Book 6: Chapter 16 - I Am Poisonous

“Impossible… Impossible… How is this possible…” Gehenna muttered next to me as we walked. “Margaery’s superpower is to control blood in a human’s body. How could you possibly stand a chance to kill her… She can also resurrect in her blood pool… Did she fall for your scheme…”

Gehenna couldn’t stop trying to figure out how I’d done it along the way.

“Shut up. You said it yourself. I am poisonous,” I said with effort and rolled my eyes at him. 

He became even more dumbfounded. “I said it casually. How did you poison her?”

I didn’t speak anymore. I had to save my energy to leave this spacecraft that was filled with massacre. 

When I stepped out of the wobbling Mary, I was greeted with fresh air. The lingering bloodiness at the tip of my nose dispersed and I felt much better.

This spacecraft was full of sin. It should be blown up!

“Lil Bing!”

“Captain!” Suddenly, a flying vehicle stopped before us.

Raffles, Blue Feather and Pelos jumped off the flying vehicle and ran over to us.

*Hong!* There was another explosion. A cloud of dark smoke rose from the front of Mary.

Raffles ran up to me worriedly. “What happened? Are you okay?!” He measured me up and down with his eyes anxiously.

“Boss, we saw Mary explode! You didn’t send us any update and we got very worried. Do we need to prepare for war?” Blue Feather asked with his guard up.

“Are we going to fight?!” Pelos rolled up his sleeves.

“Don’t worry. It’s because your captain killed the Bloody Queen,” Gehenna said calmly although there was still a tinge of disbelief in his tone. “There’s a big commotion in there. They are smashing the spacecraft." 

“What?!” Blue Feather exclaimed and gawked. “It’s impossible. The old lady can even resurrect. She got killed by Captain?!!” Blue Feather shouted, so surprised that even his voice changed.

Pelos was also surprised. “God…”

In their eyes, only God could kill Ghost Eclipsers at the level of Ghost King.

I then understood that the Ghost Eclipsers at Ghost King level could actually resurrect!

They’d found it unbelievable for one to kill their Ghost Kings because Ghost Kings could resurrect.

Raffles was calm and he didn’t seem surprised. His face grew grave and he said, “Anyone who schemes against Lil Bing has to die!” He then glared at Gehenna.

Gehenna gulped tensely, and licked his lip as he looked elsewhere.

“Did you hear that? Captain killed the Bloody Queen.” Blue Feather shouted at the walkie talkie, “Captain killed Margaery, that old lady. Oh my. Our boss is only alive because our Captain showed mercy.”

Gehenna’s face grew glum. He turned sideways and scratched his head with his eyebrows tightly knitted.

*Bang!* There was another explosion. Raffles came back to reality and immediately looked at the spacecraft. “They are smashing the spacecraft?!”


“How could they?” Raffles suddenly worried for the spacecraft. He took a step back and looked at Mary with pity. “No way. This spacecraft is very precious. You can’t let them ruin it. Hurry, stop them!”

“No!” I raised my hand, so disgusted that I wanted to throw up. “It was hell. It’s better to blow it up! There are dead bodies all over. It is simply a cemetery!”

“Lil Bing, calm down!” Raffles held my shoulders. “In the world now, a spacecraft like this is rare. We should make use of it. The spacecraft is innocent. Its sin is due to the people who used it…” Raffles began to nag like an elder who told you to economize on spending.

“Lil Bing, you have to stop them. How about this? Let them smash the furniture at most. Don’t smash any important machinery. We can modify and cleanse it so that it wouldn’t look like Mary again. It is easy to ruin it but it is not easy to rebuild a spacecraft like this!” Raffles urged in pain.

I calmed down too. It was really a pity to smash such a spacecraft.

“Yes! Blue Feather, immediately find someone to stop them!” Gehenna commanded.

“No!” I stopped them again. Raffles looked at me hastily and I said, “They’ve been ruled by terrifying Ghost Kings one after another. If we were to suppress them with force and stop them, how can they trust us? They only want to vent their hatred.”

Gehenna was stunned.

Raffles looked anxious. This had put us in a difficult position.

Blue Feather stood on the spot blankly. He looked at me and then at Gehenna. He didn’t know what to do, so he asked, “Then, then, what should we do?”

“If we don’t use force… Do we shout?” Pelos looked at me dumbly.

But he’d reminded me. I immediately looked at him. “That’s right! We shout!” I took a deep breath, only to feel dizzy and stumble.

“Lil Bing!” Raffles immediately held me worriedly.

D*mn it. I needed a blood supplement.

I waved my hand so that Raffles could be at ease.

I glanced at Pelos. “Pelos, go and get the uncle with a loud voice.”

“I know. Uncle Bill Wheelock! I’m going now!” Pelos quickly got on the flying vehicle to look for Uncle Bill Wheelock.

The uncle’s name was Bill Wheelock. He had to be related to Bill.

“Raffles, bring her back to do a body check first.” Gehenna knitted his eyebrows and watched me worriedly. “She fought with the Bloody Queen. She must have lost some blood.”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier?!” Raffles became anxious and carried me. I could still stand but he made me look like I was so weak that I couldn’t stand on my feet. That very moment, he revealed his overbearing manner and his manliness. He looked at me angrily. “Don’t force yourself like this. Blue Feather, bring us back!” Raffles was really worried. Now he didn’t even care about saving Mary.

“Alright!” Blue Feather immediately spread his wings.

Suddenly, Raffles had wings on his back too. When Blue Feather took off, Raffles took off too. The wings seemed to be controlled by Blue Feather.

“Raffles, don’t be so nervous.” I held Raffles’ neck. He watched me with heartache, “You lost blood and I didn’t even know.”

“Your action would make people think that I am a woman. I am a man now. I can’t make the others feel like I am fragile.”

Raffles seemed to realize something. For instance, the way he carried me now. Although I was his lover, and although it was common that a man was in love with another man, it would make outsiders think that I was as fragile as a woman. I was a Captain!

“So-, sorry…” Raffles blushed and lowered his face bashfully. “I will take note of that.”

My recovery rate was fast. In actual fact, I didn’t feel dizzy anymore.

Raffles rushed me back to the medic cabin. He Lei rushed there too. He looked worried. “Are you okay? Why didn’t you inform me when you started a battle?!” He questioned me angrily, just like Raffles had earlier.


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