Book 6: Chapter 19 - The Birth Of Ice Fire King

In the spacecraft, the young men were busy removing the furniture. They tore up the carpet in the corridor, threw away the fresh flowers on the cabin wall, took the antique furniture out of the cabins and smashed the vases.

The robot began to help them with throwing the furniture out of the spacecraft. Those extravagant decorations were all removed too. 

If it had been before I met Margaery, I would have found it a pity. However, the moment I recalled that these things once belonged to that disgusting demon, I only wanted to burn all of it down.

Raffles and Xiao Ying entered the control room.

The decoration in the control room was equally extravagant. The most ridiculous thing was the captain seat. It was a spacious sleeping couch with gauze hanging on both sides, clearly filled with excessive lewdness. 

Margaery had turned the spacecraft into her portable palace.

A few young men barged in and wanted to take apart the sleeping couch, but froze when they saw us.

I gestured. “Remove it, remove it.”

“Yes!” They immediately removed the sleeping couch without hesitation.

Raffles took out a data cable and connected to Mary’s port. Xiao Ying vanished from the control room and the system suddenly started running.

Raffles connected one end of the data cable to a display monitor. Xiao Ying’s holographic image appeared, as if she’d become the AI of the spacecraft.

The top of the control room opened up on both sides, and fresh air surged in.

“How bad is the damage of the spacecraft?” Raffles immediately asked.

“Not too bad. The system isn’t damaged at all. The circuits are all fine too. The overall situation is good.”

“That’s great.” Raffles relaxed. He turned to look at me. “Lil Bing, we will take over from here. I will upgrade Mary’s system for Ice Dragon to take over.”

I knitted my eyebrows and nodded. “If there is spray paint, get them to change the color of the external shell too.”

Raffles didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. His eyes flickered as though he was talking to Hagrid.

“What did Hagrid say?” I asked.

Raffles chuckled and said, “Hagrid said that women are like this. They don’t like to use things that others have used. He suggested for me to deconstruct Mary and rebuild it."

Heh,” I chuckled. “Who says that I am using this spacecraft? I can seize it and give it to you.”

Raffles was stunned.

Hahahaha. Sure!” Xiao Ying clapped happily. “I don’t mind. Give it to me! I really want a spacecraft of my own!”

I glanced at her expressionlessly. “I think you want to build yourself a harem.”

Ugh…” Xiao Ying fiddled with her fingers and winked at me playfully. “Captain, why do you always expose what I am thinking about?” Xiao Ying pouted and disappeared from the screen.

Looking around, I thought for a moment. I looked over at Raffles who was checking the system. “Raffles, I killed a Ghost King. So, I am a Ghost King now!”

Raffles was stunned. He came back to reality and glanced at me. His hands were still busy working as he replied, “That’s right! You are a Ghost King now!”

“Does it mean I have to take over all of Margeary’s livable zones?”

“Yes! Let me connect you to Gehenna.” His fingers danced over the console table like elves. He connected to Striking King very quickly and the control room appeared on the monitor.

On the screen, He Lei had taken over the control room while Gehenna sat on the first mate’s seat.

He Lei smiled faintly at me. “How is it going?”

“Very good.” I looked at Gehenna. “Gehenna, am I a Ghost King now? Can I take over Margaery’s livable zones?”

Gehenna jumped and slapped his thigh. “Yeah! You are a new Ghost King now! You can totally take over Margaery’s livable zones! Oh my!” Gehenna combed his hair and acted as though he was daydreaming. He paced back and forth before He Lei. “You are a Ghost King now! Margaery’s people are not weak but they’ve been badly frightened by her.” He looked up at me. “Although they look timid, their superpowers are great. Some of them shouldn’t be weaker than Nathan and my other men.”

“What?” I was in disbelief. Because they had always been so fearful. “If they are like how you described them to be, how can they fight if they are so timid?”

“She doesn’t kill the winner,” Gehenna said to me as though it was a simple matter of fact. “Margaery ran a bloodthirsty rule. She would kill those who refused to go on the battlefield or those who lost immediately. Hence, the children are so afraid of her. You killed Margaery so of course they are afraid of you. They will obey your commands. Don’t waste it.” 

Although Gehenna said so, I didn’t intend to keep them. At least, I wouldn’t force them to stay. Judging from their fearful expressions, they were truly terrified. They actually weren’t suitable to be warriors, because the walls in their hearts had been destroyed by Margaery entirely. They would follow any given instructions like a dead soldier.

“How about Margaery’s livable zones?” I was more interested in Margaery’s livable zones. A Ghost King’s livable zone was definitely not too shabby.

“Oh, Margaery’s livable zones are not bad.” Gehenna’s reply was as expected. Gehenna chuckled, “You’ll definitely like it. It is filled with flowers.”

“What?” She actually only planted fresh flowers on the precious soil?

“Margaery buried all the remaining dead bodies under the fresh flowers as fertilizer. That’s why Margaery’s flowers are very beaut-…”

“Stop!” I raised my hand. I didn’t want to hear anymore. As expected, the more beautiful one looked, the more bloody the sin.

“Bing, you killed a Ghost King and the other Ghost Kings are definitely interested in you. You are going to be one of the Ghost Eclipsers from now on. What should we call you?” Gehenna scratched his head and looked at me.

He Lei stood up next to Gehenna. “Luo Bing, you need to get a new name.” 

I said casually, “Ice Dragon.”

“Oh, Master. You are using my name fraudulently.” 

Heh, Lil Bing, you are so lazy.” He Lei gazed at me dotingly.

“How about your Ghost King title?” Gehenna glanced at He Lei. “Has to be something cool. The title of a Ghost King is very important. It serves as a deterrent force!” Gehenna emphasized. 

He Lei furrowed his eyebrows as though he was thinking of something on my behalf. “Luo Bing’s superpower is like a blue flame when he releases it… How about Ice Fire King?” He Lei looked at everyone. “This can mislead others into thinking that Luo Bing’s superpower is related to fire.”

Ice Fire… Ice and Fire?

I found it awkward but I could make do. Plus, I found it aptly worded.

My blue crystal energy burned people into ashes when I fought against my enemy. However, it had no heat. It was clean and clear as crystal. Wasn’t it just like Ice Fire?

“Yeah!” Gehenna patted He Lei’s shoulders in approval. He Lei smiled faintly. It seemed like he didn’t find Gehenna repulsive anymore. 

“I think it’s great,” Raffles said with a smile. “Ice Fire King, Ice Dragon. Mm. Pretty good.”

Alright, I, Luo Bing, will be Ice Dragon. I will be one of the four Ghost Kings, Ice Fire King!

Whoever dares to offend me, I will give him a taste of ice and fire!


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