Book 6: Chapter 23 - He Lei Was Puzzled

I furrowed my eyebrows. “Look, this is your current situation. You don’t know what you want. You don’t know how to live after you are set free. You have no direction. You are lost. I set you free but you don’t know how to enjoy it. Stand straight!” I suddenly roared. They instinctively stood straight and lifted their chins. They actually looked high spirited now.

Even Moto stood straight reflexively. At the very moment, a flash of pain crossed his eyes and his eyes welled up in tears.

My eyebrows were tightly knitted now. They were completely enslaved. They obeyed orders like robots receiving commands.

When I’d told them that they were free, the robots had looked like their batteries got removed and they only stood there, stunned.

Seeing the glasses on the ground, I roared, “Pick up your glasses!”

They immediately raised their glasses.

I raised my glass and said, “Drink!”

They immediately drank altogether.

Taking a glance at them, I raised my glass too. I eyed the dark liquid inside the glass and took a sip. I was at once dumbfounded. Everyone was having so much fun drinking this?! It was super bitter and bad tasting!

I held back and shouted at them, “From today onwards, we are in the same boat!” As I roared, their expressions finally changed. They stared at me blankly as I continued, “You eat whatever I eat! You wear whatever I wear! Everyone takes care of one another and leaves no one behind! Break the glass and swear!”

I broke the glass directly!

*Pak!* The glass hit the ground and immediately shattered into pieces.

They were stunned for a while, before they broke their glasses too.

The loud and crisp noise made everyone look in our direction.

I pointed at their uniform. “Take off the old lady’s uniform! From now on, you are under me, Ice Fire King!”

“Yes!” They stripped off their beautiful army uniform. They were merely listening to my orders because they didn’t know how to control their fate. But I believed that they would find themselves and find the life they wanted one day.

Moto, Eletta and Juye took off their army uniform too and threw them into the bonfire. Then, everyone threw their uniform in too.

“Don’t throw them!” Uncle Akbu suddenly ran over. He glanced at me and then at Moto and the young men. “This is good material. We want them if you don’t. Give them to us.” Uncle Akbu wanted to pick them up but I immediately stopped him. “Uncle Akbu, these uniforms represent their past. They not only have to take off their outer clothes, but they also have to take off their inner wear. I want them to throw away their past completely and restart their lives. Don’t worry. Noah City has enough good clothes for all of you."

Uncle Akbu looked at it with pity for a while. Then, he smiled at Moto and the others. “You heard him. Take off all your clothes that were given by that old lady! Go and take a shower too! Become a human again tomorrow!”

The young men were dumbfounded but their expressions became emotional. They glanced at each other, and there were finally more expressions across their faces. Suddenly, they tore away their shirt and took off their pants. They were really taking off all their clothes!

Hehehehe…” Uncle Akbu chuckled. His smile was similar to Elder Alufa. “Are you still going to watch them?” Uncle Akbu whispered to me.

I felt embarrassed too. I quickly spun around, and happened to see Ah Zong, He Lei and the rest walking over.

Ah Zong winked at me while He Lei nodded at me with a smile.

“Let’s go swimming!” Ah Zong walked past me, his pink hair tickling the tip of my nose with a tinge of wheat scent.

“Let us take care of them.” He Lei patted my shoulder and walked past me too.

I was at ease. I couldn’t help but smile. I glanced at Raffles, who was drunk, and I frowned when I looked at Uncle Akbu.

Uncle Akbu was smiling at the sight behind me.

“Uncle Akbu, are Raffles’ parents…”

Uncle Akbu’s smile faded as I asked. He turned to look at me. “I’m sorry. Raffles’s parents were recruited to Ghost Town by the Great Ghost King long ago. Their lives have been… uncertain.”

Ghost Town? That was like the capital city of the Ghost Eclipsers, where the Great Ghost King stayed.

“I heard that you are going to the Ghost Eclipsers.” Uncle Akbu was filled with anxiety. He looked at me. “It is very dangerous there. You must be careful. I hope that you can find Raffles’ parents in Ghost Town…” Uncle Akbu looked to the west, his eyes shimmering with starlights. “This world finally has some hope…”

The night breeze howled and the fire swayed in the breeze.

Uncle Akbu stared at my face, complicated emotions in his eyes.

Ah!” Suddenly, I heard Xiao Ying’s shrill scream. She quickly covered her eyes and turned around.  Fat-Two, who was next to her, laughed hysterically. Everyone burst out into laughter in that instant. The smell of alcohol in the air became more intense. 

Sis Ceci chuckled as she watched while Uncle Mason quickly covered her eyes and hushed her away. Now Uncle Akbu and the other men made fun of him too.

I glanced at Ghostie in the water bucket. He was laughing too. He was laughing at Xiao Ying. Moto and the other young men must have really stripped naked.

I had not been in such a relaxing and happy mood for a while. Everyone didn’t have to be on guard against one another. They didn’t need to worry that the Ghost Eclipsers would suddenly come by.

The tranquil moonlight poured on the silent bonfire.

Everyone lay down around the bonfire, including Uncle Akbu and his men. Everyone had fun drinking and now they were all drunk. The smell of alcohol in the air had yet to disperse. 

Moto and his men had changed into the tattered clothes in Koont Village before they curled up together. Some of them were sobbing in their dreams.

“Boss… Kill them…” Vanish and the others were sleep-talking. One hugged another while another stepped on someone else’s face. 

Uncle Mason and Uncle Akbu draped their hands over each other’s shoulders as they snored in their sleep.

Ghostie sunk to the bottom of the water bucket. Next to his bucket was Raffles, who Uncle Akbu and his men had made drunk because they couldn’t tell Raffles the truth about his parents personally.

I looked at a field of men snoring. Who had seen the Ghost Eclipsers and the non-Ghost Eclipsers sleep together in peace before?

When I stood before Mary, a human breeze blew past me. As my hair fluttered in the air, He Lei stood next to me.

He looked down at me for a while. Then, he took a deep breath and looked to the front. “When I heard that you were dead, I couldn’t accept it. He Lei’s voice sounded distressed. “I…”

He lowered his face. Now he looked like he was in pain. He looked down, clenching his fists as his breathing became heavier. “I… I… I!” He suddenly lifted his head and stared at me with a burning gaze, obvious pain in his eyes. “Bing, this is the first time I am afraid of losing someone. That someone is you!”

I looked at him blankly. He Lei… is afraid of losing me?


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