Book 6: Chapter 27 - Powerbank Running Out Of Battery

“Phew… Phew… Bing… Our body is drunk and we can’t control it… Otherwise… we really want you now…”

I instantly blushed. I quickly turned over so that my back was to him. “You became so naughty. Rest well."

Mm… We just want to tell you that we don’t want to part with you too… Wherever you go, we will be there. We are extremely happy that you brought us with you…” His hand around me reined me in tighter.

I felt sweet at heart. In such a world, I was happy to have someone who loved me like he did.

In my dream, I was sitting on top of a tall building with Jun and Zong Ben. Caressed by a warm spring breeze, we looked out at the Kansa Star that was once beautiful. A huge waterfall could be seen on the horizon, so huge it was as if the sky river was pouring down through an opening in the clouds. The scene really looked like a galaxy cascading down from the highest of heavens.

The beautiful scenery was from the minds of artists like Jun, who had once recorded such vistas with their paint brushes.

“Is it beautiful?” Jun asked proudly. His gently handsome face warmed my heart.

Mm.” I nodded. I always felt like I was back to being the sixteen-year-old Luo Bing when I was with them. An ordinary girl who had no worries, could swing my legs, could snack on a lollipop, could wear a skirt, and didn’t have to fight a war.

“It’s lacking something…” Zong Ben remarked as he stared in front of him with dead eyes.

“Lack of what?” Jun looked puzzledly at Zong Ben, who was standing on my other side.

Zong Ben squinted his eyes. “Sex!”

Jun and my expressions stiffened simultaneously.

Zong Ben slowly turned around. His eyes were burning with excitement under his smokey makeup. “This is the best place to enjoy sex...” Abruptly, he pounced at me. Jun held my waist and flew away from Zong Ben’s clutches. Zong Ben turned around and lay on his back, raising his eyebrows with a smirk at Jun. “You are so boring!”

“You are always horny!” Jun brought me back to Zong Ben’s side and let go of me although he still watched Zong Ben vigilantly.

Zong Ben shrugged and spread his hands. “I haven’t slept with girls for over sixty years. I am only honest in expressing my thoughts.” He pointed at his lower body and Jun immediately covered my eyes. “You’re old enough to be Lil Bing’s grandfather! Behave yourself!”

Pfft. You’re the one who wants to be Lil Bing’s grandfather. Not me. Hey, Bing, what do you think about sleeping with me? Let me show you my ring down there.”

“What ring?”

“Ignore him.” Jun continued to cover my eyes and refused to let me see. He held my waist and took off again. “Let’s go elsewhere.”

In my dream, we were always omnipotent. Maybe that could be considered as a spirit’s superpower.

Refreshing plumes of water sprayed in front of us, and there was the sound of running water in my ears. Jun brought me to land. Mountains covered in abundant trees spread out in waves before us.

In the old Kansa Star, the land had once been covered in buildings taller than mountains. They could overlook the tall mountains as though the mighty waterfall was just a fountain in their backyard.

The mountain peaks looked like sacks of soil in front of us. Robots had covered them in green grass and fresh flowers that could withstand the cold, making the world look even more beautiful.

Jun closed his eyes and took deep breaths. His long eyelashes quivered in the sun.

I watched as he selflessly enjoyed the appearance of nature. He looked really handsome, upbeat and refreshing. No wonder there had been so many girls and boys crazy for him in his era.

Jun slowly opened his clear eyes. Even after he had gone through such a huge disaster and found out about the terrifying secret, he still managed to maintain his innocence. It was amazing.

“What happened?” He noticed me looking at him and flashed a gentle smile, just like how a brother would look dotingly at his younger sister.

“You are so upbeat!” I couldn’t help but say, “If I were you, I would definitely be drowning in the darkness of hatred once I found out that the world was destroyed merely because of a person’s experiment.”

“But I’m dead already.” Jun smiled faintly and turned to gaze at the waterfall in front. “If I had to hate every day, I wouldn’t be able to live. Would I?” He smiled casually at me. I felt sad.

Suddenly, his figure became vague. Alarmed, I extended my hand to touch him but my hand pierced his face instead. “Why...?”

He reached for my wrist and I felt the warmth on his palm. “The blue crystal energy might be insufficient. You have to find some supplies. You went through so many wars. Although you received some, you lost some too. Go to a historical site. The blue crystal energy in the spacecraft might not be enough for you.” With those words, the world under me began to collapse and I fell.

When I woke up, Raffles was sitting right next to me and watching me quietly. The moment I woke up, he seemed to get lost in his thoughts for a moment. Lowering his face slowly, he gazed deeply into my eyes. Then, he gently kissed my lips and smiled. “It’s real."

I found his words funny and I sat up. “Raffles, we have been together for so many days. Do you still think that I am fake?”

He smiled bashfully.

Suddenly, someone came knocking on the door. “Brother Raffles! We’ve reached!” It was Gru’s voice.

“So fast!” I exclaimed in surprise.

“I got it. Tell everyone that Captain woke up,” Raffles shouted towards the door. The people outside cheered happily. “Captain woke up. That’s awesome!”

I was confused. Why was everyone so happy that I woke up?

“What happened?” I looked at Raffles but he gazed at me sorrowfully. “Fast? Do you know that you slept for two days?”


Raffles watched me worriedly as he touched my face. The next moment, he flipped my eyelid as though he was checking my health. “I’ve checked. There’s nothing wrong with you. Ice Dragon says that you are just exhausted.”

“Oh! Maybe my energy is running out.” I took Raffles’ hand down and smiled. “Just like how a robot runs out of battery and can’t move.”

“Why is that so?” Raffles was in deep thought.

I felt a sudden pang of hunger. “Didn’t you say that the metahumans’ cells are unique blue crystal cells? My superpower is unique. Maybe my cells are even more unique. Hence, I need to take in even more blue crystal energy.”

Raffles constantly nodded as I spoke. “I have never thought about it. Hagrid and I never thought about it. Our thinking went in a different direction. We thought there was something wrong with your body…”

“Jun is the one who reminded me,” I said. Raffles blinked. Then, he leapt up urgently. He began to pace back and forth. “That’s right! Jun is a spirit. They rely on blue crystal energy to maintain their state. In other words, they rely on blue crystal energy to live on. Hence, he knows your condition better!”

Like how Raffles had once said that my superpower was like portable energy storage, or basically what we referred to as a power bank back where I came from, I was running out of battery and I needed to charge.


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