Book 6: Chapter 4 - Old Friend

Uncle Mason sighed. “His superpower shouldn’t be inferior to Qian Li's.”

“Each has its own strong points. Qian Li can see further, while he can see in more detail. But they’re both more useful than scouting robots,” Sis Ceci said, and I agreed with her assessment.

“They seem like a crack troop,” Nino said with his cigar in his mouth.

Everyone looked at the three fighter planes that were on our tail. It did look like an unusually small force. Three planes chasing a Ghost Eclipser spacecraft? They had to be a crack troop.

“They seem to be watching us, too.” Earl’s glasses shone, and there were two trails of dried blood below his nose. “Judging from their distance, they seem to be trailing behind us and keeping track of our actions. They don’t intend to attack as of now.”

I nodded faintly.

“The Aurora Legion had a conflict with Silver Moon City, and they suffered great losses too…” Uncle Mason said. He creased his eyebrows and continued, “They mainly keep the Eastern Hemisphere safe. They knew about Blue Shield City being attacked. So, they started checking all the routes to see which one the Ghost Eclipsers took to retreat. This should be one of those scouting troops.”

“Master, they’ve begun to attack our robots,” Ice Dragon reported. Blasts of light shot out of the fighter planes toward Ice Dragon’s scouting robots. However, the robots were agile and dodged easily. The other party had no idea that our scouting robots were merely acting as decoys.

“I’ve entered the fighter plane,” Nathan said smugly, flush with success. The screens immediately transitioned to showing us the interiors of the planes. Nathan’s superpower was amazing at gathering intelligence.

“How small can he get?” I asked Gehenna. Nathan is his brother. He should know.

“No idea.” Gehenna collapsed on his seat with his eyes closed. “I’ve never bothered.”

I looked at him with disdain. He doesn’t even care that much about his own brother.

“This is Nathan’s smallest state now,” Earl pushed up his glasses and said. “However, according to evolutionary theory, Nathan should be able to become as small as a microorganism. He should even be able to go into the human body to check for mutations inside. For instance, Boss’s hemorrhoid is further inside his butt. We can’t see it with the naked eye. But, we can get Nathan to take a look.”

“Don’t even think about entering my behind!” Gehenna suddenly jumped. “I’ve known since long ago that you b*stards have been eyeing my butt! Don’t even think about it! Hmph.

Pfff!” Ah Zong laughed in front of the console.

Gehenna immediately stared at Ah Zong. “You want someone to enter your behind, huh?! I think your butt is itching!”

Ah Zong turned slightly and smiled at him, but his eyes were shimmering coldly. “If Mister Gehenna would like to become a woman, I can fulfill your wish. Then, you can be my Queen’s best friend.”

Gehenna blinked and stole a glance at me, then took his seat quietly. He coughed lightly and turned around to touch his chest. He looked anxious.

I reckoned Ah Zong’s superpower would be useful in the future. When the world was at peace, Ah Zong could balance the ratio of men and women. Of course, that would only be the case if the men were willing.

“Captain! I’m in the cockpit. Can you see?!” One of the images Nathan transmitted back was from inside one of the fighter planes’ cockpits. I saw a familiar figure in one of them. He looked exactly the same as he had two years before!

No, he had become more mature and more manly. He looked gloomier, yet his eyes were calm and sharp. He wore a beige linen top, and the same scarf he wore all the time. His hair was still tied up in a bun, using an old hair tie. That was… mine. 

My heart raced because I had seen an old friend. I stood up in excitement. I was thrilled to see his face, “Blue Feather, Vanish, divert the other two fighter planes to either side. Xiao Ye, can you see the other planes’ images? Send them there. Inject superpower inhibitors, and don’t hurt anyone!”


Xiao Ye’s superpower was that he was able to go anywhere he had seen before, so Nathan’s superpower could help him find new destinations. Nathan quickly sent Xiao Ye the images of the two cockpits.

“It’s Brother He Lei!” Xiao Ying jumped in excitement. She turned and smiled at me, saying, “Brother He Lei is so manly now! Captain, are you going to meet him personally?”

“Per-Personally!?” Gehenna looked at me with his eyes wide. “Does… does your husband know?”

“Be serious!” My face grew grave.

“Yes!” Xiao Ying stuck her tongue out at me playfully.

“Joey, Sia, go to see He Lei after Blue Feather and Vanish divert the other two fighter planes. He Lei won’t attack if he sees you.”

“Yes!” Joey and Sia quickly left the control room with smiles across their faces.

I was overjoyed at the sight before me. He Lei had another old friend sitting next to him; it was Fat-Two.

“Fat-Two is here too! Haha!” Xiao Ying laughed. “I remember Fat-Two’s superpower. Brother Ah Zong, was your Queen Bee happy then?”

Ah Zong laid the back of his hand on his cheeks and bit his lip. “That man’s superpower is unique, so Queen Bee couldn’t forget about him.”

Xiao Ying sniggered.

Blue Feather quickly took off and flew to the fighter plane on the left, leading it away.

On the other side, Xiao Ye activated a tunnel and disappeared with Vanish. The fighter plane on the right immediately lost control and began spiraling downward.

Just as the two planes broke off, the plane in the middle began to descend. He Lei seemed to want to save the plane that had lost control. Joey jumped out of the spaceship, and Sia made the fighter plane lose its gravity and float.

Joey jumped onto the windshield, and the fighter plane instantly froze in place…

Fate was surprisingly coincidental.

Back then, He Lei and I had met in that worn-out warehouse, here on this barren land. Now, we would reunite once again at the same place.

Our spacecraft and He Lei’s fighter plane began to descend gradually. We happened to land on the terrain right in front of the worn-out warehouse.

On the screen, He Lei jumped out of his fighter plane and looked at our spacecraft anxiously. Joey and Sia jumped off and hugged him. I got up to leave.

“I want to go too!” Xiao Ying pounced at me. She definitely wanted to meet Fat-Two. She had always found Fat-Two fun.

“Everyone, stay here and wait for my command.” I looked at everyone.

Gehenna pouted. “You’re going to see He Lei. Does your husband know?” He sounded as if he were going to catch me in the act committing adultery.

“None, of, your, business!” Ah Zong smiled at Gehenna, whose expression grew grave.

I would, of course, tell Raffles; even so, Raffles should have known long ago. Indeed, when Xiao Ying and I arrived at his lab, he had already prepared my male outfit for me.

“When Silver Moon City carried out their brainwashing, He Lei was there too. He still thinks you’re a guy.” Raffles placed the male outfit in front of me and his grayish-blue eyes shimmered. Ghostie nodded continuously in the water cabin.


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