Book 6: Chapter 21 - Lost Being Free

I glanced at both of them in turn. “You know him the best. You are familiar with all his academic reports, his research and the experiments that he does. You should know what he was trying to do.”

Hagrid looked down, immersed in his own thoughts. He sat next to Raffles and asked, “Raffles, what do you think?”

“Madman…” Raffles muttered. He suddenly lifted his chin. “Such a madman. How do we know what he was trying to do?!”

“Raffles, calm down.” Hagrid pressed Raffles down. “Before the end of the world, Professor Hagrid Jones had been working hard on experiments to evolve humans, to stimulate the possibility of human genetics, and to develop brains…” Hagrid abruptly paused, surprised.

Raffles suddenly became disappointed and quiet. He covered his face. “He succeeded…”

Hagrid’s eyes dimmed. “It is too huge a price to pay. He is crazier than I am.”

For a very long time, we sat in silence.

Raffles took it badly, and so did Hagrid. However, that was the truth. Their idol had triggered the end of the world, destroying the world and killing almost ninety percent of all living things.

Then, he’d let them run their own course in the remaining world that was filled with radiation and monsters.

“Cang Yu…” Raffles held his head and muttered softly.

Hagrid immediately fixed his sharp gaze on me. “So, you suspect Cang Yu isn’t from the first batch of manmade metahumans but Professor Hagrid Jones himself?”

I knitted my eyebrows. “I am only suspecting.”

“They don’t look alike!” Raffles held his head and refuted emotionally, “Immortality can make one become undying but it wouldn’t change his appearance!”

“There are all kinds of superpower in this world. Lil Bing is only suspecting,” Hagrid said calmly. “Cang Yu might not be Hagrid Jones himself but he is definitely related to Hagrid Jones. He controls Silver Moon City after all.”

“Yes, as long as we hold onto Cang Yu, we can find Hagrid Jones.” I clenched my fists as though I was holding Cang Yu tight in my hands.

“What will you do after you find him?” Raffles lifted his chin to look at me.

Hagrid glanced at me too.

I faced them glumly. “Kill him!”

They didn’t seem surprised but their eyebrows were tightly knitted.

Ah!” Suddenly, there came a sudden roar that shook the spacecraft.

“What happened?” Raffles and Hagrid looked outside.

I knew that superpower. It was Bill’s dad. “Did Uncle Akbu and Uncle Mason fight… Let me go and take a look.”

“Okay,” they replied simultaneously and looked at each other. “We need to calm down and digest this piece of information.”

I glanced at them before I turned to leave. I gave them some alone time. They needed to calm down. Hagrid Jones had been their idol since young and their goal. Yet now their idol had suddenly become a serial killer. If I were them, I wouldn’t have been able to accept it all of a sudden.

I checked the time. It was about time for Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci to drive Hurricane out of the water. 

When I rushed to Koont Village in the flying vehicle, I saw Uncle Akbu and his men standing opposite Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci. Pelos, Angelina and the others stood in between them awkwardly.

I immediately got off the flying vehicle and stood between them. “Don’t fight.”

“We didn’t fight.” Uncle Akbu was glum. Uncle Wheelock returned to stand behind Uncle Akbu with a poker face.

Uncle Mason looked at the thickly-bearded Uncle Akbu, and said, “I’m sorry.”

“Forget about the past. Since Shirley and the other ladies already settled down, we will return to Noah City too. We can only return to Noah City too as our wives and children are there. We can’t be staying here, can we?” Uncle Akbu chuckled lightly.

Sis Ceci and Uncle Mason let out a breath of relief. Behind them was the medium-sized spaceship, Hurricane.

“Get on Hurricane. Hurricane has an autopilot system. It will bring you back to Noah City.” Sis Ceci walked forward. A woman would have an easier time dealing with a bunch of men.

Judging from the current situation, Uncle Akbu and the other men were much calmer than Sis Shirley. Men dealt with things differently with women.

“Let’s go tomorrow morning.” Uncle Akbu looked up at the sunset sky, then lowered his head. “Let’s have dinner together. We will need time to move the things in Koont Village too.”

So saying, Uncle Akbu went silent.

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci stood on the spot but didn’t say anything.

It was awkward.

“Sure! Let’s have dinner together!” Pelos suddenly said as though he was trying to make it less awkward.

Uncle Akbu glanced at the children and abruptly roared, “All of you have to return with me tomorrow!”

Pelos held his forehead. “I shouldn’t have come out here.”

“Exactly. All of you wanted to come out regardless.” Angelina glanced at the others while they pouted in distress and looked away.

A full moon hung in the sky. Three bonfires dotted the empty land at the mountain foot in Koont Village. Huge spacecrafts were parked around, conveniently surrounding the bonfires like a high wall that blocked the night breeze.

The antique furniture was vaguely visible in the bonfire. Moto and the other young men surrounded the bonfire in silence, as though they were still waiting for their fate.

I sat around the bonfire alongside Gehenna and his men. Raffles, He Lei, Ah Zong and the others sat together with us.

Because I didn’t want people to feel that the Ghost Eclipsers were the Ghost Eclipsers and we were different from them. We had all boarded Striking King and now we were a team.

Fat-Two began to grill corn cobs happily. Although there was meat in Kunt Village, I guessed no one wanted to see any meat right now.

Lucifer had been drooling since the moment he saw the grilled corn and he sat closely next to Fat-Two.

Ghostie’s uniform wasn’t done yet. Hence, he sat alone in the big wooden bucket next to Raffles.

We released Little Har, Little Raf and Little Bing for them to fly around and also to excrete. 

The appearance of the three lucid birds surprised the young men in Koont Village and Mary.

The uncles in Koont Village sat around the bonfire while Uncle Akbu, Pelos and the other boys went to take beer.

The night sky became extremely quiet; only the crack and sparkle of bonfires could be heard.

“We’re back!” Uncle Akbu and the boys came back carrying beer.

The beer was in huge white plastic buckets that were as tall as a human. A few metahumans moved the beer over with their superpowers.

The white beer buckets landed next to the bonfires before everyone. Moto and the young men were stunned.

Glasses landed in everyone’s hands, including Ghostie’s. Then, Pelos performed his superpower to suck out the beer from the buckets and release it into everyone’s glasses.


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