Book 6: Chapter 13 - A Frightening Queen

I knew that Ghost Eclipsers ate humans. I’d always known.

However, when they served me a bloody piece of human meat for real, I’d thought it was a medium-rare beef steak! It was even decorated with flowers by the side too!

Dizziness overcame me as my head spun with disgust.

“Hold it in. Don’t expose that you are not a Ghost Eclipser!” Gehenna muttered as he patted my back. Then, he raised his tone to a soft voice that was still loud enough for everyone to hear him. “My good brother, you can’t be bought over by a piece of steak! She will eat you!”

“I won’t.” Margaery placed her hands on her cheeks and said flirtatiously, “I will take care of cutie pies like you. Gehenna, you are quite naughty!” Margaery suddenly glared at Gehenna coldly. “You’re trying to sow discord between me and my cutie pie. Humph!” Then, she smiled at me. “I have something to show you. Do you want to see?”

Gehenna’s hand that was patting my back stopped and he said anxiously, “Little brother! Don’t go!”

“Gehenna, shut your mouth!” Margaery suddenly roared.

“Margaery, I am worried about you!” Gehenna said sincerely. He looked like he was worried that Margaery would die. “My little brother looks cute but he is brutal!”

Margaery stood up and walked towards me, emphasizing the lithe lines of her body with each step. In this world that heavily lacked women, her curvy body would make any man be willing to die for her

She walked before me, leaned down and smiled at me. Her collar dipped, exposing her full snow-white boobs. Gehenna who’d been nervous earlier got distracted and he gulped. “My little brother... my little brother...”

I held Gehenna in contempt. Once he saw a woman’s boobs, he didn’t know how to talk or make a move.

“What about your little brother?” Margaery smiled at him before she slowly held my arm to pull me. “Your brother is silly. Follow me.” Margaery pulled me up from my seat and we left the dining hall while Gehenna watched us. He was almost drooling.

Margaery hugged my arm. I glanced to either side of me, acting nervous at her closeness. She touched my face with the back of her hand, and I had to look at her. She chuckled flirtatiously. “Little boy, don’t follow Gehenna. His place is filthy and stinky. Do you want to follow me? I will take care of you.” She caressed my face. Her charming eyes showed the gaze of a predator eyeing a delicious prey.

“What do you want to show me?” We arrived at the end of the corridor. There were cabin doors on both sides.

She smiled mysteriously and opened the door next to me. It was an exquisite cabin, renovated into a classic elegant room with an elegant sofa and tea set.

There was another door on the other side.

She pushed me into the room gently. “Don’t be in a hurry. I am going to show you something great!” Then, she walked into the opposite cabin. The earlier beautiful young men opened the door for her.

I glimpsed a spacious room behind the door.

After she entered, the two beautiful young men closed the door. Then, they entered my cabin and closed the door behind them.

One of them stood by the door expressionlessly.

Another one poured me a cup of tea. “Please wait for the Queen here.” He was the one who had led the way earlier, the young man who’d carried a murderous look.

“What’s your name?” I looked at him.

He didn’t answer me. He stood by the side after he’d poured me tea, blatantly ignoring me.

“You carry a murderous look. Why?” I continued to ask.

The murderous look he carried became fiercer and he glared at me. 

The originally expressionless young man by the door glanced at him, then looked down. He seemed sad. “We might be dying soon.”

I looked at him.

“What’s the point of you saying that?!” The murderous young man muttered. He narrowed his eyes, which flashed with anxiety.

“Moto, you are anxious! Because you know that if the Queen likes him, he will replace one of us!” The young man by the door was a beautiful blonde. His originally expressionless face was instantly replaced with terror as he pointed at me with a trembling hand.

“Then, I’ll kill him first!” Moto instantly aimed his gun at me.

“You are mad!” The blonde young man by the door immediately came forward and grabbed his wrist.

“Don’t stop me! Eletta!” Moto shoved Eletta away.

“You kill him now and all of us will die!”

“I’ve had enough! I’d rather die!” Moto aimed the gun at me.

I watched them calmly and asked, “Why don’t you kill your Queen instead?”

Instantly they froze, stunned, a greater fear surfacing in their eyes. They looked even more terrified by what I’d said than by the possibility of being replaced by me.

*Swoosh!* Suddenly, a door on another side opened. Another beautiful young man entered the room, only to be shocked by the scene before him. He immediately shut the door. “Moto! You are crazy! The Queen wants to see him!” The young man quickly pulled Moto away.

Moto put his hand down. “I’ll die this time. I have had enough.”

“Moto...” The young man who’d just entered gazed at him in sorrow. He looked at me and pleaded, “I beg you. Pretend nothing happened just now.” 

“Don’t think you can be happy when our Queen likes you!” Moto roared at me angrily but there was still fear in his eyes. “It is only a matter of time until you become like us... like us...”

“Stop!” The beautiful young man covered his mouth in fear. “Please stop!” He looked at me and pleaded again, “Pretend you didn’t see anything. Please. I beg you.” He suddenly knelt down before me and kowtowed.

Eletta knelt down in fear too.

Moto sat down with a grave face, not uttering another word.

Eletta and the other beautiful young man stood up hastily to open the cabin door for me. They pleaded softly, “Please. You heard nothing.”

“I heard nothing,” I agreed.

Stunned, they looked at me.

I walked past them glumly and asked coldly, “Can you become the new Ghost King once you kill the previous one?”

They stared at me in surprise.

“Can you?” I stopped and looked at Eletta.

His face instantly grew pale but he answered subconsciously, “Yes.”

“Alright,” I said and I walked out through the cabin door. It was a bathing pool. The transparent bathing pool was filled with clear water.

Eletta and the beautiful young man quickly hung their heads low and stood next to the shut door as though they were waiting for instructions.

“You smell bad, like Gehenna and his men.” Margaery suddenly walked out from the other side. She was wearing a layer of thin red gauze. Her curvy and sexy body was vaguely visible under the thin gauze. She came before me barefooted. Touching my face, she said, “Take a shower with me?”

Then, she smiled flirtatiously. As she dropped her arms, the thin gauze naturally slid off her body, exposing her equally sexy back and perky butt.

Her long hair covered her back. The scene was enough to make a man’s blood boil.

“Take off his clothes!” Margaery slowly walked into her bathing pool. With every step that she took, bright red liquid rippled from her feet. More blood flowed out from both sides of the pool, instantly tainting the entire bathing pool and covering her snow-white body.


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