Book 6: Chapter 26 - Selfish Once

I watched them as they walked onto Mary. My troop had grown bigger again; all of a sudden, there was so many people.

“Nathan, Vanish! Take care of the captives!” Gehenna suddenly commanded on the other side.

“Yes!” Nathan and Vanish immediately left, which made Moto and the other young men who were returning to Mary extremely nervous.

They leaned in close to one another as they watched Vanish, because they were actually captives too.

I walked to them and comforted them. “Don’t worry. It’s not any of you.”

“Then who are…” Moto asked on behalf of everyone else, without moving his line of sight from Gehenna’s men.

The situation with the captives was complicated, there wasn’t enough time to explain to Moto in detail. Hence, to keep it short, I told him, “The Ghost Eclipsers who eat humans like Margaery.”

Moto and the young men were shocked. They couldn’t believe that there would be a day when the Ghost Eclipsers would be killed for eating humas. Because in the world that they had grown up in, it was perfectly normal to eat humans. Now, their world had suddenly gone through a drastic change. The man-eaters were finally paying the price they should!

I waved at Gehenna nearby. We would left before them, and Gehenna would take care of things for me.

Gehenna chuckled at me. The captives who didn’t eat humans would be exiled in this remote Koont Village at the border of the war zone.

When I entered Mary, its lights were already on. Its walls were so damaged that the cables behind were visible. There was no carpet on the ground either. The cabin was a mess, just as messy as when one first entered a cheap rental flat.

“This is so bad...” Gru who’d just entered the new spacecraft wasn’t used to it. The control room was comparatively more complete because Raffles and I had been there. The console wasn’t damaged at all, although the wall was full of bumps and hollows. Cables flickered, like electric currents flowing in the human brain.

The originally beautiful palace-like Mary had been smashed into a broken house by Moto and the other young men. 

They had been angry when they’d smashed Mary. Their faces had been covered in tears. With every smash, they had vented out their long-suppressed fear and agony built up in the time when they had been serving Margaery.

Yet after they had smashed the spacecraft, they had made themselves return to slavery. They wore no expression across their faces, and only lived by others’ commands.

Hearing Gru’s comment, Moto and Eletta hung their heads in shame. They muttered softly, “We will clean this mess up.”

“There’s no need to. When we return, we can just change to another one,” I said.

Moto and Eletta were surprised.

I looked at them. “You are much more familiar with Mary. You drive it back to Margaery’s Queen Town directly. I want to go and take over the town.”

Their eyes shot open. Suddenly there was a burst of hope and excitement in their eyes.

“Yes!” They immediately went before the console and sat on their seats.

Before us was a gorgeous starry sky, with a barely visible galaxy spanning the length of it. We could vaguely see a silver moon hidden within. Silver Moon City was arriving in the east again.

He Lei and Ah Zong walked up next to me. They were looking at the bright moon from afar like I was.

“It came early this year,” Ah Zong said with his seductive voice. “It is definitely here to block the Ghost Eclipsers’ route. We’d best detour.”

I knew Silver Moon City. It wouldn’t fight against the Ghost Eclipsers right now. But like what Ah Zong mentioned, it would close up the routes to the east. For example, it would set up defense on the routes and station garrisons. The best location should be that warehouse where He Lei and I had first met.

I looked at Ah Zong and then at He Lei. “The two of you stay in the control room.”

Mm,” He Lei nodded.

Ah Zong looked at Moto and the young men smilingly.

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci rushed in through the door. “Report, Captain. Everyone is here!”

“Alright! Let’s take off!”

As I commanded, Mary slowly took off. Gehenna’s smiling face appeared on the screen. “Bing, you left? Aren’t you afraid that I…” He chuckled maliciously.

I met his eyes glumly. “I trust in Vanish, Earl and the rest.”

“Yay!” Nathan, Old Iron, Vanish, Earl, Blue Feather and Nino popped out from behind Gehenna and nearly squeezed him off the screen.

“Boss Bing, don’t worry! We will take good care of it!” Nathan gazed at me in admiration.

“No one hasa ever killed a Ghost King in a split second. You are the first! We worship you!” Old Iron cheered.

Earl pushed his glasses up with his middle finger. “We will see you at the Ghost Eclipsers.”

Gehenna turned on them with his hands on his waist. “Hey, I’m the one who’s your boss!”

They averted their eyes as though they didn’t want to bother with his bullshit. There was an awkward silence.

“Gehenna,” I called and Geenna turned back to me. I met his eyes solemnly. “Silver Moon City came. After we leave, move Uncle Akbu and the other men onto Hurricane. Then, banish the captives and quickly leave.”

“Yes.” Gehenna was finally serious. “You be careful yourself. You killed Margaery. You killed a Ghost King. You won’t be living in peace once you return to Queen Town. There will be constant visits by the people who want to take revenge for Margaery.” 

I smirked coldly. “Even better. I can make them disappear one by one!"

Gehenna gulped and smiled stiffly. “Actually, you don’t have to get rid of all of them. There are a few who just happen to be more lustful. They…”

“Boss, save your nonsense!” Vanish suddenly pulled Gehenna to the side.

“Go away. Don’t waste time.” Blue Feather blocked Gehenna with his body too.

Earl stood in the middle and looked at me solemnly. “Captain, stay safe.” Then, Earl cut off the connection.

I chuckled. Birds of the same feather flock together. Those who wanted to take revenge for Margaery shouldn’t be any good either!

I looked over at Silver Moon City nearby. I will take revenge soon but not now.

I will tear you down from your throne in the sky. Wait and see!

“Advance to Queen Town at full speed!” I roared.

Mary immediately pierced through the clouds, riding the billowing waves of clouds in the starry sea at full speed! 

I stood by Raffles’ bed. The narrow bed was where Moto and the other young men usually rested as slaves.

Raffles lay on the bed in silence. It was the first time I’d seen him sleeping so soundly, as though both he and Hagrid were in deep sleep.

I lay down in front of him. He was as quiet as a baby. His breathing was so unnoticeably light. I touched his face; it was as smooth as a baby’s skin.

“Raffles…” I called him softly. “Hagrid… I’m sorry…” I curled up into his arms, lifting one arm to put around me. Leaning on his shoulder, I listened to his light breathing. “We just reunited and I am bringing you to the Ghost Eclipsers, to war. I can’t take responsibility for your safety but I don’t want to part with you. Raffles, please take good care of yourself…” I closed my eyes. Let me be selfish for once.

Let me be selfish and tie my loved ones to me for once.


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