Book 6: Chapter 12 - The Demon Under A Beautiful Skin

The video was cut off. Then, Gehenna looked at me. He wriggled his eyebrows and shook his shoulders. “Brother Bing, you are so charming! The Bloody Queen wants to see you. She will kill Akbu and his men if you don’t go!” 

I glared at him coldly and commanded, “He Lei, you are in charge of the control room from now on. I am going to see the Bloody Queen with Gehenna.”

“Alright,” He Lei sat in the captain seat. When we were about to leave, he turned to exhort, “Be careful.”

Hahaha! You should be worried about the Bloody Queen.” Gehenna draped his hand over my shoulders. “Ah Bing will massacre a city if he is not in a good mood.”

*Bang!* I elbowed Gehenna sharply. He let out a muffled groan and bent over in pain. 

He Lei couldn’t help but chuckle. However, he seemed to find Gehenna’s comment reasonable and nodded, before he looked at me without any more worries and added, “Don’t kill.” 

D*mn. I felt that I’ve become a serial killer in their eyes.

Two spacecraft were parked on the boundless land outside Koont Village. Margaery’s spacecraft was red, like a huge red cobra lying across the barren land. It was beautiful yet it struck fear in the viewer.

An exquisite red carpet stretched out before the cabin door. Two rows of beautiful young men lined up on both sides of the carpet. All of them looked to be around twenty. Standing there expressionlessly with empty gazes, they looked more like heartless puppets.

Pfft. This woman is always so pretentious.” Gehenna shook his head continuously. “Bing, be careful when you are in there later. This woman is treacherous and brutal.”

I eyed the beautiful young men on both sides. They hung their heads low without looking around.

“Mister Gehenna!” Suddenly, another beautiful young man who walked out from the cabin door. I’d seen him next to Margaery earlier. He was expressionless too. “The Queen has been waiting for you inside. Please.”

The young man had come to lead the way for us.

He glanced at me for a second, before he immediately looked down expressionlessly. But I could still faintly sense a murderous vibe from him.

Gehenna gave him a smile. “Lead the way.”

The young man didn’t speak again, only led the way in front of us.

I lowered my voice. “He gave me a murderous look.” 

“This means that Margaery is into you,” Gehenna leaned in to whisper in my ear, “Whenever Margaery gets interested in a new one, one of the current ones has to die. This child is afraid. He’s afraid that he might be the one who dies…”

Gehenna’s hoarse voice resounded in my ear. I watched the young man in front of me. Every young man here wore no expression on their faces and in their eyes because they were afraid. They were living in fear all the time. They had resigned to their fate and they were numb. 

Margaery’s spacecraft was nicely decorated. It felt as though we were walking along the corridor of an exquisite hotel. The floor was covered in a red carpet while the walls on both sides were decorated with beautiful flowers, real fresh flowers! Fresh flowers were so rare, but here they were all over the place.

In my world, a corridor full of fresh flowers wouldn’t be extravagant. But in this world, it was luxurious.

A clean beautiful young man was stationed every few steps along both sides of the walkway. Gehenna chuckled. “Margaery’s taste hasn’t changed one bit. That’s why she was eyeing Ah Zong and the Honeycomb boys.” He winked at me.

I swept my eyes over the beautiful young men on both sides. All the beautiful young men basically had fair and smooth skin, and looked clean and handsome. In my world, they would be referred to as tender fresh meat.

Melodious music was playing from somewhere in front of us. We followed the young man to the end of the corridor, stopping before a luxuriantly embellished cabin door. It was my first time seeing a hollow carved cabin door with golden edges and embellished with gemstones in various colors.

The woman’s spacecraft revealed her taste and extravagance. It also showed that she loved luxury and aesthetics.

When the luxuriant cabin door opened before us, melodious music immediately entered our ears. Then, we saw an ecology cabin with birds singing and flowers emitting fragrance. In the middle of the beautiful garden was an exquisite classic European long table.

Queen Margaery was sitting at one end of the long table in her red dress, while swaying the wine glass in her hand.

“This way.” The young man moved aside.

I followed behind Gehenna. Walking in, I looked around. “Why can’t your spacecraft be like hers?”

“No time for that.” Gehenna scratched his head. “Pfft. Someone needs to take care of all of that. Vanish and the others, which of them would be willing to do it?”

Men. Gehenna’s spacecraft could simply be concluded as filthy, messy, and miserable.

The spacecraft in this world did not necessarily have a garden like Margaery’s Mary. But an ecology cabin was a basic facility. It was used for scientific research as well as to self-sustain. That way, they wouldn’t need supply from the ground.

“Oh, Margaery, I miss you so much!” Gehenna sauntered towards Margaery.

Without warning, Margaery flipped up her red dress and her slender thigh lifted and kicked Gehenna right in the stomach. Her fair thigh was entirely exposed, as was her red lace underwear due to how high she’d lifted her legs.

“If you missed me, why didn’t you bring me any presents?” Margaery leaned sideways and looked at me.

“The people from Silver Moon City came too soon. I didn’t manage to catch you any presents. But… I have seen Blue Shield City. Their scale was huge, which means that there are many cities in that area. I reckon that even without the map, we can get to know the place very quickly. By then, I will catch all the beautiful young men for you!” Gehenna said casually as he rubbed Margaery’s legs.

“Forget it.” Margaery retracted her legs. With a glance, she pointed out the seat across from her and raised her wine glass. “Bring your little brother with you and sit there.” 

Gehenna chuckled and pulled my arm. We sat across from her.

The two beautiful young men began to pour us wine and serve dishes.

“When did you take in such a little brother who could be both a girl and a boy?” Margaery held her cheeks with her hands. She looked cute.

Gehenna chuckled and rubbed my head. “He is amazing. I had to talk to him for very long before he was willing to follow me. For the past two years, I have taken in many metahumans who are just as strong as him. Do you want to compete?”

Margaery rolled her eyes at him and flashed a contemptuous smile. Taking a sip of wine, she turned her attention back to me. “Little brother, why not follow me? Isn’t this place beautiful?”

“It’s beautiful,” I answered frankly.

Margaery chuckled. “All the boys at my place get to wear nice clothes and eat nice food. Don’t follow Gehenna.”

I lowered my head and pretended to hesitate.

“Hey! Bing! We are real brothers!” Gehenna quickly held my shoulder.

I immediately shoved him away. “Don’t touch me! Who is your real brother?!”

Hahahahaha…” Margaery chuckled and winked at me. “I prepared delicious food for you.”

Then, the two beautiful young men began to serve us dishes.

They placed delicate plates onto the table. When they raised the lid, there was a piece of bloody steak.

I looked at it but Gehenna suddenly held my hand and draped his arm over my neck to pull towards him. He whispered into my ear. “It’s human meat.”

I instantly felt my hair stand all over and I was disgusted!


Human meat!!!


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