Book 6: Chapter 5 - Meet at the Usual Spot

“Plus, it’s more convenient to be a guy in the outside world. The Aurora Legion and Silver Moon City still keep in touch. This male outfit…"

I took the clothes that Raffles was holding, and that cut him off. He was stunned, and I smiled. I popped forward and gave his lips a quick peck. He immediately blushed and looked away bashfully. He didn’t dare to look at me again.

We were already husband and wife, but Raffles was still so shy.

Ghostie looked at us with surprise, too.

I took the clothes and raised them, saying, “I know you’re jealous. I’ll put on my male outfit before I meet He Lei.”

Raffles lowered his face and smiled bashfully, while Ghostie looked away, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. Instead, he just blew bubbles in the water.

Wasn’t he just jealous? His reasoning sounded so far-fetched. I understood him, and I was happy that he and Haggs were jealous. It was a unique sort of happiness.

But Raffles continued to follow me even though I had changed into my male outfit. Lucifer was happy about that, because no one could stop him from eating.

When the cabin door opened, it was a familiar scene.

The worn-out warehouse was still located in the same spot. It had become worse after being buffeted by wind and rain. There had been a roof in the past, but now the roof was filled with holes.

“Luo Bing!” When He Lei shouted in excitement, it was as if a human breeze had howled in front of me.

I looked up at He Lei, who was once a young chap, but had now become a mature man. He had gone through the baptism of war, and his body had become brawnier. His broad chest and tall stature gave one a sense of security.

“He…” I had yet to say his name before he already pulled me into a tight embrace. Raffles was stunned next to me, while Xiao Ying stuck her tongue out and chuckled.

“Luo Bing…” He Lei choked back sobs as he said my name. He hugged me even tighter. His feelings were real. He had really been brainwashed and thought I was dead. “It’s great that you aren’t dead…”

“Please, please let go of Lil’ Bing.” Raffles couldn’t hold back anymore and spoke hastily.

He Lei let go of me and smiled at Raffles. “I’m sorry. I got too emotional.” He immediately looked at me, his eyes glistening with tears of joy. He looked at me for a long time without saying anything. He suddenly rubbed my head, saying, “You’re still so small.”

Pak!” I immediately slapped his hand away. “Don’t touch me.”

“Heh,” he chuckled. “Same old temperament. I remember you didn’t like people touching you…” Then he stopped talking, but continued to stare at me in the breeze.

“Xiao Ying!” Joey and Sia ran towards us, and Fat-Two was with them.

Fat-Two waved at me happily, crying, “Brother Bing! You aren’t dead! Our Boss shed so many tears for you!”

He Lei immediately came back to reality and he looked embarrassed. He turned to look at Fat-Two sternly as he was running up to us.

“Fat-Two!” Xiao Ying suddenly hopped in front of Fat-Two. Fat-Two was stunned as he looked at the cute Xiao Ying blankly. Xiao Ying smiled and asked, “Do you remember me? I am that fatty from before!”

“What?!” Fat-Two had an expression of disbelief.

“Hahaha!” Everyone burst out in laughter. We were filled with happiness at being able to reunite with old friends. 

A Ghost Eclipser spaceship and an Aurora Legion fighter plane could be seen parked together on the same soil. It was a harmonious scene that was a rare sight in this world. Xiao Ying and Fat-Two chatted happily a short distance away, while Joey and Sia watched closely by the side.

He Lei, Raffles, and I were taking a casual stroll in front of the warehouse.

“I never expected that we would meet again here.” He Lei stopped and took a look at the worn-out warehouse. The main entrance was completely ruined, and had collapsed by the side. Rays of light shone through the holes on the roof lighting up the empty warehouse.

“How’s Sayee?” I asked He Lei.

He looked awkward again, and only nodded in response. When he looked at me, his gaze became deep. “Where have you been all these years? Do you intend to go back to Silver Moon City?”

I shook my head.

“We’re not going back to Silver Moon City,” Raffles replied on my behalf.

He Lei let out a breath of relief. Then, he creased his eyebrows again. “You died… Cough…” He Lei choked and looked at me in embarrassment/ “I’m sorry. I mean, after you disappeared, a lot happened between us and Silver Moon City.” He suddenly looked at me solemnly. “Luo Bing, as you do not intend to return to Silver Moon City, I’m extending a sincere invitation for you to join us, the Aurora Legion.” He looked at me with anticipation.

I paused for a while and replied, “No. I’m going to the Ghost Eclipsers.”

He Lei was suddenly stunned, and he stood in front of me blankly. He seemed to be taken by surprise, and became completely dumbfounded. He didn’t even manage to put on a surprised expression.

I smiled faintly and patted his chest. I walked past him with Raffles and began to walk back.

“Luo Bing! You can’t join the Ghost Eclipsers!” Suddenly, the human breeze picked up and He Lei appeared in front of me again.

He Lei looked at me anxiously. He couldn’t help but grab my arm, asking, “What happened?! Why do you want to join the Ghost Eclipsers?!”

“He Lei, don’t be so agitated.” Raffles quickly grabbed the hand that was gripping my arm. However, He Lei was strong and Raffles couldn’t pull him away. He didn’t move an inch.

He Lei looked at Raffles grimly. “Why didn’t you stop him?! How could you let him join the Ghost Eclipsers?! The Ghost Eclipsers?!” He Lei seemed to have lost control of himself.

“I am going to disintegrate their forces” I said calmly, and it caught He Lei’s attention.  He Lei fell silent, but he looked at me with confusion.

I continued, “I want to see. What are the current Ghost Eclipsers like? How could they develop so quickly? Who is their leader? What is their weakness? He Lei, Steel Ghost City was merely the tip of the iceberg.” He Lei was stunned.

I pushed down the hand that was still on my arm. “After the battle in Steel Ghost City, the Aurora Legion and Silver Moon City suffered great losses, but Steel Ghost City was nothing to the Ghost Eclipsers. They have a stronger army, but how about you? Look at yourselves. You and Silver Moon City don’t get along, and both of you are weakened. How are you going to continue to fight against the Ghost Eclipsers?” 


“So, I wanted to join the Ghost Eclipsers to get to know them. Only when I know them inside out will I know how to completely shatter their tribe. Otherwise, even if I cut off the branches, new ones will always grow. He Lei, do you understand?” I grabbed He Lei’s arm and looked at him meaningfully. “He Lei, I was in a certain place for most of the past year. There, I discovered the true secret of this world. Our real enemy isn’t the Ghost Eclipsers.”

He Lei stood dumbfounded beneath my deep gaze. There was a glimpse of darkness in his eyes. “Who is, then?”

I didn’t speak, but I slowly lifted my chin and looked up to the sky. A howl of wind swept past the barren land, and the grass rustled. It sounded like the cry of a lonely soul.


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