Book 6: Chapter 30 - Flowers Were Beautiful Because Of Blood

The ground that was covered in fresh flowers cracked open, revealing a huge underground base. Our spacecraft slowly landed.

A row of stairs appeared in front of us, leading to the ground above. Servants in white ran down from above and stood on both sides of the stairs.

The spacecraft finally came to a complete stop. In front of the control room was a spacious underground hangar. Besides the spacecraft we’d landed in, I also saw a few other fighter planes and spaceships.

Moto, Eletta and Juye stood up. They hung their heads low where they stood. “King, Mary arrived in the palace."

“Inform everyone in Mary.”


I turned and exited the control room. He Lei, Ah Zong, Ghostie and Raffles followed behind me.

Very soon, everyone who’d received the update had walked out from various places of the spacecraft and gathered behind me. Now, there were a total of over seventy people standing in front of the huge door.

When the cabin door was right in front of us, He Lei suddenly reminded, “Be careful. Not all in Margaery’s troop are slaves like Moto and the other young men.”

He Lei’s comment made everyone vigilant.

Mmhmm!” Ghostie nodded heavily with his arms crossed. He extended his hand and pushed me to the back while He Lei and him stood in front of me. However, he was a fish right now. He still wanted to protect me even when he had the weakest fighting power here.

Moto and the other young men moved backwards consciously, as though they were afraid of something.

“Zi Yi!” Ah Zong called lazily. Zi Yi immediately took up a position next to me. Ah Zong only had to call his name and he could immediately read Ah Zong’s mind. Their tacit understanding was astonishing.

From the bottom of my heart, I felt guilty towards Zi Yi. I felt like I had taken away his men and he’d ended up having to follow the man he loved and protect me.

Although Zi Yi stood next to me, he wore a poker face. I knew that he didn’t like me, but he had no choice but to protect me because of Ah Zong.

“Butch-, Butcher is in there…” Moto muttered softly.

“Butcher?” Raffles asked in reply.

Ghostie looked at Moto too.

Moto nodded. “They don’t know that the Queen is dead… You, you be careful…”

“Everyone, be careful!” Uncle Mason commanded. Now, Pelos and the rest of the people started preparing for war. 

“Move away.” I pushed Ghostie and He Lei as I fixed my eyes on the cabin door in front of me. “I am the King! How can I make everyone submit to me if I hide behind you?!” And I’m already hiding behind someone before I even step out of the cabin door?!

I am one of the four Ghost Kings among the Ghost Eclipsers, Ice Fire King!

He Lei and Ghostie were pushed to the sides by my shove, but they didn’t stop me.

The cabin door slowly opened before me. As the sun shone in, we were greeted with wafts of flower fragrance too. The flower fragrance was so refreshing, bringing a holy cleansing energy.

Moto and Eletta quickly rushed before me. They hung their heads low as they led the way for me.

When I walked out, the prince-like servants standing at the stairs were stunned.

Caught by surprise, they looked towards Moto simultaneously. They stared at Moto and the rest’s tattered clothes suspiciously.

However, their reverence made them stay put for the time being too. Unsure, they chose to lower their heads and maintain their original posture.

Everyone began to follow me out of the spacecraft together. We walked up the stairs covered in red carpet towards the ground above us.

“Everyone, be careful,” Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci exhorted softly behind me.

Sunlight poured down with gentle warmth.

The clear air told you that here was a great habitat.

Even in Noah City, the air still carried a faint polluted scent and the soil was tinted a faint pink. The soil outside Noah City had only started to become better after three years.

But this place was already covered in fresh flowers.

The best place had long been conquered by the Ghost Eclipsers.

Broadly speaking, the people had always been afraid of the Ghost Eclipsers and had been hiding from them. Hence, it was natural that the better places had been conquered by the enemy.

Slowly I stepped out of the darkness and walked up the stairs. Standing at the top of the stairs, I looked over at the shimmering palace. The red carpet led all the way to the palace.

Servants knelt on one knee along both sides of the carpet. Right at the end was a crystal throne right. Everything before me was as magical as a legend.

The servants kneeling on the ground didn’t notice that their queen had been replaced because they didn’t lift on heads. They continued to kneel there while waiting for their queen to take her seat at the throne.

Ah Zong, Raffles, Ghostie, Uncle Mason, Sis Ceci and the rest of the troop walked up and began to scatter around with their guard up. They were astonished at the sight of the endless stretch of fresh flowers.

Zi Yi and He Lei continued to stay by my side.

Only now did the people on both sides seem to realize something wasn’t right and became confused. When they lifted their heads to steal a glance, they were shocked and dumbfounded.

*Whoosh* Little Bing, Little Har and Little Raf flew out. Their huge shadows covered everyone. Spreading their wings, they took off and jumped into the sea of flowers like a grasshopper, instantly raising flurries of flower petals. 

“I want to do it too!” Lucifer found it fun. He jumped in the air and his figure turned huge. He instantly tore apart the new clothes we gave him without a care, and romped around with the other lucid birds in the sea of flowers.

The appearance of the lucid birds surprised the servants kneeling on the ground even more. They looked up to watch the three huge monsters from the west curiously.

*Phew!* A wind filled with flower fragrance blew over the flower petals that the lucid birds had shaken off. Now, the colorful flower petals pinwheeled in the wind and blew past us. 

It was such a beautiful sight. It was hard for one to believe that this was the land of a man-eating Queen.

Gru looked disappointed. Did he find himself useless in this place? With the existence of so many fresh flowers, he had become a commoner.

I extended my hand and caught the flower petals. The beautiful flower petals looked fresh. What made the land here so fertile?

“What are those people doing?” He Lei pointed somewhere far, his expression vigilant.

There were some people standing in the sea of flowers, who looked like they were putting fertilizer.

“They are putting fertilizer, First Mate,” Moto replied. Everyone began to look sad, even anxious.

What made them so anxious?

“What kind of fertilizer can make the land so fertile?” Raffles asked. The best fertilizer the world had now was human excretion.

Harry had been punished to pack it up back then.

Moto and the others became quiet. They hung their heads low in silence.

I felt a weight on my heart. I glanced at Moto and called gently, “Moto?”

“Humans.” Moto choked with sobs. His lips were quivering in fear too. “The Queen only ate thigh meat… The rest is made into mince meat…” His tears instantly flowed down and he was trembling all over.


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