Book 6: Chapter 25 - Leave Before Sunrise

*Crackle.* Under the peaceful night sky, fire crackled as the wood and the furniture from Mary burned. Churning flames lit up the soundly sleeping faces around the bonfire.

Everyone’s fate would go through a drastic change the next day.

Uncle Akbu would bring the people of Koont Village back to Noah City and reunite with Sis Ceci and the others.

The young men on Mary would follow me. In actual fact, I still didn’t know them at all. Out of the blue, they had joined my troop. I had no confidence in whether I could actually change their fate.

Suddenly, I saw Pelos and his group of friends getting up in silence. Angelina and him were accompanied by a few other people. A total of seven of them crept softly and ran towards He Lei and I when they saw us.



Pelos led Angelina and the others before us. “Captain, First Mate, you are… not going to sleep?” Pelos glanced at us guiltily.

Heh, you want to stow away again?” He Lei saw through him.

Pelos shot a look at He Lei, who was not much older than he was. “First Mate, you are not that old too but you are already a general of the Aurora Legion! You are even famous among the Ghost Eclipsers! So, you should be able to understand our hearts!” Pelos wanted to start with persuading He Lei.

He Lei’s face grew glum. In terms of maturity, he was far beyond his age.

Thinking for a while, He Lei finally looked at me. “Don’t let them fall into disuse and focus on making babies. As for the girls…” He Lei glanced at Angelina. He was especially soft-hearted when it came to girls.

I’d nearly forgotten about Angelina. Since they were stowaways and were also Pelos’ people, I always unwittingly forgot about her. Maybe because I was a girl myself, I didn’t mind girls much.

“I can do it!” Angelina was so nervous that her voice was trembling. “Captain…”

Pelos held her hand encouragingly and Angelina panicked. “Captain doesn’t mind girls too! Xiao Ying and I are about the same age. She can join. Why can’t I?”

He Lei looked at me. “Bing, girls are very precious in this world…”

“That’s why you have to take good care of them,” I added. He Lei nodded and I continued, “But you can’t take away their chance to participate in war.”

“That’s great!” Angelina beamed at me happily with eyes shimmering in admiration. “Thank you, Captain!”

He Lei had nothing to say. He was at a loss for words.

“Captain, can we… leave earlier?” Pelos asked awkwardly. “My dad and the other uncles definitely won’t let us follow you when they wake up!”

Suddenly I felt like I’d become an accomplice in their running away. But what else could I do? We were about the same age.

I looked them over. “Which one of you has a superpower to make people go into a deep sleep?”

They looked at one another. There was no one with that superpower among our group.

I glanced at Moto and the other young men. I shall try my luck there.

We walked towards Moto and his group. At once, they awoke with a start. I saw them waking up in shock. Although they became less vigilant once they saw that it was me, the subconscious terror they’d showed at the moment they’d startled awake was a heartbreaking sight. They had always lived like they would die at any time. On top of that, they lived in fear of brutal deaths like bloodletting or being consumed.

“They have been living in fear…” He Lei sighed softly. “If I have to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers like them, I’d find them even more pitiful than we are. They live a meaningless life.” He Lei’s voice deepened. “We should save them!” He suddenly said, eyes glowing with determination.

There was once when people like us would have ruthlessly killed the Ghost Eclipsers regardless of their origins. For instance, when we had been in the warehouse back then.

Now, we began to reevaluate the Ghost Eclipsers. We killed the real Ghost Eclipsers and saved the slaves and human pigs among the Ghost Eclipsers.

“Is there any among you who have the superpower to make people go into a deep sleep or some other type hypnotizing superpower?” I asked softly.

They looked at one another.

Eletta pointed at a young man in the back. “He can. Thirteen.”

“Thirteen?” He Lei looked at Eletta confusedly. The one he’d pointed at was a young man with gray hair, who looked about fourteen years old.

“Many of us have no name, only a code number,” Moto said with his head hung low. “In fact, those with numbers are supposed to be food…”

Thirteen hung his head in fear and hid in between Eletta and Juye.

“Only those who serve the Queen have a name,” Eletta said.

I nodded and gazed at Thirteen gently. “Thirteen, we need you to make people in Koont Village go into a deep sleep. We are preparing to leave.”

“Yes, yes…” Thirteen walked out and extended his hand. Colorful grains of pollen appeared on his palm and flew towards Uncle Akbu and his men.

I turned to look at He Lei and Pelos. “Wake everyone up. Prepare for departure.”

“Yes!” Pelos looked extremely excited. He immediately ran over to Angelina and told them to wake the others up.

He Lei and I went our separate ways to wake our people up.

Gehenna and his men were still confused about what was going on.

I shook Ah Zong gently. When Ah Zong opened his eyes, his bi-color pupils looked even more beautiful in the firelight, like charming glass beads.

“Wake up. Help me to get Raffles onto the spacecraft.”

“We are leaving so soon?” Ah Zong stood up lazily. He looked like he loathed to part with the night’s peace and leisure. He stretched, one hand rested on his waist as he smiled. He Lei, who happened to be walking past Ah Zong, frowned; he was probably not used to Ah Zong’s behavior yet.

Noticing, Ah Zong threw a sideways glance and wink at He Lei.

He Lei immediately knitted his brows. “Let me go get Raffles.” Then, he disappeared from next to me.

Sigh. I really don’t feel like leaving. I wonder when would be the next time we can do this.” Ah Zong turned around and walked to Mary. Zi Yi immediately caught up next to him, waking Xiao Ye who was still sleeping by the side with a kick.

Everyone woke up and gathered.

Fat-Two saw Xiao Ying and reflexively carried her on his shoulder. Xiao Ying looked happy. During this trip out, Xiao Ying had found herself a saddle horse.

“Sis Ceci, Fat-Two, Xiao Ying, Sia, Joey, go to Mary. We will part ways with Gehenna later on.”

“Alright.” Sis Ceci led everyone onto Mary.

He Lei carried Raffles up and Mary was activated. It whirled with a low groan like a sleeping dragon waking up.

Little Har, Little Raf and Little Bing followed Lucifer and Gru onto the new spacecraft. Moto and the young men walked onto Mary without any expression on their faces.


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