Book 6: Chapter 29 - The Blinding Queen Town

*Swoosh!* The cabin door opened. As I turned, I saw a man in a black skin-tight bodysuit, with a similarly black helmet. He ran towards me, with Raffles next to him.

“What’s the matter?” Raffles asked and the man in black skin-tight battle uniform ran up to me. He ran past He Lei and plastered himself on the windshield.

I watched his slender figure blankly and was stunned for a while before I exclaimed in surprise, “Ghostie!”

Ghostie turned and flashed me a thumbs-up. “It’s me!” He spoke with a manly voice. When he spoke, blue lights blinked on his helmet around where his temples were.

He Lei and Ah Zong were surprised. Ah Zong got off his seat and walked up to Ghostie, measuring him up and down with his eyes.

I stared at Raffles in excitement while Raffles smiled and nodded at me. I really admired Raffles. Not only did he help Ghostie to get out of the water, he’d also helped Ghostie to speak.

*Sniff.* Ah Zong went to sniff Ghostie’s body again. Inexplicably, Ghostie seemed somewhat guilty. Hastily he turned to look down and shout, “Shuttle machine!”

As expected, he recognized it.

I glanced at Raffles and explained, “I wanted you to come and take a look. The Ghost Eclipsers built themselves a resource logistic network."

“Really!?” Raffles was really surprised. He quickly walked up to the windshield. Now, the four men stood alongside one another with their backs towards me as they surveyed the land together.

I stood behind them and felt my heart warm. Among them, there were my men, my best friend and my comrade. Suddenly, I really felt like a queen. In the entire spacecraft, there were only three women including myself! The rest of them were all men!

This was the feeling of a queen.

“Looks like they recovered the original tracks and made use of them,” Raffles observed. The other three men nodded in agreement

“King, we are reaching Queen Town soon,” Moto muttered softly. As he finished his sentence, a huge crack on the land beneath us came into sight, so deep it seemed like a scar in the very fabric of the universe. Outside the crack, there wasn’t any visible land. It was as though the entire land had vanished into nowhere.

The spacecraft slowly went forward, nearing the crack. Buildings that resembled military pillboxes lined the crack, and there seemed to be people standing in the buildings.

Suddenly, lights started blinking on top of the buildings. The ordinary laser lights blinked continuously, like they were alerting the people on the other side about the incoming spacecraft.

“Those are guards on the border. They are informing Queen Town that the Queen is back.” Just as Moto spoke, Mary flew through the crack and the entire basin opened up before me!

Blooming flowers blanketed the deep basin, covering the entire land endlessly.

Within the sea of flowers were clusters of short houses that lined up in floral shapes around patches of blooming flowers. Hence, it looked like there were exquisite gardens in the middle of the clusters of houses. The entire place looked as magical as a town from a fairy tale. 

This was Margaery’s Queen Town!

The land area of Queen Town absolutely surpassed Noah City or even any historical site. It was the biggest livable zone I had ever seen!

We gradually left the crack and the edges of the basin became less visible; now it seemed like the flower field continued all the way to the horizon. Suddenly, there was a light blinking under us. One lake after another appeared among the sea of flowers, reflecting the sunlight.

“It’s such a waste…” He Lei commented and shook his head in distress. “If they can grow flowers, they can grow crops. It’s such a waste.”

“But it is also beautiful,” Raffles complimented.

“There are many people who don’t have enough to eat. It is rare to see such a large piece of fertile land. It should be used for growing crops.” He Lei became angry. “Humph. That’s why they eat humans.”

“Yes. Only fertile land could have grown such brilliant fresh flowers…” Raffles’ expressions became gentle because of the beautiful fresh flowers.

Humph…” Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously as he glanced at He Lei and Raffles. “This is the difference between a practical man and a romantic man…” He smirked and leaned against Ghostie’s shoulder. “Ghostie, you definitely know what Bing likes…”

Ghostie’s back stiffened. He turned and stole a glance at me, before he quickly turned back. His battle uniform looked like living cells. I could faintly see ripples flowing across his uniform.

Suddenly, a shimmering castle appeared in front. The castle sparkled in various gleams under the sunlight. It almost blinded one’s eyes.

I shielded my eyes from the glare. “It’s too shiny!”

“The old lady is crazy about gemstones. That’s why her castle is covered in gemstones,” Moto explained. “Prepare for landing,” he told Eletta and Juye next to him.

The spacecraft began to descend near the castle.

A troop of people immediately ran out of the castle. Their uniform looked different from the navy uniform that Moto had been wearing before, although they still looked neat.

These men wore light yellow long jackets. Their clothes looked exquisite with silver borders and embroidery. Each wore a rose on their chests.

Every man looked handsome, with their long hair was tied into braids. They looked just like a troop of princes standing before you.

Mm. I feel so stressed out,” Ah Zong suddenly remarked as he continued to lie on Ghostie’s shoulder lazily. “There are more and more men, and each looks even more beautiful than the last. Raffles, do you want me to turn all of them into women?”

Stunned, I looked at Raffles. He blushed faintly as he stole a glance at me bashfully. “We shall listen to Lil Bing.”

“Turn them into women,” He Lei replied. “I’ll decide on his behalf.”

What do you mean by you’ll decide on my behalf?!

Ah Zong chuckled and Ghostie laughed too. Both of them looked extremely happy at that. This pervert!

My face instantly grew glum. “Ghostie, are you very happy to turn all these people into women? You like being surrounded by women the most!”

Ghostie’s back stiffened again. He didn’t dare to turn back to look at me. “I am a water ghost. Women are useless to me.”

“How can you belittle yourself?” Ah Zong leaned on Ghostie’s shoulder like a beautiful man entangling Ghostie. “You are a human. You can think, speak and love so you are a human. What does your appearance matter? Some metahumans don’t look like humans too. Your lower body part can turn hard too, right? Do you want me to look for a female water ghost for you instead? Humans must have standards!” Ah Zong slid his finger down Ghostie’s back and grabbed his perky butt. Ghostie immediately jumped. “Don’t touch me! I am not interested in men!”

I chuckled. He really did sound like Harry. No matter what Harry had turned into, he was still him.

Ah Zong smiled flirtatiously while Raffles lowered his head and chuckled bashfully by the side.

He Lei couldn’t maintain his solemnity. He turned around to cough to conceal how he wanted to laugh.

I felt that Ah Zong had noticed something. He always sniffed Ghostie and made fun of him. He was so sensitive to smells. Had he found Harry’s smell on Ghostie?


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