Book 6: Chapter 28 - Advanced Ghost Eclipsers

I furrowed my eyebrows slightly. “One and a half years ago, when I was in Steel Ghost City, I released all my energy from my body at once. After that, I was in a coma for a while. I probably woke up again after I recovered some. But most of it had still been left in Steel Ghost City. When I arrived in Hagrid Island, there was no radiation at all. Hence, you could say in short that I hadn’t taken in any energy for the past one and a half years. Then, the moment I came out I experienced two battles, one after another. I reckon the blue crystal energy in my body is possibly close to being exhausted.”

“That’s right! That must be it!” Raffles turned around and immediately grabbed me. “Let’s go! Let’s charge some energy for you!”

I covered my stomach. “I have to eat first. Plus, Jun said that the blue crystal energy of the spacecraft wouldn’t be enough for me. I have to go to a historical site."

Heh, why am I being stupid again?” Raffles patted his head and his gaze flickered. He chuckled. “Hagrid said that it is because we care for you too much and it affected our judgment.”

I stood up and stretched. “Hagrid is right. One’s perspective affects one’s rationality. Your feelings for me, your concerns for me, all your complicated feelings would affect you. Now that we know the reason behind this, you don’t have to worry."

Raffles relaxed and smiled. Then, he pulled me into an embrace.

I hugged him back. I could only become the female Luo Bing in his arms. Once I left his or Harry’s embrace, I couldn’t be just a woman anymore.

“Did Uncle Akbu tell you? About… your parents?” I felt that perhaps Uncle Akbu had told me because he’d wanted me to tell Raffles.

Raffles let go of me, seeming somewhat disappointed. “I already guessed it. They might have intentionally made me drunk because they didn’t want me to be upset…"

“No, Raffles.” I held his hand as he hung his head sorrowfully. “Uncle Akbu told me that it was because they couldn’t bear to break the news to you personally, because they aren’t even sure if your parents are dead or alive. They didn’t want you to be disappointed if they gave you false hope.”

“What?” Raffles stared at me in surprise. His eyes filled with anticipation again.

I looked at him seriously. “Your parents were brought to Ghost Town. Since then, there has been no news on whether they are dead or alive.”

“Ghost Town… Ghost Town…” Raffles muttered delightedly.

I gripped his hand tightly. “Regardless of what the outcome is, I will continue to search for them with you as long as there is a strand of hope!”

Raffles lifted his chin and looked at me emotionally. Our hands were clasped together for very, very long…

Between us, there was only one formal wedding left. We were already in the state where only death could part us.

Mary had yet to arrive in Queen Town but we had already entered Margaery’s territorial range.

Although Silver Moon City was in the sky, they hadn’t conducted detailed investigation on the Ghost Eclipsers.

That was because the Ghost Eclipsers had a very powerful defense. The regions conquered by the Ghost Kings in particular all had signal disturbance. Once any scouting devices or robots were detected, they would be wiped out immediately. Silver Moon City didn’t have that many resources to churn out unlimited scouting devices. 

When I came to the control room, Ah Zong and He Lei let out a breath of relief while the others continued to drive the spacecraft blankly.

Once I stood there, I had to cast away my dependency on Jun and my womanly self with Raffles. I had to be stern because I was not only a man, but I was also the captain of a bunch of men!

I walked to the forefront and He Lei stood up to let me have the captain’s seat. It was a temporary seat as the original queen’s daybed had been removed.

He Lei let me sit while he stood next to me.

“Where are we now?” I asked.

“We’ve already entered the Ghost Eclipsers’ territory,” He Lei reported.  

Ah Zong rested his head on one hand. “You’ll be surprised. Then, he looked at Moto and commanded, “Open the hatch.” 


The hatch in front slowly raised, revealing a blue sky and white clouds.



The spacecraft dipped into the sea of cloud and I could feel that we were descending very quickly. Suddenly, I vaguely saw complicated criss-cross lines resembling flyovers that extended in all directions like a big spiderweb.

“What’s that?! Zoom in,” I commanded.

The image began to magnify. The lines became thicker and formed railway tracks. They were shuttle machines!

“Those are used to transport resources,” Moto explained with his head hung low. He was still behaving lowly like when he’d been a slave. “Various places send resources as a form of tribute to the Great Ghost King.” 

“With what? What do you rely on to activate such a large scale logistic system across a long distance?” He Lei became emotional because the Ghost Eclipsers had obviously surpassed the West in terms of logistics. A crucial point to becoming stronger was the ability to share and transport resources faster.

“Blue crystal energy,” Moto muttered. “We already mined blue crystal energy five years ago. The Great Ghost King first used them to rebuild shuttle machines in order to speed up the logistics of sharing resources."

He Lei subconsciously took a few steps forward. He stopped before the windshield. He wasn’t able to calm himself down.

“Five years ago…” I furrowed my eyebrows as I sank into my thoughts.

“They had blue crystal energy mining machines back then?” Ah Zong suddenly asked in reply.

He Lei and I turned to look at him simultaneously. Ah Zong glanced at me. “Bing, wasn’t your first mission in Silver Moon City to destroy their first mining machine?”

“That’s right. I remembered that Xing Chuan said it was the prototype of the first generation mining machine. But the Ghost Eclipsers had already mastered the technique to mine blue crystal energy back then. How is this possible?” Could it be there there was someone just like me?! 

Ah Zong narrowed his eyes. “It seems that someone was lying…”

Humph. Silver Moon City has always been hiding secrets. They never share their techniques with the people on the ground too!” He Lei was pissed off.

I glanced at Moto. “Tell Raffles to come and take a look.”

“Yes.” Moto turned to go and inform Raffles.

Beneath us was a radiation zone, so there was no human. However, the shuttle machine tracks spread in all directions. It was a shocking sight. This indicated someone’s vision for development.

The Ghost Eclipsers had such foresight.

What about the west? Everyone was still hiding in their cities. The only resource exchange station was Blue Shield City and Blue Shield City had been wiped out by the Ghost Eclipsers. The exchange of resources would only become more difficult in the future.

It required a large amount of resources and energy to rebuild transportation. Once the energy needs were taken care of, people could exchange their limited resources for resources that they wanted. There were many people who could change substances among metahumans. For example, Gru could change everything into flowers, Ah Gang could change everything into steel, and Xing Chuan that pervert had a well-rounded superpower.

However, Silver Moon City hadn’t shared their blue crystal energy collection technique with the people on the ground. It meant that Silver Moon City didn’t want the cities of the ground to grow bigger because they knew that it would become the biggest threat against them.

But the Ghost Eclipsers had already achieved it now. That explained why the Ghost Eclipsers had developed so quickly in the past years.


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