Book 6: Chapter 17 - Don’t Smash The Spacecraft

Ghostie seemed angry too. He crossed his arms in the water cabin, angry that I had suddenly taken action alone.

In their eyes, it was far too dangerous to fight against a Ghost King alone.

It really had been dangerous. If it wasn’t because my blood was ‘poisonous’, I would have been dead.

But I really hadn’t been able to hold myself back.

That woman, that bloody piece of meat, that pool of fresh young men’s blood, I hadn't been able to help it! There’d been no way I could have stayed calm and flirted with her while I made a strategic plan. I’d only wanted that woman to immediately disappear before me!

“I didn’t start a battle,” I said faintly.

“How dare you say you didn’t?!” Raffles roared. He scanned my body with a medic device. “You killed a Ghost King alone. Do you know how dangerous that is?!!” Raffles bellowed.

“You killed a Ghost King?!” He Lei was stunned. Then, he realized, “You killed Margaery?!”

“Yes!” Raffles’ face darkened in anger. He glanced at He Lei and complained, “He didn’t discuss with us at all and simply took action alone to kill Margaery. Even Gehenna had no idea. Now, the beautiful young men in Margaery’s spacecraft are smashing the spacecraft to vent their anger and hatred!”

He Lei continued to be dumbfounded. His expression seemed complicated, as if he didn’t know if he should cry or laugh.

“Everything is normal.” Ice Dragon’s image suddenly appeared before us. He smiled and stood by the side like a butler. “He lost some blood but that’s it. According to the scan, Master is recovering really fast. His blood count is recovering quickly. He can have some blood production agent to help his recovery.”

Ghostie nodded continuously.

Raffles quickly fetched a blood production agent and injected it in my neck.


“Don’t act alone if you are scared of pain!” Raffles was really angry and sternly scolded me.

“So, the explosions were Margaery’s men smashing the spacecraft?” Seeing that I was doing alright, He Lei calmed down again

“Smashing… spacecraft…” Raffles was stunned. He finally recalled and turned anxious. “What should we do? The spacecraft will be ruined…” 

“Captain! Pelos found Wheelock.” Ice Dragon shared the screen that Blue Feather had sent. “Connect Pelos.”

Pelos’ image immediately appeared in the medic cabin. Uncle Akbu was right next to him, and the uncle with a loud voice was by their side too.

“Really manly…” Uncle Wheelock measured me up and down in shock. Pelos had obviously told them something beforehand. They were astonished by my manly appearance.

He Lei looked confused when he saw Uncle Wheelock’s expression. He then glanced at me too. 

I returned his look. “He Lei, the control room can’t be left empty.”  

He Lei understood. He nodded and quickly disappeared before me.

I turned to Uncle Wheelock. “Uncle Wheelock, please send a message on my behalf.”

“Alright.” Once Uncle Wheelock agreed, I saw Uncle Akbu and Pelos put on noise isolation earphones simultaneously.

Facing him seriously, I said, “I am the person who killed the Bloody Queen.” I paused. I suddenly remembered that I had yet to figure out my Ghost Eclipser name. The name Luo Bing was too well known now.

“I am the person who killed the Bloody Queen.” Suddenly, a loud voice resounded like a speaker, spreading my voice to every corner. I could even hear it clearly in the medic cabin and it was even in my voice!

Coming back to reality, I continued, “I know that you only want to vent your hatred, fear and anger… But now, what’s most important is that you should bury your dead relatives, friends, comrades so they can rest in peace…”

As my loud voice reverberated in the air, Mary became quiet.

I nodded and thanked Uncle Wheelock. Overwhelmed by my response, he bowed at me in reverence.

On the screen, Mary was quiet. The people in there were no longer smashing the spacecraft but instead were as quiet as frightened bunnies.

I told Gehenna to return and gave Mary space. Only the uncles in Koont Village remained watching nearby in silence. For people who’d been frightened, the uncles in Koont Village would give them a sense of security.

After a long while, I saw Moro and Eletta come out slowly from Mary. Eletta hid behind Moto and looked around carefully.

When they only saw Uncle Akbu and his men nearby, they became more courageous. Cabin doors opened one after another. The ones in the navy army uniforms carried the dead bodies out from inside.

We walked out of the spacecraft and watched them from afar, to give them quietness and space.

Their metahumans began to perform their superpowers. Soil flew up and pits formed in the ground one after another.

They gently moved the dead bodies and put clothes on them. They found the dismembered heads and tried to make the bodies complete. Then, they wrapped the bodies with clean curtains before they placed them into the pits.

On the other side lay many chunks of human body parts. It was hard to tell whose body parts they belonged to.

Someone seemed to recognize some of them and he wailed in tears.

In the quiet darkness, all that could be heard was their devastated crying.

“The Ghost Eclipsers deserve to die!” Sis Ceci gritted through her teeth. She glanced at Gehenna and his men by the side.

Uncle Mason immediately took a step back to block Sis Ceci’s angry glare.

Gru and Lucifer stood next to them too. Gru lowered his face, both sad and angry at once. “They aren’t humans!”

“Even we flying corpses don’t eat live humans!” Lucifer shook his head. “Sometimes, we do eat dead bodies. But my tribe already doesn’t eat them. We know that we were once humans.”

Angelina and her friends lowered their heads in silence as they looked afar sadly. Most likely they empathized with the young men’s plight. The people who’d served Margaery and they who had lived in humiliation among the Ghost Eclipsers had both been trapped in similar situations.

“Even I think the Ghost Eclipsers deserve to die!” Earl muttered softly next to me.

Phew…” Nino let out a puff of smoke and remained silent.

“Boss, I look down on you!” Vanish glared in disdain. “You said that you want to attack the other Ghost Kings. How many years have you been saying that?! But today, Luo Bing did it! Look how decisive Luo Bing is!”

“Alright. With Boss’ capability, it’s already great that he could keep our livable zone.” Old Iron spoke up for Gehenna.

“He’s a coward!” Vanish said directly.

“Boss, I can’t speak for you this time.” Nathan pouted. “It has been many years since you said that you want to kill the Ghost Eclipsers who eat humans but you are only plundering women all over the place.”

Sigh… As of now, he can only save however many he can.” Blue Feather shook his head helplessly. “Although Boss didn’t honor his pledge, at least he saved quite a number of people.”

Gehenna became quiet as they spoke. Suddenly, he waved and shouted, “D*mn it! Let’s do it!”

Everyone gaped at him in shock. “You’re really going to do it?!”

Everyone stared at Gehenna, including Gehenna’s men. What is Gehenna trying to do?


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