Book 6: Chapter 9 - Reappointment

“Among the Ghost Eclipsers, there are many who are descendants of past tribes who surrendered. They are born within the Ghost Eclipsers. Although they have no choice, they have never forgotten their hatred. And there are many people like Koont Village who were abandoned or betrayed by their own tribe. They would have died if they hadn’t surrendered to the Ghost Eclipsers. They only surrendered to the Ghost Eclipsers in order to keep their tribe alive.” Earl’s impassioned speech moved everyone in the room.

He Lei knitted his eyebrows tightly, anger surfacing in his glum expression. The meeting room suddenly became cold because of his dark mood.

“I only just found out that Koont Village and Noah City have...” Pelos took a glance at Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci awkwardly and lowered his face, “such a connection...”

“I’m sorry...” Uncle Mason became solemn again. “Eighteen years ago, the children in Noah City were very young. If they were caught...”

“They would definitely have been eaten...” Earl sighed and shook his head. “The Ghost Eclipsers eighteen years ago had only just began to change. The Ghost Eclipsers then wouldn’t help you raise your children unless the child has great superpower. The commoners would all be eaten. Only Mister Gehenna...” Earl glanced at Gehenna gratefully.

Gehenna smiled and patted his head.

Grateful tears welled up in Earl’s eyes. “Mister Gehenna loves women and their children. Mister Gehenna captures women in order to protect their children...”

“Alright, that’s enough, my good child.” Gehenna patted Earl like a loving father.

“So, how old is Gehenna exactly?” I asked.

Earl’s tears disappeared and he replied seriously, “Mister Gehenna is already thirty... Mm!”

Gehenna swiftly covered Earl’s mouth while he grinned and blinked cutely at me.

I looked at him calmly without any expression. “I was right to call you an uncle.”

*Bang!* Gehenna hugged his head and knocked on the table in front of him in despair.

I glanced at Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci. “If you had told Sis Shirley the plan, I believe that they wouldn’t back off or be afraid. They would have been willing to sacrifice themselves to safeguard the people of Noah City.”

“Yeah...” Uncle Mason sighed and nodded “It’s a pity but there’s no medicine to fix regrets in this world.”

I turned to He Lei again. “He Lei, you heard him. The Ghost Eclipsers have been growing stronger for the past twenty years and they have taken in quite a number of tribes in the west. But there aren’t many who are truly willing to pledge allegiance to the Ghost Eclipsers. The Ghost Eclipsers look strong but they are actually in a state of disunity. So, the purpose of our visit is to absorb the people who aren’t willing to be Ghost Eclipsers yet are unwilling to join Silver Moon City and the Aurora Legion.”

“But if they were willing to submit to the Ghost Eclipsers, it means that they are cowards and they are fearful of death. Why would they join us?” He Lei looked worried and concerned.

“I joined!” Pelos seemed to have finally found an opportunity to speak. As the youngest representative at the table, his cheeks were red with excitement. “I’m willing! The same goes for Angelina and the others! We are all willing to follow Brother Bing!”

He Lei looked at Pelos, his eyes filled with emotions.

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci were also filled with enthusiasm by Pelos’ words. 

“Aren’t we following her too?” Gehenna returned to his improper posture, speaking casually like a middle-aged man sighing about life. “Sometimes, it isn’t because they don’t want to buy in, it’s just that they don’t see any hope. Once they see the light of hope...” Gehenna slowly lifted his right hand and extended it in front of him as though he was reaching for a twinkling star. “The dying hope at the bottom of people’s heart would be ignited in an instant, and it would churn like a vigorous flame!”

“A single spark can start a prairie fire.” I understood the meaning behind his words. Looking around at everyone, I asked, “Anyone else has any questions?”

Everyone glanced at one another. Gehenna looked at He Lei with appreciation while He Lei furrowed his eyebrows and met Gehenna’s gaze squarely. They smiled faintly and dispelled the awkwardness. 

Everyone was fueled with anticipation.

“From now on, let’s begin to interrogate the captives,” I said. It’d take a long time to travel across the ocean. We should seize the time to make some rules. “Death penalty for man-eaters.” There was no doubt that people who ate humans should die!

“Agree!” Everyone agreed, their clear replies full of vigor. We passed our first law straight away.

Time flew past as we set the laws. Drawing up the laws not only astonished He Lei, but also caught Gehenna off guard.

He Lei’s Aurora Legion had never set laws and built order like we were doing now. Before Harry had joined the Aurora Legion, they had been in a state of disunity. With Harry, there had been military discipline within the Legion, and they had finally behaved like how an army should behave. 

We would be dealing with more people from now on. Without a regular order, we might get lost or become like the Ghost Eclipsers who all did things in their own ways.

The spacecraft gradually slowed down. We should be reaching Koont Village.

Everyone gave me their due respect during the meeting. None of them started a fight. I looked calm during the entire meeting but I was actually nervous and worried the entire time that He Lei and Gehenna would fight.

Between He Lei and Gehenna, I wondered if Gehenna’s gaze or He Lei’s speed was faster. Secretly, I was sort of looking forward to the battle between the two.

Besides getting to know one another and drawing up laws, I also re-appointed everyone’s position and duty on the spacecraft.

Now, everyone gathered in the control room aside from the stowaway children.

I stood at the captain’s spot and announced before my solemn troop.

“I appoint!” I paused and Gehenna looked at me with anticipation, “He Lei as first mate and Gehenna as the second.”

“D*mn!” Gehenna was instantly upset. “This is my f*cking spacecraft. Why is the rookie the first mate while I’m the second?”

Nathan and his other men looked anxious and they shot Gehenna looks simultaneously.

I glanced at Gehenna. “Just because He Lei and I have known each other for four years. If you are unhappy with that, then...”

Gehenna fixed his expectant eyes on me again.

“Vanish can be the second.”

“Sure!” Right before Vanish could get up in excitement, Gehenna pressed him back down with a slap and quickly cut in, “I have no objection. Being second mate is not too shabby. Whatever Captain says. As long as you’re happy. Hahahaha!”

I looked at He Lei. He Lei saluted. “I’ll follow Captain’s command.”

Smiling, I continued to announce, “Appoint Mason and Vanish as helmsmen, in charge of driving the spacecraft.”

“Yes!” Uncle Mason and Vanish stood to one side.

“Appoint Nathan as the navigator, in charge of navigating.”


“Appoint Old Iron as defense officer, Nino as machinery engineer, Blue Feather as a weapons system engineer, Earl as an advisor, Ah Zong as security officer, Xiao Ying as a system maintenance engineer, Raffles as science engineer cum medical officer, Sis Ceci as chief troop instructor who in charge of training Lucifer, Gru, Angelina and the others every day. Joey and Sia as vice instructors, assisting Sis Ceci.”

“Yes!” Everyone cheered. All their faces were rosy with excitement, especially Joey and Sia as they were now teachers.


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