Book 6: Chapter 18 - Give You Your Freedom

Gehenna looked at Vanish and the others, his face suddenly growing solemn. “When we return, settle the women and the children. Then, let’s fight with all we have!”

“Alright!” Nathan and the others cheered with enthusiasm.

Vanish smiled faintly. “Finally, we’re going to do it.”

“That’s more like it.” Earl pushed up his glasses with his middle finger. “That’s more like our Boss."

“That’s right!” Blue Feather spread his wings excitedly. They hugged one other’s shoulders and smiled under the blue sky. Their foul Ghost Eclipsers smell seemed to disperse in the breeze, magically vanishing under the clear sky.

The sky seemed to be bluer than the year before.

“Now you can take over Mary.” I glanced at Raffles and he nodded.

Robots began to leave Ice Dragon to head over to Mary.

Raffles got on the flying vehicle and Xiao Ying immediately followed behind. “I want to go too.”

Everyone else returned to the control room under the lead of Gehenna and He Lei. I looked at Uncle Mason. “Tell Uncle Akbu to get on Hurricane. Do you need to put on a disguise?”

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci exchanged a glance, their expression growing complicated. Finally, he shook his head and they smiled at each other and held hands. Uncle Mason said, “Let’s go. Let’s bring them home.”

Sis Ceci nodded with a smile. Then, she went to activate Hurricane along with Uncle Mason.

Raffles and I headed over to Mary with Xiao Ying and the robots. We were prepared to take over Mary.

Once they spotted us, the young men who were burying dead bodies immediately became nervous. They gathered and stood behind Moto.

Soil dropped from the air. They looked terrified and anxious.

We landed the flying vehicle in front of them, while the robots stopped behind me.

When I got off the flying vehicle, everyone began to move backwards. Some even panicked and fell into the pit.

Ah!” He screamed, making the others even more nervous.

“He, he is the person who killed the old lady,” Eletta told everyone.

“It’s him?!”

“He, he, he, he, he…”

“Will he kill us?!” They hugged together fearfully.

“Don’t be scared. We would have been dead long ago if he wanted to kill us,” Moto shouted and turned to look at me calmly. The wound on his face had yet to heal. “How would you like to settle us?” He seemed to be resigned to his fate.

Raffles and Xiao Ying stood by my side but didn’t speak.

Xiao Ying measured the beautiful young men smilingly. “Why are there so many beautiful men in the Ghost Eclipsers? Where do you come from?” Xiao Ying asked curiously.

Everyone looked at Moto and Moto faced us calmly. “We came from different villages of the Ghost Eclipsers… We were chosen by the Bloody Queen. She will replenish her supply from various villages every month…” His voice sounded depressed and he glanced at the dead bodies in the pits. “We are merely her food…”

The Bloody Queen visited each village to select beautiful young men every month, but her action was referred to as replenishing the supply.

I swept my eyes over the troop of over fifty people and mentally added those in the pits. Mary should have had over eighty beautiful young men. Deducting those who had been eaten and used during her journey, there were not many left. The young men had been living every day in fear of being the next who would be sucked dry and eaten.

Among them, there were young men around the age of thirteen or fourteen. Margaery had mentioned that the inner thigh meat of a thirteen or fourteen-year-old young man was the most tender and the most delicious. They must have been her food during her journey.

“Don’t be nervous or afraid. We don’t eat humans,” I said.

“But you are the Ghost Eclipsers!” Moto roared at me. His voice was shaking and he lowered his head, resigned to his fate. “Our fate is in your hands."

Hehe.” Xiao Ying suddenly grinned. “Then, your fate shall change from this very moment.”

They gave us a confused look.

I looked at them. “I know that you hate Mary but Mary is a spacecraft. So, I’m sorry that I can’t let you continue to vandalize it…”

Humph… You’re the same after all…” Moto chuckled bitterly, “As long as you don’t eat humans, we are already lucky enough…”

“I am not done yet,” I said after I’d waited patiently for him to finish what he’d wanted to say. They hung their heads low expressionlessly, as though they were puppets waiting to accept their fate. “You can remove all the furniture and burn them! Smash them into pieces! Do as you wish!”

They were stunned. I knitted my eyebrows. “Remember, smash that bathing pool. It disgusts me!”

The young men were astounded. I gestured, “Hurry!”

Alarmed, they immediately ran into Mary as though they didn’t dare to delay further because they were used to being ordered around.

Moto, Eletta and another young man stumbled from being pushed by the young men behind them.

I looked at Moto, Eletta and the young man who had witnessed me killing Margaery. They were actually around my age. That was probably why Margaery had been interested in me.

“What’s your name?” I asked the third young man. He blinked and lowered his face. “Ghost King, I am Juye.”

The Ghost Eclipsers’ law was that whoever had killed a Ghost King would be the new Ghost King. It was simple and brutal. Hence, they now treated me like a Ghost King.

I nodded. “The three of you, go and treat your wounds.” I gestured at their faces. They were stunned. I pointed at Gehenna’s spacecraft. “You know that spacecraft, right?”

“We, we do!” They got anxious. Eletta said in a shivery voice, “That, that, that is Mister Gehenna’s Striking King.”

“Striking King… Which meaning of striking?”

They pointed at their faces.

Oh, so it’s the handsome kind of striking. It sure lived up to Gehenna’s shameless character. He’d even named his spacecraft so shamelessly.

“Don’t be afraid. My people are inside there. They will heal you. I will take over Mary and your fate is not in my hand. If you are willing to trust me, you can follow me. If you don’t want to return to the Ghost Eclipsers, you can stay here. Koont Village is a nice place to live too."

Juye and Elette stared at me in surprise. They looked to Moto simultaneously. Moto seemed to have followed Mary for very long.

Moto stared at me in disbelief. “You, you are willing to set us free.”

I nodded. “The people who used to stay in Koont Village are going to leave. They grow crops here. There is a pond for rearing fish on the mountain peak too. The facilities here are complete. You can easily self-sustain…”

They glanced around in surprise, looking at the field of corn swaying along in the breeze.

“You look like the leader of these people. So, you are in charge of telling the others. Tonight, we will be resting here for a night. You can slowly think about it.” Then, as they stood dumbfounded, I entered Mary that was filled with bloodiness along with Raffles, Xiao Ying and the robots.


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