Book 6: Chapter 20 - Cang Yu and Hagrid Jones

“Now I’m just a little worried about Corpse King.” Gehenna knitted his brows and He Lei seemed to understand something from Gehenna’s expression. He quickly asked, “What’s wrong with Corpse King?”

“Corpse King is crazy for Margaery. Although we know that Margaery is actually an old lady, Corpse King really loves her. He will definitely take revenge for Margaery once he finds out that she was killed.” Gehenna’s expression grew solemn as he watched me worriedly. “Bing, you have to be prepared for war. Corpse King is not someone you want to offend.” 

I wouldn’t be afraid to deal with whoever that was coming because they were merely enemies that I had to face anyway. It was just a matter of time.

I thought for a while then asked, “Did Margaery sleep with many Ghost Eclipsers?” I glanced at Gehenna, whose face grew grave. “This… I will report to you after I investigate. I wonder how Mason is doing. Do you want to go and take a look? See you later.” Gehenna quickly cut off the connection. He’d felt guilty.

Gehenna had definitely slept with Margaery. That was why he’d avoided my question.

I wanted to know because I needed to estimate how many Ghost Eclipsers who had slept with Margaery would be hunting for me like Corpse King.

If they were to unite and come at me, I would be in big trouble.

Plus, those who’d slept with Margaery definitely wouldn’t be ordinary Ghost Eclipsers. Their superpower would definitely be strong.

“Did Margaery use blood transfusion to gain immortality?” I thought out loud to myself. It seemed that there were many ways to gain immortality in this world.

“Should be,” Raffles said as he upgraded the system. “Although I have never seen her performing her superpower, judging from Gehenna’s description, I can roughly guess that she controls the cells in the blood. When I say control the cells, I mean that she can regenerate cells. It’s similar to Harry’s superpower, just that she needed a medium. She needed to draw extra regeneration energy as well as newborn cells from fresh blood. With that, she could stop herself from aging. As for whether she could live on forever, it’s not important anymore because she already died. If you’d kept a piece of her tissue for me, I might have been able to analyze it."

I glanced at Raffles stiffly. What he meant was that he wanted me to keep a piece of the enemy’s flesh for him during war in the future? Although Raffles wouldn’t eat human flesh, the thought made me feel pins and needles on my back.

Raffles’ words reminded me of another person, Cang Yu.

Cang Yu had once said something about immortality too.

Cang Yu…


Margaery was referred to as an old lady. She must have been much older than Gehenna but she’d looked like she was eighteen at most.

As for Cang Yu, he’d looked like he was twenty.

Xing Chuan had respected Cang Yu so much. Could Cang Yu be…

“Could Cang Yu be much older than how he looks?” I asked Raffles in surprise.

Stunned, Raffles stopped what he was doing. Hagrid and he both stopped at once. It seemed that they cared a lot about Cang Yu.

Raffles turned to look at me. His expression became solemn.

Suddenly, Hagrid came out from behind him. He said seriously, “The possibility is high. From his temperament, knowledge and his calmness, I am guessing he should be above forty."

“More than that… definitely more than that…” I shook my head slowly. “Could he be more than sixty?!”

“More than sixty?!” Raffles was surprised. He blinked, sinking into deep thought. “He might be from the first batch of metahumans.”

“Do you mean the first batch of metahumans, or the first batch of manmade metahumans?” Hagrid glanced at Raffles.

Raffles was shocked.

Cang Yu’s identity made me insecure. I found him suspicious. Suddenly, a thought popped into my head that I didn’t dare to believe in myself. It sent chills down my spine.

“Professor Yin Yue once mentioned that Professor Hagrid Jones could give her immortality. They kept in touch. They kept in touch!” I stared at Raffles and Hagrid in surprise. “So, Professor Hagrid Jones is still alive! And he is immortal!”

“Professor Hagrid Jones is still alive!” Hagrid and Raffles exclaimed in surprised unison.

I held my buzzing head. Such non-scientific phenomena wasn’t something I was good at. 

“I didn’t manage to finish telling you about Hagrid Island. I only mentioned that it was a shelter for a bunch of scientists before the end of the world. Professor Yin Yue is their leader…”

“Professor Yin Yue and Professor Hagrid Jones are husband and wife… Did Professor Hagrid Jones know the date of the end of the world?” Hagrid seemed to understand something and his gaze turned sharp.

Raffles glanced at me then at Hagrid nervously. “Hagrid, did you guess something?"

Hagrid became calm. “We are scientists. We are not paparazzi. So, we have to be careful. We don’t make wild guesses. We make reasonable speculations. Silver Moon City, Hagrid Island, don’t you think the names are connected? Why would there be a Hagrid Island for Professor Yin Yue and her people to take refuge in before the end of the world? Hagrid Jones obviously built the island for his wife!”

Raffles’ expression turned shocked. “You mean…” Raffles’ grayish-blue eyes glistened. He seemed to guess it too but he wasn’t as calm as Hagrid. Lowering his head, he muttered in disbelief, “No, no way… This is impossible…”

“That’s right. They are connected. Very connected, in fact.” I looked at Raffles and Hagrid glumly. “Professor Hagrid Jone knew the time of the end of the world. Hence, he built Hagrid Island for Professor Yin Yue to take refuge!”

“Isn’t that normal?” Raffles lifted his face. “Hagrid Jones is an extraordinary scientist so he must have detected the mysterious aerolite and calculated the time. However, he couldn’t tell the others to run away in time. He loves his wife so he only told his wife. Humans are selfish. It is understandable.”

“Raffles.” Hagrid looked at Raffles calmly. “An island like that wasn’t built in a day.”

Raffles was stunned. Hagrid extended his hand and patted Raffles’ back. “I know that you are not willing to accept the fact. Me too. But the truth is that the end of the world is manmade. Hence, the one who could control the time of the end of the world has to be the Professor Hagrid Jones we admired and respected!”  

Sigh…” Raffles let out a long sigh and lowered his face. He became unusually down. Sighing, he sat on the chair. His shock had been replaced with disappointment.

Hagrid turned to me calmly. “Is that it?” 

I didn’t want to admit it but I had to nod. “This is the shocking secret Professor Yin Yue told me. It was Professor Hagrid Jones who triggered the end of the world.”

“Why?” Hagrid was still doubtful but Raffles had gone quiet in disappointment.


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