Book 6: Chapter 14 - Go To Hell

This pool of red... Could it be?!

That piece of bloody meat appeared before my mind’s eye again.

Even I who’d experienced so much bloodshed and dead bodies couldn’t help but shiver.

Eletta came forward to take off my clothes but I pushed him away. Instead, I slowly walked up to the side of the bathing pool, staring at the pool of redness that gave out an intense floral fragrance.

However, no matter how intense the fragrance was, it couldn’t conceal the nauseating bloodiness!

Margaery immersed herself in the blood pool. Her two erect boobs rose above the surface of the tranquil blood pool. Fresh blood gently flowed down, highlighting the fairness of her tempting peaks.

The two snow-white mountains above the fresh pool of blood looked like two Mount Fujis on a blood ocean.

No one would be able to resist such temptation.

Margaery’s face slowly emerged from the blood pool. Not one drop of fresh blood tainted her snow-white skin. Her skin seemed to wear a layer of oil that repelled the fresh blood. 

Mm… Much better…” She flashed me a charming smile from within the blood pool. Then, she lifted her finger and beckoned me, narrowing her beautiful eyes at me flirtatiously. “Come and swim with me. This water will keep you warm and comfortable.”

I held back the disgust at the bottom of my heart. I looked at her beautiful face. “Is it human blood?”

She narrowed her eyes into a smile and swam towards me slowly. As she flew out of the blood pool, fresh blood slid past her neck and paused at her chest. 

A layer of blood stopped on her skin, before it flowed into the form of a lively dress. The hem of the dress fluttered above the blood pool.

She put her hands behind her back and smiled charmingly. “Yeah, but don’t be afraid. You are so cute. I will take good care of you. I will even change your blood in you to make you look young forever.”

I looked down, suppressing my anger that was about to explode. “The piece of meat earlier, was it human meat too?”

Mm? Have you never eaten human meat?” She cocked her head to one side, then her smile turned vicious. “The inner thigh of a thirteen-year-old young man is tender yet chewy. It’s delicious. You are so cute. You’re actually a new Ghost Eclipser! You are so cute that I…”

*Pak!* My hand landed a slap on her beautiful face. As I cut her off, the blood on her body stopped flowing.

Ah!” Eletta exclaimed in shock. Frightened, he fell against the wall.

The beautiful young man on the other side was scared pale too. He collapsed onto the ground. He pressed a button by accident when he leaned on the wall, which opened a cabin door.

The blood pool became unusually quiet, as though time itself was scared stiff too.

I glared coldly at the woman in the blood pool.

“You hit me…” Her voice became hoarse. “You are truly brutal. Humph…” She chuckled coldly as she turned back, before she burst out into laughter. “Hahahaha…

Abruptly, she stopped laughing and her body began to ascend. Every single drop of blood in the blood pool began to rise as though the cabin had lost its gravity!

The blood suddenly formed bloodlines, as though a human body had been suddenly torn open by a great force, leaving only shreds of blood and flesh hanging in the air. The entire cabin instantly became a terrifying purgatory.

“This queen likes brutal people!” She spread her arms, and the blood in my body suddenly stopped flowing as though it had been frozen. My heart instantly felt a heavy pressure. My strength felt like it had been abruptly sucked away, and I fell forward uncontrollably.

*Bang!* I fell onto the ground. My chest was so tight it felt like it was going to explode. My heart clenched yet was unable to pump the blood. As if someone had blocked my blood vessels and my heart was twisted by the pressure. 

Hahaha! I want to suck you dry and watch you die a slow death before me. Your blood is definitely sweet and delicious."

Suddenly, I saw my skin turning red. Red vapor rose from my skin like blood fog. The blood fog slowly condensed into blood. At the same time, I saw blue light spots leaving my body along with the blood vapor and merging into my suspended blood.

It was as though she didn’t want me to die so soon. My blood began to flow again and my heart was temporarily rescued.

The blood began to fly towards the Bloody Queen. She spread her arms and the blood slowly faded into her body. She was hovering in the air naked, prepared to receive my blood.

Slowly, she sucked my blood bit by bit and I began to feel weak. My body temperature was dropping slowly too. I could feel my heartbeat slowing as well.

I couldn’t stop my blood from leaving my body. All I could do was watch as my blood entered the woman’s skin and body. I had no strength to counterattack!

Humph.” I smirked coldly. “You are courting death!”

I watched my blood seep into her skin as she took a deep breath in enjoyment. She closed her eyes as though she’d achieved satisfaction.

Suddenly, her eyes flew open. Her eyes bulged and her expression began to distort in pain. Blisters appeared on her skin, before rapidly popping and ripping into wounds. Blood slowly flowed out from the wounds all over her body.

“Ah!” Margaery’s blood-curdling scream resounded in the cabin. My blood showered from the air like rain.

*Splash!* Margaery fell into the blood pool, splashing blood everywhere.

Ah!” She roared as she splashed to the surface of her blood bath. Her skin was rotting in the blood pool. Her rotten flesh was falling off her body.

Eletta and the young man by the door were frightened. Moto barged in from the other side of the cabin, only to be scared stiff by the sight before him.

“What did you do to me? What did you do to me!!!” Margaery roared at me.

My blood stopped leaving my body and I regained my strength.

Using my last bit of energy to support my own body, I stumbled as I stood up. I began to concentrate blue crystal energy on my right hand while I bellowed, “Gehenna warned you that I am poisonous!”

“I want to kill you! I want to kill you! Humph. What is this?! You’re looking down on me!” She spread her arms again and blood returned to her body. She began to repair her body quickly as she fixed her eyes on me. “You will want to die rather than to live…”

“Die!” I swung my hand at her head and a ball of blue crystal energy slammed into her face. Her head shattered in the blue light and turned into blue starlights.

Ah! Ah! Ah!” Now the ones screaming were Eletta and the other young men. The radiation of the blue crystal energy had affected them. Their faces began to get blisters and they retreated in fear. However, they seemed to be screaming at the scene before them rather than from the pain.


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