sword, and the blades dropped on the ground as though they had hit something. 

At the same time, I raised my right hand and commanded, “He Lei, take Gru with you. Gru, turn Butcher into a bunch of flowers!”

“I can’t, King!” Gru said hastily.

I roared at him, sternly, “You have to even if you can’t!”

He Lei instantly disappeared along with Gru without answering me. The very next moment, he and Gru were already standing behind Butcher.

Butcher didn’t notice as he was roaring at me, “I will kill you!”

Suddenly, his legs were covered in flowers. He looked at his feet in shock, “What happened?! What’s going on!? Ah! Ah!”

The flowers instantly bloomed all over his body. As he screamed in fear and raised his arms, but he already turned into a flower statue that could no longer move.

“He could have killed Butcher by himself,” Ghostie talked to me, “You are helping Gru, huh?”

I nodded. I looked at the injured servants in white as they stared at Butcher’s flower-statue in surprise. I turned around to look at the dumbfounded Moto and the other young men, “How many underlings do Margaery has? Where are they?”

Moto came back to reality and replied, “There, there are over ten of them. They are inside the palace. They normally sleep at this hour.”

“Swoosh!” He Lei returned to my side with Gru. Gru was dumbfounded and stared at his hand, blankly.

He Lei looked at me, “Give us your order.”

I looked at Ghostie, Ah Zong, Raffles, and He Lei. Then, I looked at the palace glumly. I said coldly, “Eliminate.” I uttered the word, and He Lei immediately disappeared from my side.

Raffles took out a controller, and scouting robots swarmed out from the underground base behind us and scattered in all directions.

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci lead Joey and Pelos’s troops, respectively, as they snuck into the palace.

Ghostie immediately caught up. I creased my eyebrows and looked at Xiao Ye, “Xiao Ye, protect Ghostie.”

“Yes!” Xiao Ye quickly caught up next to Ghostie.

This guy only thinks about fighting a war when he can move.

I saw that Angelina wanted to follow me, so I immediately stopped her, “Angelina, stay here with Xiao Ying.”

Angelina seemed disappointed. I pointed at the sea of flowers behind us, “Burn the flowers down. It serves as a great reminder for the people here.”

“Yes!” Angelina smiled, and her hands immediately churned with fire.

“Xiao Ying, keep watch here. Prevent the enemy from outside,” I exhorted Xiao Ying.

Xiao Ying gave me a thumbs up, “Don’t worry!” She immediately returned to the spacecraft with Raffles to activate defenses.

I stepped inside the palace as He Lei and the others advanced.

The flames blazed behind us, with the heatwaves warming our backs.

A breeze blew past me, and my hair fluttered.

As I turned, He Lei was standing next to the enormous flower statue, carrying an unknown dead body. Judging from Moto and the other young men’s expression, the dead body belonged to someone they feared. He must be a person who practiced slavery alongside Margaery and killed the slaves.

A sea of fire burned before He Lei. The blazing flames set off his figure, and his braid fluttered in the heatwave. His swift figure overlapped with the figure that had leaped under the moonlight and chopped of the enemy’s head the other night.

He was still as swift and decisive when he was against his enemy, and he was as handsome as usual.

Someone jumped down from above. It was Fat-Two. Fat-Two carried two bodies on his shoulder as he chuckled at He Lei. He looked at the dead body over He Lei’s shoulder and ran to the fire to burn them in it.

He Lei turned around and smiled at me. His heroic charm in the war was eye-catching, like a blazing flame.


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