Book 6: Chapter 11 - Bloody Mary

I glanced at He Lei. “Since when does Fat-Two know how to cook?”

“It’s all because of that cake you made back then.” He Lei turned to flash a gentle smile at me. He looked like he was reminiscing the past. “He ate the cake you baked and he got hooked. He began to collect all the recipes. Although there were insufficient resources, he could always make delicious food.” 

Having heard the story from He Lei, I started looking forward to Fat-Two’s cooking. Of course, I was looking forward to the future of my troop more.

“Report! Captain! We’ve arrived at Koont Village. The Bloody Queen is already here. Do we contact her?” Vanish reported.

“The Bloody Queen!” He Lei exclaimed in surprise. He’d obviously heard about the Ghost Eclipsers’ four Ghost Kings.

“Captain, look!” Uncle Mason noticed something and sent a video feed to the main screen.

In the big pond outside Kunt Village, Uncle Akbu and his other men were soaking in the water!

Under the burning sun, they were soaking in the pond and completely drenched. They looked listless and dispirited.

Surrounding the pond were… beautiful young men!

The beautiful young men around the pond were standing tall, dressed in navy army uniforms with a white hem. On their left chest was a white silk rose. They looked handsome yet elegant.

Beautiful young men with a fashionable army uniform. I could tell that it was a woman’s army at one glance!

“Uncle, Margaery’s troop looks much more proper than yours.” I glanced at Gehenna.

Gehenna acted like he didn’t hear me.

After I’d gotten to know him and his troop, I’d thought all Ghost Eclipsers would be like him, sloppy and in tattered clothes. 

However, all the Ghost Eclipsers I had seen up to then had been like that. I had never expected Margaery’s troop to be in uniform. It meant that the Ghost Eclipsers were beginning to have their own order.

A tribe with order was no longer a disorderly mob but an army that would only be growing stronger.

I raised my eyebrows, then called, “Bro!”

Gehenna jumped and quickly looked over at me. He got so excited. “You, you, you, you called me your bro? Haha! Did you hear that?! Hahaha…

As he looked at me, I continued, “Uncle, I am saying Margaery’s troop is much more proper than yours. Hers seems much more like it.”

He pouted in distress the moment he heard me calling him uncle again. He looked away. “Those are all her concubines, her boy-toys. How is that an army?” 

I stood up and ignored his muttering. “We need to get in touch with Margaery. You sit here. Ask her what is going on with Uncle Akbu and his men.” I pointed at the men who were soaking in the pond.

“Alright.” Gehenna looked crestfallen as he stood up and took my seat. It had originally been his seat.

I stood behind him while He Lei stood next to me too. We became Gehenna’s henchmen.

“Connect to that wh*re.” Gehenna immediately returned into his Ghost Eclipser mode. He looked much more at ease now. He’d been holding himself back, which had made him uncomfortable. 

The very next moment, the video feed showed Queen Margaery who I had seen earlier. She was sitting arrogantly on her throne with her wine glass in hand, and two beautiful young men next to her.

She glanced over lazily. “I’ve been waiting for you. Why are you only returning now? You…” Suddenly, her gaze stopped on me. She suddenly stood up and asked, “Who is this child?! He’s so cute!”

“I suggest you not make any plans about him,” Gehenna waved and I stepped back. “This child is poisonous. You will die a tragic death.”

“Don’t make him go away.” Queen Margaery pouted and began to act cute. “I am not planning anything for him. I merely find him similar to that sister of yours.”

“Oh, they are the same person,” Gehenna said casually.

I immediately shot a look at him, while He Lei looked confused too. Gehenna spread his hands. “This child likes to put on a skirt and pretend to be a girl. Wasn't he beautiful and cute when he was my sister?”

“Yeah!” Margaery put her hands on her cheeks. “He’s so cute! A boy who likes to pretend to be a girl definitely likes boys. Oh! Does she like you?!” Margaery’s eyes shot wide open.

Hehehehe! Of course!” Gehenna was smug with success. Who would have guessed that Margaery would roll her eyes instead. “Don’t pretend. Do you like men? If you like men, I like women! Hahaha! Mm…” Margaery became flirtatious. She lifted her hand to tuck her hair behind her ears. “You have a much better taste now. That guy is not bad too!” Margaery winked at He Lei.

He Lei furrowed his eyebrows and looked away.

“How about it? Come and meet me at my spacecraft. We haven’t seen each other for very long. I prepared a feast!” Margaery smiled flirtatiously at Gehenna.

Hahaha! Who dares to board the Bloody Queen’s spacecraft as they wish?” Gehenna stood up and placed one foot on the chair. Then, he licked his lips while he rubbed his chin. “However… it has been a while since we last met. I am missing your body too.”

Mm? That’s too much information...

Margaery rolled her eyes at him. “Well, I don’t. Only good for a few minutes. Pfft."

Pffft!” Vanish sniggered.

“…” Gehenna’s face grew grave. “I am not going. I got defeated in Blue Shield City. You don’t have to go there. Silver Moon took everyone away.”

“Took them away? What about Pink Baby?” Margeary squinted her beautiful eyes.

Hahaha!” Gehenna laughed. “I know that you are only waiting for me here because you want the Honeycomb boys and Pink Baby. It’s a pity I don’t have them. Oh yeah, why did you make Uncle Akbu and his men soak in the pond?”

“They are too ugly!” Margaery looked disdainful. Her lips curled into a contemptuous smile. “I thought I could find a few young men to shower with. In the end, they are all old men and they stink! Humph. They are an annoying sight. So, I sent them to soak themselves in the pond. I’m nice enough to not kill them.” 

“Let them go! Koont Village needs them to safeguard the place. We can’t leave this spot empty. You don’t like them but I quite like them. They entertained me well.”

“Then, you come over and keep me company in Mary.” Margaery smirked and raised her wine glass. “Otherwise, I will kill them all.” A flash of bloodthirst crossed her eyes.

The Ghost Eclipsers were stubborn. Simply because they were old and ugly was a good enough reason to kill.

Even I could tell that Margaery wasn’t joking. She could kill anyone anytime. Her reason could be any random excuse.

“Fine, fine, fine. I’ll come over.” Gehenna pulled up his collar and revealed his muscular chest. He suddenly pushed his chest out. “Wait for me.”

“Bring your little brother too!” Margaery winked. “Don’t worry. He is your person. I won’t touch him.”

“Don’t regret this.” Gehenna’s smile suddenly became treacherous. It was as though he wanted to bring me there and see what show I would put on.

Well, I wanted to meet the Bloody Queen too. It was hard to meet a Ghost King and now I had the chance to meet another one.


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