Book 6: Chapter 7 - First Meeting

“Now that you’re following me, you have to listen to me from now onwards. Is that clear?” Although I was happy to have He Lei joining me, I was also worried because He Lei had become stronger. Sometimes, a strong person might become more overbearing and dictatorial. I couldn’t help but worry that his hatred for the Ghost Eclipsers might cause him to expose himself among the Ghost Eclipsers.

He smiled, his eyes glowing. “I will listen to you. Alright?” His smiling eyes held an unbelievable spoiling gaze.

I was stunned by his sudden doting gaze. Did he… take me for a child?

He’d already turned to look at Fat-Two, that spoiling gaze now vanished completely. As if the sudden gentleness that had crossed his eyes earlier had been merely my delusion.

“I need to talk to my people.” He wanted to leave but I quickly held him back. I looked at him seriously and urged, “Don't tell anyone I’m alive.”

He smiled understandingly. “I know. I won’t let Silver Moon City take you away again.” Then, he took huge strides towards Fat-Two.

Coming across He Lei again was a pleasant surprise. And now He Lei wanted to follow me.

I’d felt that Xiao Ye was a little lacking in terms of moving through space. He Lei’s speed would make up for that weakness!

“With He Lei, we will be even stronger.” Raffles smiled, yet there was a glint of anxiety in his grayish-blue eyes.

“What are you worried about, Raffles?” I saw the concern in his eyes.

Raffles furrowed his eyebrows and looked down at me. “I can feel He Lei’s anger and ambition but…” He then frowned again before his expression suddenly relaxed. “Men should be ambitious.” He smiled but the look in his eyes was tainted with a sense of inferiority. “You should have this kind of man next to you."

“How is this kind of man like?” I glanced at Raffles. “Raffles, you are a man. Did I sleep with a woman the other night?” 

Stunned, Raffles blushed at once. His gaze flickered and he quickly turned away. Looking up, he began to talk to himself, “Ghostie’s uniform needs some modification. Oh yeah, I got it. The molecules’ movement could be handy. Yes, yes, yes…” He then walked away while his fingers drew in the air.

In that sense, he was not as overbearing as Hagrid.

Actually, I hoped that Raffles and Hagrid were the same person. Raffles could afford to be more domineering sometimes, and it wouldn’t hurt for Hagrid to be more gentle at times.

Hopefully, Raffles wouldn’t split further. Although I knew that there was another person in his head, I hoped that that person wouldn’t become another human.


At night…

I instantly blushed. Some things were better left unknown. Better not think about it… 

In front of the spacecraft, Fat-Two raised Xiao Ying up high. Xiao Ying’s petite figure seemed just like a child in Fat-Two’s hand. Fat-Two extended his arm and Xiao Ying sat on it. The feat didn’t seem at all tiring to Fat-Two. Seeing him at ease, both Joey and Sia were astonished.

None of them could let Xiao Ying sit on their arm without using superpower, especially Joey who was shorter. His arm was considered slender among the guys.

Spotting He Lei, Fat-Two gently put Xiao Ying down. Xiao Ying waved at us too. “Captain!”

Sia and Joey immediately stood straight and looked at me in reverence.

He Lei walked up to Fat-Two and said, “Fat-Two, we are going to the Ghost Eclipsers with Luo Bing and his troop.”

Just like how He Lei had reacted when he’d first heard me saying that I intended to head to the Ghost Eclipsers, Fat-Two was completely dumbfounded.

He Lei patted the frozen Fat-Two and nodded at me. Without taking another look at Fat-Two, he walked towards the spacecraft directly.

Fat-Two continued to stand on the spot. His dumbfounded self looked just like the scarecrow standing in the middle of the paddy field.

In the end, Sia released his superpower and made Fat-Two float in the air. Then, Xiao Ying held Fat-Two’s foot and pulled him into our spacecraft like a balloon.

When we took off, everyone took a seat in the meeting room on the spacecraft.

Gehenna, Earl, Ah Zong, Uncle Mason, Sis Ceci, He Lei, Raffles and I sat in the meeting room.

Each of us in the meeting room represented one of the tribes in the world.

The Ghost Eclipsers, the Aurora Legion, the people from Noah, Honeycomb boys, and Raffles and I who were considered half Silver Moon City.

He Lei stared at Gehenna in shock. His surprise surpassed his hatred; he was completely astounded when he saw Gehenna. He’d never expected that there would really be Ghost Eclipsers on the spacecraft. He’d definitely thought I’d killed every Ghost Eclipser on the spacecraft and taken it over.

I sat in the middle, with Raffles, Uncle Mason and Sis Ceci on my right.

He Lie, Ah Zong and Earl sat to my left.

Gehenna was seated right opposite me.

Gru, Lucifer, Xiao Ying, Xiao Ye, Fat-Two, Nathan, Angelina and all the others didn’t take part in the meeting.

I allowed Earl to participate in the meeting because I reckoned that Earl was the only rational person among Gehenna’s troop.

*Swoosh!* Unexpectedly, the meeting room’s door slid open. Pelos stood outside the door anxiously, blocked by Gru and Lucifer.

“Captain is having an important meeting. Please do not disturb!” Gru said strictly, with the posture of an officer.

Pelos looked at me and pleaded, “Brother Bing! Please let me join the meeting! I lied to you. I am not going to Koont Village to pick up my father. I do not intend to head back to Noah City!”

Everyone was shocked, their eyes on the young man with high morale.

I looked at Pelos. I wasn’t surprised. If Noah City’s Xue Gie and the others had no concerns holding them back, they would have followed me to fight a war without hesitation.

“Have you decided?” I asked Pelos solemnly.

“I have made a decision!” Pelos stood straight outside the door like a soldier. His gaze was determined, his whole person firm and persistent. “I want to follow Brother Bing. My mom has my sister. I have no children. My father has Sister Arsenal. I have no worries! I only want to do big things! I want to do something for this world! I can only make babies in Noah City!”

“Making babies is contributing to this world too!” Ah Zong glanced at Pelos with a smile.

Pelos blushed. “Brother Ah Zong, you know what I am talking about!”

Ah Zong smiled sweetly and turned to me. “This child is cute. Keep him!”

I nodded at Pelos. “Come in then.”

“Thank you, Brother Bing!” Pelos entered in excitement. He sat between Ah Zong and Earl, giving Ah Zong a grateful look.

Pelos represented another tribe. The tribe that had been abandoned to the Ghost Eclipsers. The unique tribe that had submitted to the Ghost Eclipsers.

He Lei slowly came back to reality and he began to measure everyone in the meeting room with his eyes. In the entire room, besides me, he only knew Raffles and Ah Zong.

He looked evenly at everyone, his gaze lingering on Gehenna especially. He seemed to be still in disbelief, as his deep eyes fixed on Gehenna.

Gehenna was seated in his favorite position, which was basically to make himself comfortable. He sat sideways on the chair, one elbow placed on the table and one leg hanging over the armrest, while he picked his ear.


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