Book 6: Chapter 10 - The Future Of The Troop

I looked at Lucifer, Gru and Pelos. “Lucifer, Gru, Pelos! And Pelos, you’ll inform Angelina and the others later. You don’t have enough experience so you are the trainees on this spacecraft. Besides following Sis Ceci, Joey and Sia for training, you can select one of your preferred positions to serve as an intern. No matter if the person you followed is a Ghost Eclipser or not, I hope that you can respect him or her as your teacher!” 

“Yes! Captain!” Their eyes were shimmering with enthusiasm.

The people in this world viewed me as the hope of the future, but I saw Gru and the others as the real hope of this world, because they were full of vigor unlike the people in Noah or Elder Akbu who were listless in spirit.

This world needed warriors.

“Sis Ceci, go with Pelos to settle Angelina and the others. Break them into groups and put Joey and Sia in charge as their captains. After I take care of Koont Village, I will go and see them, and see what their plan is.” 

Sis Ceci smiled as she nodded. “I’ll take care of them. I am good at it.” Sis Ceci’s gaze turned gentle. Every time we recruited new members, she would be like everyone’s mother.

I looked around at everyone. “Besides the control room crew, everyone leave the control room to your respective post! Xiao Ye, Zi Yi and Fat-Two, please stay back.’

“Yes!” Everyone left the control room.

Now there were only the first mate He Lei, the second mate Gehenna, the navigator Nathan, the helmsmen Uncle Mason and Vanish, the defense system operator Old Iron, and the weapons system operator Blue Feather, left in the control room.

The rest of the people scattered to their respective posts. All of a sudden the entire spacecraft was filled up. Everyone had their own position.

I studied Zi Yi and Xiao Ye. Zi Yi didn’t look at me but Xiao Ye was excited. “Captain, what do I do?”

“Since you follow Ah Zong and Ah Zong is in charge of the security of the spacecraft, he will need his crew.” Ah Zong could smell all kinds of scents, both humans and machines. He could even tell which parts of the machine weren’t working normally. Even if the system couldn’t detect it, he could tell by smelling with his nose. Hence, he was perfect for his post as a security officer.

“That’s great! Thank you, Captain!” Xiao Ye immediately stood next to Ah Zong, who rubbed his head affectionately.

I turned to Zi Yi and Zi Yi looked away awkwardly, his sword clenched tightly in his hand. After a long pause, he spoke, “Thank you for letting me stay, for letting me be next to Ah Zong.”

I nodded. “Whoever Ah Zong trusts, I will too."

Stunned, Zi Yi hung his head low as he went to stand next to Ah Zong. He didn’t speak again but instead wore a complicated expression.

Ah Zong smiled at me elegantly yet flirtatiously. Then, he brought Xiao Ye and Zi Yi out of the control room and went to the security center. 

“I feel that everyone should have the same uniform,” Raffles told me.

“I think so too.” He Lei put on a serious look. “As a troop, it would be more organized to have a uniform. It has a psychological effect in binding people together.” 

I looked at Gehenna and Gehenna immediately spread his hands. “I don’t have an opinion. As long as you are happy. Sigh. My little sister, when are you coming back?!”

I raised my eyebrows. I knew that Gehenna was still upset about being second mate.

He Lei didn’t catch on to the meaning behind Gehenna’s words, treating it as an ordinary sigh.

I turned to Raffles. “Regarding the uniform, please take care of it. Also, check if there is any military base in the west that has yet to be developed. I find this spacecraft too small.”

“How big do you want it to be?!” Gehenna was obviously upset that I’d said his baby was small. He blinked and suddenly smiled maliciously. “I thought only women like their things big?”

He Lei furrowed his eyebrows. Seemingly unhappy, he turned away so that he wouldn’t have to look at Gehenna. It would take more time for him to get along with Gehenna in a harmonious way.

I instantly narrowed my eyes, chilliness soaring.

Gehenna immediately shut his mouth and turned away to cough lightly.

Raffles shook his head and smiled.

“When Ghostie can roam around freely, he can assist you as a medical personnel,” I added. 


“And...” I took out the heart-shaped box. Gehenna moved away instinctively, and Vanish looked anxious too. He Lei and Uncle Mason, who didn’t know the secret of the heart-shaped box, looked confused.

I handed Raffles the heart-shaped box. “Raffles, give them bodies so that they can walk around.”

“Alright.” Raffles smiled at the heart-shaped box. “Jun, Zong Ben, long time no see. Thank you for protecting Lil Bing.”

The blue glow in the heart-shaped box twinkled, and two small bodies appeared in the heart-shaped box.

Raffles put away the heart-shaped box and left the control room.

“You’re going to let the two spirits walk around the spacecraft freely?!” Gehenna immediately became anxious.

I looked at him. “Why? Will you be disloyal to me and be afraid that they will kill you?”

“No, no, no. I am a hundred percent loyal to you, Captain!” Gehenna quickly expressed his stand. “But they are spirits…” He pouted aggrievedly. Both He Lei and Uncle Mason were shocked.

I smiled faintly. “Don’t worry. They won’t come out as they wish. Their radiation is too strong and they will hurt people if they come out."

Phew…” Gehenna let out a breath of relief.

“Spirit?” He Lei finally couldn’t help but ask.

I smiled. “In that heart-shaped box, there are two of my spirit friends.”

“You can bring spirits out?!” He Lei stared at me in surprise.

“Yes, in the past year, they have been protecting me.” I was grateful for Jun and Zong Ben. At my most fragile time, they had encouraged me and helped me to walk out from those darkest days. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I called them my spiritual teachers.

“What about me?! Captain!” Fat-Two could wait no more. He chuckled, “Hehehe, can you put me with Xiao Ying? I think we get along quite well. It’s hard to say if we could…” Fat-Two wriggled his eyebrows. “Captain, please give me a chance.”

“Fat-Two cooks well. Let him cook,” He Lei suggested.

I chuckled. “Sure. We are lacking a chef. Plus, Xiao Ying loves eating. Fat-Two, go and cook. Everyone will like you. You can’t do much next to Xiao Ying. If you can cook delicious food for her every day, she will definitely like you.”

“Sure! Thanks, Captain! Not only do I know how to cook, but I also know how to make ice-cream!” Fat-Two raised his eyebrows at me. He walked away happily, just like Xiao Ying.

The control room was suddenly empty and quiet.

He Lei and Gehenna sat on the lower seats on my left and right.

Gehenna didn’t sit properly, instead lying diagonally as usual, partially exposing his upper body. I could tell at first glance that he was a Ghost Eclipser.

Raffles had given a good suggestion. Everyone should wear the same uniform. A troop should look like one.


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