Book 6: Chapter 15 - The New Ghost King

Moto stood dumbfounded behind the door. His face had blisters too but he didn’t scream. He froze there in shock, completely stupefied.  

Margaery’s dead body slowly fell back into the blood pool. Her blood merged together with the blood in the blood pool. Blue light spots twinkled in the pool of red.

“Hurry,” Moto said in his shivery voice, as though he was speaking with his last bit of strength. He pointed at the blood pool in terror. “Hurry! She, she, she will resurrect in the blood pool!” He roared at me with boundless fear.

At once I narrowed my eyes and concentrated blue crystal energy in my hand again. Slamming my hand at the blood pool, I said, “Then, I will burn every single drop of her blood dry!”

*Hong!* Blue light blew up the blood pool. As blood splashed in all directions, the blue crystal energy instantly devoured every drop, sizzling into clouds of white smoke. 

The entire blood pool instantly shimmered blue as it turned into vapor. In an instant, no matter blood or water, there was nothing left of the former blood pool.

The blue light spots began to return to my body, leaving Moto, Eletta and the other men who stood by the door blankly. Their bodies had been damaged by the radiation, but their rotting stopped once I cleansed the radiation.

Now, even Eletta had stopped screaming. They were stunned for a while before they suddenly laughed, “Hahaha! Hahaha!” Their laughter sounded like crying, yet also sounded like screams of terror.

Hahaha! Finally dead! The Bloody Queen is finally dead! Ah!” After they’d laughed hysterically, they hugged and wailed in tears.

What terror had they gone through under the rule of the Bloody Queen Margaery?

I stood by the clean pool coldly. “Man-eaters are to be killed without amnesty!”

Ah! Ah!” Moto roared like he was venting all his emotions. His throat was hoarse. “Did you see that? Did you see that?” Moto roared at the air as though there was a spirit in the air that only he could see. He suddenly slammed on a button by the door.

Suddenly, both sides of the wall rose, revealing the cabins on both sides.

When I looked at the sides, I suddenly understood what they had been through on a daily basis.

I was completely stunned. Chills soared from the bottom of my feet to the top of my head. I felt like I had lost all warmth from my body entirely. My heart felt cold and I was shocked at the scene before me!

In the higher reaches of the cabins on both sides, were dozens of headless young men’s bodies hanging upside down!

They were just like pork hanging in a display cabinet in the slaughterhouse. Their heads had been chopped off. Their blood was flowing out from their necks and dripping into a huge funnel. At the bottom of the funnel was a thick pipe that connected to the blood pool in front of me.

I closed my eyes, my head pounding. The hair all over my body stood on end.

I suddenly felt like blowing up the spacecraft and burning all the sins in a fire!

“Thank you, thank you!” Eletta leaped and hugged me. He cried, “Thank you. Thank you for ending our nightmare.”

“As long as the Ghost Eclipsers are here, how can the nightmare be ended?” Moto smiled blankly and his eyes became empty again. “The Big Eater King liked to eat humans. The Bloody Queen killed him. But in the end, she liked to eat humans too. Now, someone else killed the Bloody Queen.”

“I don’t eat humans.” I looked at them without any expression. “This spacecraft is yours now. Do whatever you like. I don’t want to spend another minute here.” I turned and walked away as they watched me blankly.

This spacecraft was filled with dead bodies and blood. It was so disgusting!

I took huge strides out and Eletta ran with a stagger behind me. He shouted behind me, “The Bloody Queen died. That old lady died!” 

His voice reverberated in the tunnel and I sped up.

Suddenly, I felt dizzy and I leaned against the wall. I felt nauseous from losing too much blood.

There were young men standing on both sides of the tunnel. They remained expressionless and vigorless. No one came forward to help me. They stood blankly at their original spots.

“The old lady died! The old lady died!” Suddenly, Moto shouted excitedly in the tunnel. “Do you hear me? The old lady died! Everyone is free now! Break everything! Break Mary!”

The young men in the tunnel finally responded. They slowly lifted their chins and looked in front of them. Moto shouted again, “We are free! We are finally free!”

*Bang!* Then, there was a huge explosion and the entire spacecraft shook vigorously.

“The old lady died?” The young men stared at one another in surprise. There was finally happiness on their faces. “The old lady died!”

They began to shout and hug one another. They were in total madness.

They pulled down the fresh flowers on the wall and threw them on the ground. They damaged everything that they could see.

“The old lady died!”

“The old lady died!”

They ran amok in the tunnel. Finally, they noticed me. Seemingly realizing that I was the younger brother of another Ghost King, they stood at their original spots in fear. The tunnel was instantly quiet.

“Bring me to the dining hall,” I said weakly.

They watched me with their pale faces but didn’t dare to move close to me.

“Yes, yes.” They moved out of the way and pointed in front. They stood on both sides nervously.

I walked past them and Gehenna suddenly ran over from the end of the tunnel.

The young men immediately knelt down in silence.

*Hong!* There was another explosion.

My body stumbled forward.

“Bro!” Gehenna immediately came before me and held my body. He furrowed his eyebrows as he reprimanded me like a senior. “I told you to stay calm. What did you do? I heard from the speakers that the old lady died. What happened?” 

I glanced at him and held his muscular arm to stand up. I looked down coldly. “The old lady should be Margaery. I couldn’t help it. She was so disgusting. I killed her.”

The young men on both sides were gawking in surprise.

Gehenna’s mouth slowly opened wide. “You meant you killed one of the four Ghost Kings, the Bloody Queen Margaery!?”

“Isn’t this what you wanted?!” My face grew glum. I glared at him coldly. “Isn’t that why you brought me on board Mary?! You wanted to see if I can really kill the Ghost Kings!”

Gehenna instantly stiffened in my cold glare and he gulped.

I glared at him coldly for a while before I retracted my line of sight. “I want to go out. This place is filled with disgusting dead bodies!” I continued to walk forward as the young men on both sides watched me in fear.


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