Book 2: Chapter 3 - A New Beginning

Raffles always told me that I had been extremely lucky because the odds of me getting rescued had been one in a million.

I was glad and it was the first time I had thanked God for letting me off easy. I would never ever forget how Uncle Mason and Harry had saved me. However, it didn’t mean that I wouldn’t hate Harry.

Besides training, I spent most of my time with the girls. To be exact, I actually spent most of my time with Sis Cannon because she was frank and open. She liked me too, and we very quickly became best friends.

Xue Gie didn’t really like to talk. When she wasn’t training, she would only look straight ahead without smiling. She was just like an arrogant ice beauty that no one could approach.

Xiao Ying liked to chat a lot but she preferred to be with the guys. She liked to fool around with Sia and Joey. Sia would pick her up to fly with him, while Joey would jump up high with her. Xiao Ying liked to be in high places so that she could look down at the rest of us.

Although we didn’t spend much time together, I could roughly tell which of the guys liked which DR teammate. It wasn’t the complicated romantic feelings that adults shared, but more like pure admiration or secret puppy crushes.

For example, Bill would always sit off to Xue Gie’s side. Whenever Xue Gie looked in front, he would inch closer to her bit by bit, before stopping half a meter away from her and being secretly delighted with himself. Bill was not a person who liked to smile.

While I was guiding Sis Cannon, Bill sat near Xue Gie again.

“Sis Cannon! Be deft!” I shouted. 

Regardless if it was the scouting troop or the DR team, they never once fooled around or disregarded me due to my age during training. They respected me and would listen properly to my explanations. They were all outstanding and well-trained warriors! When I taught them, they treated me as they would a military instructor and not a little girl.

Sis Cannon held Khai by his shoulders and said, “I don’t need to be deft! Ha!” Then she picked Khai up and threw him right away!

I held my forehead. There were times when the unexpected happened when training with the metahumans.

“Ah!” The tall Khai who had been thrown to the ground by Sis Cannon was embarrassed. He was such a strong man, but it made no difference to Sis Cannon who leaped and kneed him in the back. Overpowering him in a split second - *pak!* - Sis Cannon extended her hand to slap Khai’s face and slammed him against the ground.

“Tell me! Why didn’t you come last night?!” Sis Cannon interrogated Khai while sitting on him.

Everyone’s eyes glowed with humor. Harry bit his lips and smirked maliciously. He leaned against the wall, resting his right foot behind his left in a leisurely and comfortable posture.

We would train on our own most of the time, without Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci around. Besides being military instructors, they were also elders in Noah City. Hence, they had to take care of many affairs on a daily basis. All sorts of trivial matters to major incidents were reported. For instance, a machine broke, a pipe blocked, the Zhang Family had argued, the Lee Family had another baby.

In this world, getting pregnant was very important.

Khai was blushing hard under Sis Cannon. He suddenly clenched his teeth, and all the muscles on his body rippled as he flipped around, shaking off Sis Cannon’s grip with ease. Pushing her off of him, he glared at her and yelled, “I forgot about it because I was playing cards!”

At Khai’s roar, Sis Cannon started unbuttoning her shirt. I was shocked! What is she trying to do!? Go ahead and fight if you are unhappy but why are you taking off your clothes!?

“Are you asking for a fight?” Sis Cannon’s face turned unhappy. She popped her buttons open one by one, revealing her battle singlet. Her singlet was custom-made, just like Williams’, and even had a window cut into the chest to show her skin.

Khai tore off his clothes too; his chest muscles suddenly popped out and they looked very tough. “Come on! So what if I didn’t turn up last night?!”

Sis Cannon pulled off her clothes, her tight singlet revealing the sexy curves of her body. The window on her singlet showed off her deep cleavage. 

I was dumbfounded at the sight. They are really going to fight.

Suddenly, Harry pulled me to the side. I immediately slapped his hand away impatiently. “Don’t touch me!”

“I am pulling you away from them!” he shouted at me while pointing to the others. Everyone had indeed taken shelter far away.

“Sis Cannon is very powerful!” Harry said into my ear. His warm breath blew against my ears and I pushed him away again. “Speak properly. Don’t speak into my ear.”

“Hehe.” He flashed a silly grin at me again.

Haa.” Khai focused his energy and stood in place. “Come on! I’m ready!” he roared.

There was a flash of fire in Sis Cannon’s eyes, and she bellowed, “Die!” Suddenly, a blue ray burst out from Sis Cannon’s bosom, hitting Khai right in the chest. Khai was sent flying before he landed heavily. *Bang!*

I gawked at the scene. So this is where Sis Cannon’s nickname had come from! Her superpower is being able to shoot some sort of light cannon!?

The victorious Sis Cannon suddenly turned elegant. Slowly, she buttoned up her shirt and combed through her short red hair with her fingers. Then, she walked up to Khai and stepped on his back, smirking in disdain. “You are only one of my fourteen men! In Noah City, no one dares to take my men. Even if I dumped you, no one would have the courage to take you either! Besides me, who else would accept you!?”

*Wuu!* Khai could only cry and yield to Sis Cannon in the end.

“Humph!” Sis Cannon flipped her short hair and retracted her foot. Khai got up clumsily and picked up his clothes. He ran away in tears as though he had just gotten trampled on. “Mom, save me!”

An awkward silence descended, as if everyone had been rendered speechless by the scene. 

“I wish I could turn seventeen sooner.” Xiao Ying leaped down from above and stood next to Sis Cannon. Holding up her fists in front of her chest excitedly, she said with anticipation, “Then I’ll be able to choose my own men, and have a lot of servants! It’ll be so cool!”

Because there were more men than women, there would often be multiple men who liked the same woman. Hence, Noah City had the culture of women choosing their partners. When a girl turned seventeen, there would be a solemn adult ceremony. Then, she could pick a man she liked and get married to him.

Of course, the status of girls varied from city to city. For instance, women were treated as livestock in Ghost Eclipse Town. Every city was different, depending on the city owner. The ratio of men to women would also lead to varying marriage systems.

In any case, no one in Noah City would care if Sis Cannon had fourteen boyfriends.

Sis Cannon smiled and rubbed Xiao Ying’s head lovingly. “Who does Xiao Ying like?”

Just then, I realized that the guys on the training field had fled. They tiptoed and moved away in silence while Harry chuckled at the side.

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