Book 6: Chapter 8 - Strange Troop

“Bing, is your new boy into me? Sigh, blame it on my charm!” Gehenna flipped his long hair and winked at me.

He Lei immediately knitted his brows and turned away in disdain, seemingly upset.

The Aurora Legion and the Ghost Eclipsers were naturally irreconcilable. 

“Gehenna, I didn’t say the truth before because I didn’t want to hurt you.” I looked at Gehenna expressionlessly while he blinked innocently. I continued, “You are the ugliest one here."

Pfft!” Earl burst out in laughter.

The others exchanged a look and sniggered too.

Gehenna looked askance at Earl. Earl quickly pushed up his glasses with his middle finger again.

Looking around at everyone, I said, “Everyone who is sitting here today, from now on, we are one another’s family and comrades. I hope that everyone can get along well and forget your identity in the past…” I spoke in my man voice. Gehenna sat up straight with a serious expression, which was rare for him. “Forget that you are a Ghost Eclipser, a soldier in the Aurora Legion, from Noah City, from Koont Village, or a Honeycomb boy…”

I glanced at Ah Zong. Ah Zong’s smile was brimming with complex emotions.

Earl constantly nodded as I spoke. His expression grew more emotional too.

“Here, on this spacecraft, we are a family. From today onwards, we are a new force in this world, a new troop. We do not belong to the Ghost Eclipsers, the Aurora Legion, or even Silver Moon City. We are us! We work hard for our battles. We work hard to change the world. We want to create a new world. We will unite Kansa Star!”

“Bravo!” Gehenna slammed the table and stood up to clap excitedly.

Everyone immediately broke out in a massive round of applause. 

He Lei stared at me in surprise. He’d obviously never expected that my final goal was to unite Kansa Star.

“Let’s get to know each other. He Lei who just joined us is from the Aurora Legion.”

“He Lei? I have heard of you!” Gehenna sat down on his seat and shot He Lei a grin.

He Lei didn’t bother looking at him, although his face grew glum.

Gehenna didn’t seem to feel the least bit awkward about getting along with his enemy. “During the war two years ago, there was a military newspaper saying that He Lei in the Aurora Legion was impressive."

He Lei was surprised. Now he looked at Gehenna. “You have a military newspaper?” He was obviously more surprised at the fact that the Ghost Eclipsers had a military newspaper. In Silver Moon City and the Aurora Legion’s eyes, the Ghost Eclipsers should have been like bandits. There shouldn’t have been any discipline or military newspapers. There shouldn’t have been any system, only a disorderly mob.

“Is it strange?” Gehenna spread his hands and chuckled. His chuckle sounded cunning and malicious. “Actually, the ones you defeated were those that we didn’t care much about. Anyone who has the ability can take over those worn out places. What we care more about is gathering intelligence on the more powerful people in our enemy’s force. However, for the past one year, there has been only your name from the Aurora Legion. Hence, the Great Ghost King thought that it was unnecessary for us to take action.”

Evidently the Ghost Eclipsers hadn’t thought much of the Aurora Legion. They’d even sent a Ghost King to attack Koont Village, yet they hadn’t sent any when they’d fought against the Aurora Legion.

“You are?” He Lei eyed Gehenna suspiciously.

Cough! Please allow me to introduce.” Earl stood up, his voice suddenly becaming loud. “This is one of the four Ghost Kings. Gehenna’s Eye, Mister Gehenna!”

He Lei was astonished.

Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci, who hadn’t known Gehenna’s real identity, were shocked too.

Raffles glanced at me in surprise, his eyes filled with concern. Of course he would be worried. An ordinary Ghost Eclipser was already frightening, let alone the Ghost King from the Ghost Eclipsers.  

I placed my hand over his on his lap to calm him down.

Gehenna stood up smugly and took a bow. “Nice to meet everyone. In the coming days, I will be more considerate because I am truly too powerful…”

“Gehenna.” I glanced at him glumly and he instantly stiffened. Cutting him off, I glared at him coldly. “You are now my captive. You are still under probation.”

Embarrassed, Gehenna licked his lips and sat down again. “Yes, you’re the boss. As long as you are happy. But I’d like to say something.” He rested his elbows on the table and smiled at me. “Uniting Kansa Star is so cool! I’m definitely following you! Hahaha!”

Everyone became nervous. Sis Ceci immediately looked at me. “Lil Bing, you really decided to work with the Ghost Eclipsers?”

“There’s no longer any Ghost Eclipser here.” Earl pushed up his glasses. “Hi, everyone. I am Mister Gehenna’s advisor, Earl.”


“Now, I am Captain’s advisor!” Earl spoke with a louder voice to cover Gehenna’s voice, keeping his eyes in front of him. Embarrassed again, Gehenna hugged his head and kept quiet.

Taking a glance at him, Earl continued, “Captain said it too. There’s no longer any Ghost Eclipser here. I think that there’s a future if I follow Captain. The Ghost Eclipsers have been developing for the past decades and they are constantly improving. They are developing from barbarism towards civilization. About twenty years ago, the new Great Ghost King defeated the previous Great Ghost King. The development of the Ghost Eclipsers began then.”

Humph,” He Lei chuckled lightly. “No matter how developed they are, they are still bandits.”

“The current Great Ghost King’s goal is the same as Captain’s. He also wants to unite Kansa Star!” Earl’s eyes glistened. Gehenna slowly put down his hands and smirked as he said, “The Great Ghost King actually collected the blue crystal energy to attack Silver Moon City.”

He Lei’s expression darkened.

Silver Moon City, the Aurora Legion and the Ghost Eclipsers had always had a strange triangle relationship. Now, Silver Moon City had cut off their relationship with the Aurora Legion.

Although Silver Moon City thought it was impossible for the Aurora Legion to unite with the Ghost Eclipsers, they hadn’t thought that I would stick my foot in too. 

Now, everything was uncertain.

“So the Ghost Eclipsers are capable enough to attack Silver Moon City. Mm. I’m looking forward to it.” Ah Zong supported his cheeks with one hand as he watched Gehenna smilingly.

Gehenna felt smug for a moment, but he instantly reined back his smile once he recalled something, becoming solemn instead. “However, the Great Ghost King does not intend to unite Kansa Star to change the world and make everyone happy. He merely wants to fulfill his ambition! Our Captain is different!” Gehenna pointed at me. “Our Captain wants to give everyone a beautiful, a happy…”

“Shut up!” I couldn’t look at him anymore. “Your flattery is so disgusting!” 

Pouting, Gehenna shut his mouth.

No one laughed now; instead, they all had solemn faces.

“But they are the Ghost Eclipsers after all.” He Lei lowered his voice and stole a glance at Gehenna as he said, “They can’t be trusted."

“There are people among the Ghost Eclipsers who want a change!” Earl proclaimed loudly. His emotions filled his body with tension, his lips quivering.

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